Yukmouth – United Ghettos Of America

Yukmouth - United ghettos of America1. La Costra Nostra(Feat Yukmouth & Daisey) 

The beat really kills the song, Yuk spits flames but the beat is so wussy that it makes an “Enya” beat sound like a “DJ Premier” beat. Good(For the lyrics)

2. Dem Can’t Win(Feat Yukmouth, Tah Tah, Gangsta Girl) 

Not feelin this track that much, the beat is just boring, and the chorus is terrible. Wack

3. Welcome 2 Da Bay(Feat Luniz, Mac Dre, & Messy Marv) 

DOPE DOPE DOPE! This is a Bay Area anthem right here. Everyone comes tight and it’s always nice to see the Luniz reunite. DOPE!

4. I’m So Cool(Feat Yukmouth, Dru Down, LiL Ron, Richie Rich) 

Saucy? I’d say so. Man the beat and the girl singin is just so relaxing. Dru Down’s verse is a little off but is still good. Good

5. Top Thugg(Feat Yukmouth)

Wow this is a train wreck for 2 reasons. 1. The beat sucks horribly and 2. Yukmouth doesn’t come tight. Train Wreck

6. Da Lot(Feat Monstah Ganjah, Nyce, & Yukmouth)

Well both Monstah Ganjah and Nyce are signed to Smoke Alot Records and Monstah sounds like a wacker version of Phatz Boss(I mean seriously why sign this guy when you got a doper Phatz already?), and Nyce sounds like Eve but a little better from what I’m hearing. Average

7. Desperado(Feat Yukmouth & Young Noble)

Man the chorus is corny. I’m not feeling Young Noble that much, but Yuk rips it. Average

8. No Way(Feat Numskull, Deidre Selene, & Yukmouth)

Well if you get rid of the girl singin the hook then this would be a classic Luniz track. Good(Had to minus points for the girl singin)

9. N Thugz We Trust(Feat Keak Da Sneak, Brotha Lynch Hung, & Yukmouth)

Wow I thought I’d never hear a wack Lynch beat, but I have and this beat is terrible and cheap sounding. Lynch has the first verse and rips it, Keak does the chorus and the second verse proclaiming himself the “Black Slim Shady” in which I just busted up laughing, and Yuk rips the last verse. Good(For the verses)

10. Fu*k Friends(Feat Yukmouth & Mac Minister)

DOPE DOPE DOPE! My favorite song on the album. EA Ski hooked up a very dope beat and on the first verse Yuk disses “Too Short”, then on the second verse he disses “Scarface”, and the final verse he disses “Master P”. He rips “Too Short” and “Master P” to shreds but doesn’t diss “Scarface” that well in my opinion. DOPE!

11. Gunz N Rosez(Feat Mac Dre, Yukmouth, Rida, & Bart)

Song is pretty good. Good

12. Neva(Feat Yukmouth, Dru Down, & Big Bear)

Pretty dope track, but seriously why is Big Bear on this track? Sure he does the chorus but ever since his album cover with all those bears on it I can’t take him seriously. Oh well Dru and Yuk rip it. Good

13. Datz Gangsta(Feat yukmouth, Monstah Ganjah, & Nyce)

DOPE DOPE DOPE! I love the beat and Yukmouth tears this track to shreds. Who cares about the other people on this track, it’s all about yukmouth. DOPE!

14. Money, Murder, & Sex(Feat Phatz Boss & Jazzie Pha)

Well you’d think this track is dope but actually it’s a train wreck. You wanna know why? Because they had Phatz and Jazzie on the same track and manage to screw it up. Train Wreck.

15. Dragon Style(Feat Daisey, Yukmouth, & Louie Loc)

Not bad, it’s all about lyrics on this one. Good

16. So Quick So Easy(Feat Numskull, Deidre Selene, & Yukmouth)

Ahhhh de ja vu and the girl still sucks at singing. This is one terrible track, Num sounds like he drank a six pack before he rapped on this track. Train Wreck.

17. We Getting It(Feat D-Don & Yukmouth)

WACK! WACK! WACK! Man what is with the first guy rapping? He makes Project Pat sound like Rakim. Train Wreck

18. United Ghetto’s Of America(Feat Outlawz, MC Eiht, C-Bo, Cold 187, Mad Lion, & Yukmouth)

Pretty good track, nice way to end the album. Good

All in all this is an Average album. If you’re a huge Luniz fan then cop this but if you’re not then stay away from this album.

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