Jehst – Nuke Proof Suit

Jehst - Nuke Proof SuitAfter his last two great releases, Jehst album’s is something to be highly anticipated and something you think is likely to live to the hype.

This Album one minute I love it and the other few I’m reaching for the skip button. One of my favourite has to be the title track and the lead single “Nuke Proof suit” The beat is very catchy with the deep bassline and the energetic arrangement. This is actually one of Jehst’s most complicated beats though compared to most it’s nothing difficult. Jehst makes light humour of a quite political topic finishing off with a catch as hell hook. The only problem is the squeaky voice can get on nerves. “Vice City” is another one which caught my ear. The simplistic but effective looped beat has a happy positive feel. Jehst addresses the struggle of city life. Jehst seemed to have switched back to the less abstracted but still present still which many feel in love with from return of the drifter. “Hydroblowback” many would say this is the best song with its chilled out beat and atmosphere where Jehst is almost singing his verse’s and delivering a catchy as hell hook, its hard to argue with them. “Work Ethic” again a nice simple but effective looped beat finished with a catchy hook. Jehst looks at his hard work staying on target while using more of that classic ROTD style.

As I kind of pointed out before Jehst finds it hard to stay on topic. Many would say this is a strength and his formula of success the others would say its his downfall. I do enjoy it but sometimes he does sound like a tramp who jump wandered into the studio. “Neck Breakin” and “Ape Shit” would be the two which show this the best. Neck Breakin, Jehst gives the beat an old skool vibe though the high pitched sound could get on your nerves. Ape shit many would say it’s a highlight though im one to disagree. The beat is simplistic and that being nice. Yes it is creative and yes he does create a nice haunting and eerie atmosphere with the chimes though its boring. Though both are creative, weird and fun to listen lyric wise kind of like one of Redman songs they are really ramblings of a drunk and stoned man, don’t think they even have any topics. “Magnum Force” and “Pepper Spray” are more of the unique style of lyrics Jehst is bringing. Its also nice to see Kashmere feature on a track. Jehst both brings nice heading nodding beats which are quite funky though both again very simplistic.

In all this album gets a 3.5 out of 5 and I think this one is more of a grower. It is sort of growing on me. There is only 8 tracks and to me it is cutting it a bit fine. First you think of the old saying “Quality before Quantity”, then of all the other classics and then you remember his Return Of The Drifter had about 8 tracks (not counting skits and remixes) and that was classic I thought maybe this would be. 8 tracks means it leaves it short but sweet though it also means if one track terrible there is not much to compare it to so you might brand it wack for just one tiny mistake. Jehst flips between his Return of the drifter and Falling Down style and delivers quite a creative, weird and fun to listen lyrics. I like how Jehst tried at a one man solo self production release and I can now give him the artist status. The beats are good, experimental and to a style of his own but with them being so damn simplistic you do get bored of them.

I recommend you buy the other two first (Return Of The Drifter 1st) and then expanding from then on.

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