Regime Presents: Thugg Lordz

Regime Presents: Thugg Lordz1. Regime Thugg Lordz(Feat C-Bo)

Nice piano beat. LiL Ki comes with a nice verse followed by Mad Max with a very dope verse(Of course!), and C-Bo with a very fast rapid good verse. Good

2. Hate Me Again(Feat Yukmouth) 

Sadly this is the only Yuk appearance on the album. Beat is a little boring to me but they all step up and rip the track. Chorus is crap though. Good.

3. Whatcha Gonna Do(Feat Killa Tay)

Beat is pretty dope nothing special but it gets the job done. Killa Tay comes with the best verse I have ever heard from him(Man he just ripped it). Ki and Max rip it as well. Good

4. Time Of Day(Feat Steady Mobbin)

My favorite track on the album. Man this beat is nice and dark. Former No Limit Souljas Steady Mobbin join Ki and Max for this great track. LiL Ki starts it off with a good verse, then Max just rips it(I mean tears it to shreds). Steady Mobbin come dope as well. DOPE!

5. My Life’s Hard 

More dark beats and I love it! But this is a dark bouncy beat(If there is such a thing). Everyone comes tight. DOPE!

6. The Best(Feat Phats Bossi)

Phats has the most consistent flow ever. I have never heard a weak verse from this guy and I can’t wait to hear a solo album from him. Beat is pretty average though and the chorus is laughable. But the rappers save this. Good(For the raps!)

7. Thuglord Religion 

Decent piano beat but this song just bores me. I dunno it’s just too plain for me. Average

8. Fake *****es

Good track, I like the girl singing. Mad Max shines! Good

9. Thug Nigga

DOPE DOPE DOPE! That’s all I gotta say! DOPE!

10. My Life

ZZZZZZZZZZZ….Oh I’m sorry *Wipes eyes* *Hears track* *Gives it a Wack rating*. Wack

11. Try’n To Come Up 

Very dope track, it’s got a nice laid back beat. DOPE!

12. Unstoppable

Nice mob style beat(With a guitar thrown in!), I actually like the chorus. Phats joins Mad Max and LiL Ki on this one. Good

13. Big Sh@#(Feat Killa Tay)

Pretty good track albeit a little boring. Good

14. Live In The Shoes

Good way to end the album. Good

I’m gonna give this album a Good rating. Mad Max really stepped up here, LiL Ki came tight but Mad Max showed heart. I say buy this album!

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