Outkast – Aquemini

Outkast - AqueminiThe Outkast is a group containing Andre Benjamin and Big Boi. Their debut album “Southernplayalistikmuzik” was slept on and their follow up album “ATLiens” had a few VERY tight cuts, but also a few below average. Therefor I’m hoping for this album to last all the way.

1. Intro

2. Return of the ”G”

Mellow beat and tight verses. A song to smoke to… just enjoy! Except the damn outro. Annoying.

3. Rosa Parks

Damn! Tight beat with a nice guitar string, tight lyrics and a catchy hook. Can it be any better than this?!? “Aahaa, what’s that buzz, everybody move to the back of the buss..” etc. Again, there’s an outro.

4. Skew it on the bar-b (feat. Raekwon)

Tight production, and a catchy hook. Raekwon’s tight on this one, and so is Dre and Big Boi.

5. Aquemini

An other mellow beat. Light it up and enjoy.

6. Synthesizer (feat. George Clinton)

I didn’t like this track at all first time I heard it, but it’s growing on me. The hook is cool, but this is not one of the best performances from George Clinton. Make sure you’re listening to the entire track, because it’s wack to start with but gets better all along.

7. Slump

Boring beat but the Outkast are still holding the track up, and came up with a catchy hook as usual.

8. West Savannah

Not one of the best tracks of the cd. The beat is not wack, but definitely not tight. It’s kinda mellow, and so is the verses. They’ve done their best to make a catchy hook tho. Didn’t work on me.

9. Da art of storytellin’ (Part 1)

Cool production and tight lyrics. On top of that they came up with a catchy hook. This is definitely a tight song.

10. Da art of storytellin’ (Part 2)

I thought this would be like Part 1, but it’s totally different. Tight beat with a mellow mixing on top of it and a tight flow. Don’t sleep on this track!

11. Mamacita

What the hell is this track doing on this cd? Wack.

12. Spottieottiedogsallscious

Cool, slow production. They must have been high while doing this. And that’s also what you should be when listening to it. ( to bad that would be illegal 😉 )

13. Y’all scared (feat. T-Mo, Big Gipp & Khuju)

Cool production, but wack track. Skip it unless you feel like listening to something to just enjoy the production.

14. Nathaniel (Skit)

15. Liberation (feat Cee-Lo)

This is a cool slow jam, and I enjoyed it. I’m not to sure ya’ll will tho.

16. Chonkyfire

Damn!!! I was expecting an outro or something, but instead the Outkast gave me a blazing song! Tight beats with an electric guitar over them. Definitely one of my favourite tracks on this album, maybe even my favourite one!

This album was definitely not a disappointment. I’d say this is the best Outkast album. Since I’m doing this review in 2003 I’m also counting Stankonia. If you compare this album to “ATLiens”, “ATLiens” had a few VERY tight tracks, while this had, with some exceptions, tight tracks all the way. This album had tight production on most of the cuts, and every track had a catchy hook. As always the Outkast are showing off their good flow and lyrical skills. If you’re an Outkast fan, you NEED to have this album. If you’re the average rap fan, my advice is to get this album, too.

I give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

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