Do or Die – Victory

Do or Die - Victory1. Victory 

Nice way to start off the album, sure beats an intro. It gets an orchestra type beat then it turns into a rapid bounce beat, very dope. AK 47 starts it off with a rapid verse and rips it. The chorus is dope. Beelo Zero then rips it and has the best verse(Of course, Beelo has always been my fav). Nard rips it, Nard is overlooked, the guy is like a deep voiced AK 47. AK then rips it again, man AK 47 when he’s on he’s on. Beelo again raps and man this is a dope classic Do Or Die track. DOPE!

2. If U Scared (Feat Snypaz) 

Oh yes, great feature. Snypaz and Do or Die are always a great tandem but the beat sucks, but they’re all carrying it. AK 47 with a rapid verse first and he rips it. I can’t stand the chorus. Nard rips it, then Beelo just mutilates the beat, man Beelo Zero is just underrated and easily a top 20 MC. Snypaz with some good shit. Good

3. In A Mode 

Man this song sucks, I don’t like it when Do or Die does slow songs because they cannot do them IMO. Ugh this sucks. Wack

4. Keep it Real (Feat Johnny P) 

Pretty much a party track but it’s dope, Nard starts it off with a vicious verse. Beelo Zero with a rapid dope verse. AK 47 just rips the shit outta this, yikes this guy has one rapid flow. Good

5. Who knows? 

Dope stuff, nice bouncy hard beat. These are the songs that Do or Die should do, they trade verses and all come tight. Makes my head spin on how fast they spit, they are the best group in the Chi Town, I don’t care what any1 says. Good

6. Bank Heist interlude 

Just a skit

7. Tha Heist 

Sounds like a Heads Or Tails track. They rap about robbing a bank, it’d be a dope song but I’m not into these type of these concepts, they are just not a good idea. Beelo rips it but this has been done to death. Average

8. La, La, La 

Nice relaxing beat, but it’s nothing special. Average

9. Can U Make It Hot (Feat Mo Unique) 

THIS SONG SUCKS! Ugh what a *****ing farce this was and they had the guts to put this as the lead single. This can laughably be called a club track. Just awful. Train Wreck

10. VIP (Feat Feloney) 

Nice party type track, nothing too bad in fact it’s pretty good. Good

11. Bounce For Me 

This actually has a Hip hop feel to it, with scratches and all but the chorus just kills it. Horrible *****ing chorus. Average

12. If I Don’t Eat 

Beat is something out of an 80’s robot movie. Sucks skip it. Wack

13. Stay Focused (Feat Chilla Of Snypaz) 

Decent track, it’s slower but they cannot do slow tracks, sounds weird. We’ll call it average. Average

14. Murderers, Pimps, & Thugs (Feat Ja Rule) 

Ok some may not like this song but I do and Ja Rule actually has a decent verse but of course DOD verbally slaughter him, Irv produces a cheap sounding beat but DOD rip it anyway. Good

15. Ride (Feat Fatal) 

They actually messed up but whatever. What a waste of Fatal, I cannot stand the chorus and the beat sucks. Skip it. Wack

16. Thuggin it Out (Feat Outlawz) 

Another screw up as the Outlawz are on THIS song. Noble rips the first verse. Nard rips the second. Beelo rips both of them. EDI then comes and rips some more of the song. Well I dunno if that was Nard or AK it was a spastic type beat but whoever it was they came tight. Good

17. Already Know (Feat E-40)

Another error as E-40 is on this song. Nice Bay flavor to this but the slowness just isn’t my thing. Average


All in all an Average album. Do or Die’s first 2 are much better. There’s some good stuff in here but all in all it’s just filler. Avoid it.

Do or Die – Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead

Do or Die - Pimpin' Ain't DeadThe Chicago based Rap a lot trio Do or Die is once again back on the rap scene. You have probably heard their super hit single “Po Pimpin”with Twista and Johnny P from 1996. These cats have been compared to Bone Thugs N Harmony but to me their rap style and music style ain’t close to being similar to Bone.


1. One more way 2 die Featuring White Folks

If you are a big Do or Die fan or if you have heard their earlier albums you will recognize the dark beat on this track straight Do or Die style. The lyrics are about death and dying in other words straight up hardcore.

2. Do U Featuring Twista Johnny P 

Uhh this track gives me the goose bumps. When Johnny P sings the hook on a track, the track as whole always come out tight .This track is in true pimp style. It makes me reminisce back to the 90’s when Po Pimp was a hit. In my opinion this is the ultimate pimp ride track.

3. Fantasy 

This is another smooth track by Do or Die. The lyrics aren’t that freaky, you could almost take this track for a track that could get radio play. Overall a nice produced track with tight vocals.

4. See it through reality Featuring Traxster 

Once again Do or Die drops a darkbeat and raps about the reality’s in society and their life. You can say that the content of the track is a wake up call to the people doing wrong.

5. Lil’Ghetto Featuring Johnny P 

I love Johnny P’s silky smooth voice; combined with Do or Die and Twista you got the ultimate recipe for a tight track. The lyrics on the track are about the poor people livin that Ghetto life wishing for money.

6. Stateville Featuring Traxster and Dun D 

Do or Die switch up the tempo on this track with help from Traxster and Dun-D.The verse goes” murda murda that’s what I am be yelling” in other words a 100 procent gangster track.

7. Don’t give a ***** Featuring No Love 2K3 

This is one of my favourite tracks on the album. The lyrics are hardcore and the hook is tight. The speed these cats raps on this track is very impressive. What more to say than Do or Die doesn’t give a *****.

8. Bomb on contact 

The track start of with an army guy or something talking about what bomb on contact mean. Overall this is a dope track with a nice beat, not the best track on the album but still tight. True Do or Die style.

9. Not 4 u Featuring Johnny P 

Johnny P is back with a bomb ass hook as usual. Not 4 u is probably the smoothest track on the album. I am not that impressed off the lyrics and the way Do or Die raps on the track. Mediocre track in Do or Die standards.

10. In a minute Featuring Navee and Z-Ro

If I had to sum this track up with a three words it would be “pure lyrical skills” for all the rappers got mad lyrical skills and they shows it for real on the track. I especially like the verse that that Z-Ro spits, tightness

11. Who I ***** with 

This is a high-speed track from Do or Die. Overall a nicely produced track. Do or Die proves that they are back on the scene. To sum it up a good track.

12. Cold world 

Do or Die ends the album with slow and more meaningful track. It’s hard to hate on this track because it’s not that bad at all but a bit slow for my taste.

I you like some of Do or Die’s earlier album’s you should pick this one up, if you like Midwest high-speed rap you should pick this one up and if you like a solid produced rap album you should most definitely pick this one up. What more to say than that Do or Die is back as tight as ever. Grade 3.5 stars out of 5