The Mitchell Brothers – Breath of Fresh Attire

The Mitchell Brothers - Breath of Fresh Attire1. ***** me ***** you 

This song is a classic. It’s basically the brothers arguing over a dope beat. They both come tight on there individual verses then on there joint verse. Dope! (5/5)

2. G.O.R.G.I.E 

This song is about how even though there making money from the music they still got to sign on the doll so they can afford an extra pair of trainers or whatever. Dope beat and the Mitchell brothers both come. Good (4/5)

3. Routine check Featuring Kano and The Streets 

Dope beat. This song is about how police officers “routine check” them when their driving along. Kano is alright on this. The Mitchell brothers are dope as usual. The Streets is really good on this he raps about how he don’t get many routine checks. Good (4/5)

4. Shesgot it all wrong Featuring The Streets 

This has the same beat as Kano nite nite but it’s good. Tony’s verse is average on this song but when The Streets come on this song pickups again. But the best verse award goes to Teddy. He raps basically just leave her alone for a while and shell realise your right. The chorus is done by the streets normal hook singer. Good (3.5/5)

5. Someone can’t look us in the eyes

Dope beat. You hear grass being whispered and the Mitchell brothers go into some dope story telling lyrics bout how CID comes to the door asking questions. The chorus is on par with the rest of the song. They go on about how someone close to them can’t look at them in the eyes after he grassed bout the robbery they did so they smack him up. Dope! (5/5)

6. Harvey nicks featuring The Streets 

Dope beat again. And they rap bout how they get shit service if they go in there in overalls but if there in “garments that are the shit” they get good service. (4/5)

7. When the whistle blows

Starts with them arguing as usual. Then in comes in this good beat and they start rapping at the ref and arguing with him about his decisions. Then in the next verses they rap as managers. Then at the end you hear white noise and he taps the TV saying “what the ***** is wrong with the TV” (3.5/5)

8. Alone with the TV 

At the start this song shows that even though they argue all the time they still like each other. Teddy comforts Tony about his girl walking out on him. They both spit dope shit. The beat has an annoying squeaky sample in the background but apart from that amazing song. Good (4/5)

9. Excuse my brother featuring The Streets 

This song is about Tony getting well and truly pissed and gets rowdy and loud. And he raps bout coming on to this girl and she slaps him and she’s getting her boyfriend. Then The Streets plays the part of the boyfriend. Then Teddy stops Tony before he starts fighting him. Then teddy raps as if he’s talking to the girl and he starts off about how he’s sorry bout what his brother did then starts saying she brought it on herself. Good (4/5)

10. Smart Bastard featuring The Streets 

The Streets are on the chorus and are ok. The Mitchell brothers take it in turns and it sounds a bit awkward. Poor (2/5)

11. Wish I did the same 

Dope beat but the Mitchell brothers aren’t on par with there performance on the rest of the album. There basically rapping bout women. Poor (2.5/5)

12. Dont try this at home

Dope beat. In this song Tony raps about wasted and driving he gets chased by the police and runs away and crashes. Then in comes the chorus. Now its teddy’s turn and he raps about a robbery on a security van there about to do. Then back to Tony and he raps bout how stupid he was. Then teddy raps bout the robbery again and they run across the road to jack the security man don’t look and Tony gets run over. It’s a great ending. Dope! (5/5)


All in all this album gets a 4/5 apart from a few weak songs this is a very good album. And a great debut from the Mitchell brothers ill advise anyone to go out and buy this even if you’re not into English hip hop. I’m sure you like this.

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