Master P – Da Last Don

Master P - Da Last DonSay what you want about No Limit now, but nobody can deny that they’re music was top of tha game in 98. This is my favorite album(s) of all time, which doesn’t make my review biased, but is underated and often called the peak of P’s 2Pac biting rhymes. When in fact, this was the peak of No Limit, going 4x platinum in 1998, and for a good reason.


Disc 1:

1) Da Last Don: 

Perfect way to open up the CD. It was No Limit’s most anticipated release, and Master P’s marketing ploy of his ‘retirement’ to sell more records paid off. Playing a don ( in a cheesy Italian accent ), P states why he’s the last Don, and pays his respects to 2Pac, Biggie, and of course his brother, Kevin Miller; over a hard ass beat.

2) Til we Dead and Gone feat. Bone Thugs and Harmony: 

Not the best song; didn’t really live up to what I thought it would be. Average verse from P, and Bone rips it as usual. Just an average song.

3) Thinkin Bout U feat. Mia X, Mo B. Dick: 

Released as a single, this song talks about alot of different gangsta subjects. The beat is sick, with a bumpin piano beat, but the singing and chorus is what drags it down.

4) Soldiers, Riders, and G’s feat. Snoop Dogg, Silkk the Shocker, Mystikal:

This is possibly the best song on the first disc, everybody comes hard on it. The beat, the verses, everything’s on point and the whole song delivers. A No Limit classic.

5) The Ghetto’s got me Trapped feat. Silkk the Shocker: 

Not a bad song, talking about how P and Silkk will always be trapped in the ghetto, but they’re not ready to die. The beat is another mafiaso type beat, with a heavy bass guitar. Average song.

6) Get Your Paper feat. E-40: 

A lot of people don’t like this song, but it’s got a Bay Area beat, and it’s how a featured song should be. Two seperate verses from P and 40, and then them going back and forth on the third verse. Definatley a good song worth listening to.

7) Ride: 

One of the only P solo efforts on the album(s), but this a good song. It’s a more laid back track, with piano rifts in the background. As always, P let’s off his signature Uggghhh!!!, but it fits in perfect for this joint talking about the struggles in the ghetto.

8) Thug Girl feat. Snoop Dogg, Silkk the Shocker:

I don’t like this song, to me it’s a mess. Snoop’s verse isn’t good and P’s verse isn’t good. Silkk ruins it. The only thing good about this track is that it’s short.

9) These Streets Keep Me Rollin feat. Fiend:

In this track, P obviously tries to emulate a lil of Pac’s style, but it flows smooth over this laid back beat. Fiend has a tight verse with his raw voice, which seems a lil out of place, but it’s still a good song over a BBTP produced beat.

10) Black and White: 

Song about P being a black man in a white world, and how things will never change. Romeo has a cameo in the beginning, but this track is just average.

11) War Wounds feat. Fiend, Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, Silkk the Shocker:

Somewhat of a Soulja song, this song goes hard. The beat, the chorus, everybody’s verse, and the ending. Nothing short of a classic from BBTP. Definatley recommended for listening and constant playback.

12) Dear Mr. President feat. Mac: 

P got a lot of critics and haters with this song. Obviously, 2Pac had a song about his letter to the president, which it would seem P ripped off. And to some extent he did, but it’s not a bad song, and has a good feature from Mac.

13) Mama Raised Me feat. Soulja Slim, Snoop Dogg:

Tight song, and the title lives up to it’s name. It’s not the content or the meaning of the song that make’s you want to listen, but the way it flows. The smoothest of No Limit ( Soulja Slim and Snoop Dogg ) spit game about how they mama raised them. One of my favorite tracks on the double album.

14) Let My 9 Get Em: 

Another rare P solo song, in which he raps Ghetto D style about layin it down for any ***** that don’t like him and what he stands for.

Disc 2:

1) More 2 Life feat. C-Murder:

C-Murder makes a track good. Bottom line. And that’s not saying that his albums are perfect, but his features never dissapoint. More 2 Life is talking about how everything shouldn’t revolve around *****es, weed, and a mercedes. Tight song, kind of slow, but it’s catchy and makes you want to listen; and that’s all that should matter to a person buying the CD.

2) Ghetto Life feat. UGK: 

Tight track with another UGK appearance ( they appeared on a number of No Limit albums prior to this ), and this song actually has some meaning. That’s saying a lot about a Master P song, but it’s definatley one of the best songs from both discs.

3) Gangsta ***** feat. Steady Mobb’n, Mo B. Dick: 

Westcoast feeling song ( to a certain extent ) about how no ***** compares to a gangsta *****. Average song, but not really that great. Definatley a filler track.

4) So Many Souls Deceased feat. Ghetto Commission:

Ghetto Commission comes hard on this track, and P’s verse is too short. The beat is just average, with P talking Italian at the beginning again. Recommended if you like the Commission.

5) Rock-A-Bye-Haters: 

A skit of P changing a popular nursery rhyme, like he did on his later albums, and switching it up. Really drags the disc down, and is a complete waste of time. Skip it.

6) Snitches feat. Snoop Dogg:

A sample of G’z and Hustlaz from Doggystyle, which isn’t a bad concept, but fails to deliver. Snoop’s verse is too long, and he can’t live up to the original ( which shouldn’t be expected ), but is still an average track.

7) Family Business: 

Another mafia type skit, with P talking in his accent and ‘taking care of a snitch’. Waste of space, and obvious filler for the 2nd disc. Skip it.

8) Let’s Get Em feat. Magic, C-Murder: 

Magic, who also tried to sound like 2Pac through much of 98, comes hard. C-Murder comes hard. P comes hard. Bottom line, this is one of the best tracks on the album.

9) Goodbye To My Homies feat. Sons of Funk, Silkk the Shocker: 

Trying to capitilize on the success of ‘I miss my Homies’ P offers a sequel to the 97 joint, with the exact same theme of the first. He’s still talking about Kevin, nothing’s really changed. However if you like the Sons of Funk, peep this track.

10) Welcome To My City feat. Mac, O’Dell:

A lot of people find this their favorite track of the album, and it’s not completely surprising to see why. The beat is smooth, and all the flows are with P continuing to yell Ugghhh!!! on about every song.

11) Ghetto Love feat. Mia X, Mo B. Dick: 

Not a bad song if you want ya girl in the mood, but when I buy a Master P album, that’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t blame him for making this type of track, at this point he didn’t really have one, but it’s not really my style. I skipped it.

12) Make Em Say Ugghhh!!! Part II feat. Fiend, Mia X, Silkk the Shocker, Snoop Dogg:

It’s been said before, I’ll say it again. This song was really anticipated, and for the first 3 minutes, it was as good if not better than the original; until…..Snoop Dogg comes on. This song is DRAGGED DOWN by his slow style. He is capable of rhyming fast and hard ( listen to any track on Doggstyle ), but the Doggfather got lazy, and this song needs Mystikal bad.

13) Hot Boys and Girls feat. Kane & Abel, Silkk the Shocker, Mia X, Mystikal: 

Above average song about the wierdest shit you will ever hear. The song’s title has nothing to do with the theme ( which isn’t bad ), but you won’t get what you expect. Everybody on this joint describes themselves as something that you’d do everyday. Ex: Master P ” I’m the fire down in Hell, I’m the gas you pump at shell “. Out of the ordinary, but it definatley puts a twist on the song, and makes you want to listen to it even more.

14) Reverse the Game: 

Pointless skit leading up to the end of the album. Skip it.

15) Eternity feat. C-Murder, Mr. Serv-On:

Easily my favorite No Limit track ever, everything about the song is great. There is no flaws to this song, and the beat, the verses, and the chorus especially you can play just about anytime. The perfect way to end ANY album, as Master P closes off saying this is the last time you will hear a bad guy like him; and at that point in 1998, actually made you believe him. One of the best songs ever.


In conclusion, I give this album nothing less than a 5. 5/5. It’s full of tracks that you can play just about any time, and was probably Master P’s last GREAT album. It lives up to the hype in my opinion, and if you don’t own it already, I suggest you go out and buy it if your a No Limit/Master P/Gangsta Musik fan.

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