TRU – The Truth

TRU - The TruthA TRU album without TRU members might be a big reason, people are overlooking this cd. And to some extent, they’re right. Let’s face it, Silkk is on 3 tracks, C is on 1, and P and Halleluyah basically crowded the cd. Others say it is somewhat of a new beginning for the New No Limit camp. The production level was raised ( not anything close to the BBTP days ), but good enough to gain some praise from those outside of the New No Limit fan base. However, the album does have it’s flaws, so on to the review:


1.) Where You From – TRU feat. Master P, Halleluyah, Silkk the Shocker:

The first single off the album ( and possibly the only ) doesn’t dissapoint. The production is great, and flows from everyone are on point. A good track, for what it is, and that’s an anthem that’s made to be played in clubs.

2.) Photo Book – TRU feat. Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Lil Romeo:

By looking at the tracklist and seeing the name of this song and who is featured on it, it doesn’t seem ‘TRU’. And by ‘TRU’ I mean that bout it bout it musik, that most No Limit fans have liked over the years and grown accustomed to. But by now, anyone should know that those days are over; which brings me to this song. It’s not bad, not at all, but DOES seem a little out of a place from a group that brought the world the dirrty south anthem back in 95. Overall though, a good beat, and good flows from everyone.

3.) Go Off – TRU feat. Master P, Hall, Afficial: 

Some people might dissagree with me when I say this, but this song is nothing better than average. Nothing, and I mean nothing really stands out about this song. P has basically the same flow he’s had on Goodside/Badside and brings nothing new to the table with this track. Not really recomended, skip it.

4.) Stressin – TRU feat. C-Murder:

The only solo C track on the album left a lot of people dissapointed. When most people think of TRU, they think of Master P, Silkk the Shocker, and C-Murder. The Miller Boyz. So when first hearing about this album, I’m thinking ‘new C-Murder tracks.’ This is not the case; just 1 song. Never the less, it is a good song, as the sound isn’t that great, the hook could be better, but I like this song. Definatley one of the best on the album..

5.) Street Army – TRU feat. Master P, Afficial, Halleluya:

The song that really got people buzzin over the album is in my opinion overrated. The chorus is wack, the beat is average, and it doesn’t really do nothing for me.

6.) Drama – TRU feat. Master P, Halleluya: 

This is where you can see the production for the NNL has changed for the better. Drumma Boy pulled it off with this track; which is worth listening to for the beat alone. P’s lyrics however, get tiring after a couple of these songs. Instead of overpromoting himself on this album, he should’ve let his brothers shine. Halleluya (who is being talked about as being the best soldier since Mac) comes average. He’s not bad, dont get me wrong, but putting him all over the album, was definatley a mistake.

7.) Welcome to New Orleans – TRU feat. Halleluya: 

Halleluya’s solo track doesn’t dissapoint. One of the better features of him on this album, he raps over a Mozart sample that has been used enough, but manages to pull it off. His 3 verses, are very much on point and this song is definatley recommended.

8.) You Ain’t Sayin Nothin – TRU feat. Master P, Mr. Stra, Afficial: 

A subliminal diss track to Yukmouth (P is heard shoutin ‘Godzilla aint got nothin on me’ at the beginning) is definatley one of the best songs on the entire album. This song’s production is as good as it gets in any region. Definatley recomended; everybody’s raps are on point and worth listening to (even MP’s).

9.) Shake It – TRU feat. Master P, Halleluya:

The beat is aight, the track itself is really not good at all. It’s another attempted club anthem to get the hoes poppin, but this aint goin to cut it. Also, throughout the whole song it sounds like P sampled Magic’s voice; which would be weird because Magic hates P and has publicly stated that numerous times.

10.) Sea Saw For Me – TRU feat. Master P, Halleluya: 

If you thought my review for the last song was bad, this song is hella worse. I’m open minded, but looking at the name of this track I almost wished this album DIDN’T come out so as not to damage TRU’s name. Lyrics like ‘Get ya wet like Niagra falls’ and ‘I aint Nelly, but girl get your eagle on’ make this track a complete mess. Skip it.

11.) Hood and Street – TRU feat. Halleluya, Yougi, Jazz:

First off, the beat is fiya. It starts off with a piano loop and busts into what sounds like a Diplomat-type beat. Once again, Drumma Boy REALLY helped this album with his production on anotha level. The song is good, the hook is good, the whole song is basically a highlight of the album. The only thing that sets it back is that this is NOT TRU. It would work a lot better on a 504 Boyz album.

12.) Headhunter – TRU feat. Master P, Halleluya: 

Once again, you can see that Halleluya is ALL OVER this album. And while he is not bad, and pretty good most times, I dont want to hear him on 5 or 6 songs in a row. Back to the song, the beat is good, the lyrics are laughable at times with P spittin ‘She used to ***** with Cash Money, now she ridin wit me.’ The song is basically about gettin head from a hoe that’s a ‘headhunter’.

13.) Squeeze – TRU feat. Silkk the Shocker, Halleluya: 

Silkk’s third and final track on the album, and he doesn’t dissapoint. While still on his ‘Based On a True Story’ flow, him and Halleluya collaborate for a good song exchanging verses talking about gettin girls to slow motion for them like ‘Slim and Juvey’ and removing bras and undressing.

14.) Buckle Up – TRU feat. Master P, C-Los, Black: 

Not a track that really stands out to me. The hook isn’t very good, and as usual P’s lyrics aintnothin to look. Just an average track, and in my opinion was more of a filler joint.

15.) Ride – TRU feat. Master P, Halleluya: 

Definatley one of my favorite tracks on the CD, Master P actually delivers on this joint. Halleluya does his thing, and nothing unusual stands out about his flow on this song, but overall the song is mos def. tight and recommended.

16.) Point Em Out – TRU feat. Master P, Halleluya: 

Another track at the end of the album that didn’t stand out. P and Halleluya collaborated on a lot of songs, some being good, some not. This song is just weak.

17.) Here We Come – TRU feat. Master P: 

Possibly my favorite track on the album, Myke Diesel actually produced something fire. The song is on point, the whole thing is worth listening to and I definatley recomended it to anyone from the south, whether you got respect for P or not. Great way to end an album.


Overall, this cd is nothing above average. It doesn’t stand out, but is possibly New No Limit’s best release yet. Hopefully the production on this album is a sign of things to come, because without Drumma Boy this cd would’ve REALLY been lacking. There are problems though, one in which it doesn’t SEEM like a TRU album. And I’m sure you’ll hear this over and over again, but I’d expect this from a 504 Boyz album, not TRU, and that’s what ends up dragging it down.

Rating: 3/5

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