Master P – Gameface

Master P - GamefaceI’m not a big fan of Master P, however I spent some time down in Florida and down there, Master P is a living legend. That was the only thing that made me buy this album. My expectation was low. Master P is the kind of rapper that most people either love or hate. I’m neutral in this tho.

1. Take it outside feat Krazy

Nice way to start of the album. I like the beat and if the album continues like this it’ll be a cool album. It IS kinda long tho… they shoulda cut it off earlier.

2. Ghetto ballin feat Lil Romeo & Silkk The Shocker

This song will make you bump your head. It’s tight and cool lyrics. However, the music string and beat are the same over and over and over again here. They just repeated it. I remember playing this at the basketball court when this album came out and I always liked it back then.

3. Ooohhhwee feat. Weebie

The first single of the album, and definitely a hit. A typical party song with a catchy hook. Master P successfully picked this track to promote the album. I’m pretty sure this song and this song alone has made this album sell better.

4. Real Love feat Sera-Lynn

Nice lil beat and a cool hook. However I gotta say Master P is ruening this one. His verses is quite wack… There’s nothing wrong with the lyrics but I don’t think this production is meant to scream on.

5. We want dough

This is a cool song. I especially like the hook. It’s quite catchy and match the production well. Some may not like the way Master P’s rapping to this, but I think it’s cool. This song’s average.

6. The block

This song’s proof that Master P shouldn’t do slow jams. It’s too bad, because the production is tight. Skip it.

7. A woman

Another slow song. I don’t like Master P on slow stuff. Next!

8. Back on top feat. C-Murder, Silkk The Shocker & Lil Romeo

Cool sample of the old Ice Cube track “One nation” with George Clinton. I like this! Tight remixing and tight verses. Master P and his fam is representing the New No Limit, and they should since it’s their company.

9. The farm

Wow! I wouldn’t expect Master P to come out good on a slow jam! But here he proves me wrong. Good lookin out Master P!

10. What i’m bout

An other kinda slow song. The beat’s cool but the combination of beats and rapping just aint right. Master P’s talking about his career and what he’s about.

11. Whoadie gone

Whoadie gone is done in memory of all the fallen soldiers. Master P’s coming out with his classic “UUUUGGGGGHHHHH” and the production is tight. However, this is an other slow jam and like I said before – Master P shouldn’t do them, atleast not when screaming to a slow music. The song’s got a good message tho.

12. I don’t feat Krazy

This is more like it! Master P fits in perfectly on this kind of production. One of my favourites on this album and I think all ya’ll will like it too!

13. Rock it feat. Weebie & Krazy

The second single and a hit! I can’t stress enough what a great party track this has been for the clubs in the dirty south! Weebie got a style similar to Nelly but it’s more in the rapping direction than what I’d say Nelly’s doing. Production is straight fire!

14. Loose it and get it back

An other kinda slow song. Thisone’s better than the other ones tho. The production is cool and the chorus is kinda cool. A good way to finish off this album.

This album has it ups and downs. Tracks like “Ooohhhwee” and “Rock it” are tight party tracks while tracks like “The block” and “A woman” aren’t too good. If you like Master P, you’ll probably still like the slow jams on this album, but personally I don’t think Master P fits in on them. I’d rather se someone else doing their thing on those.

This album is hard to grade, but since the best tracks are really tight they bring up this album to an average level.

I give it 3 out of 5.

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