Dru Down – Explicit Game

Dru Down - Explict Game1. Pimp Of The Year

Classic track produced by Ant Banks. Dru just basically talkin about mackin on women and pimpin them. DOPE!

2. Ice Cream Man 

Another classic cut. Gino Blackwell produced this bangin beat. Knumskull tears this track up! DOPE!

3. Rescue 911

WHOA! This is one of the best storytelling tracks of all time. Yukmouth is kidnapped see and Dru has to get money to save him, sure it sounds basic but Yuk goes into detail and makes this song a classic. Sure Dru comes dope but this track is all Yuk. DOPE!

4. Realer Than Real 

I love the “Baby” samples. Classic Dru Down cut. DOPE!

5. Rigged 

Average to me. Average

6. Bad Boys

Dru Down’s singing at the beginning is classic! Dope track. DOPE!

7. Should Have Said So 

Nice laid back cut. Dru rappin about women. Good

8. Talkin Shit 

SAAUUCCYYY!!!!!!! Dope bouncy beat by Ant Banks! Dru rips the track. DOPE!

9. Ain’t No Stoppin 

Average track to me. Average

10. Hoo Ride

OOOHHHWEEE!!!! Yuk & Knum join Dru on this track and all come tight. The beat is “Electric Slide” just tweaked up a little. DOPE!

11. Call Me Dru Down 

I’m not feeling this track. Wack 

12. No One Loves You

DOPE DOPE DOPE! This is classic Dru right here. DOPE!

13. Talk How U Feel

Very dope track, Gino Blackwell produced a banger here. DOPE!

14. Fools From The Streets 

Luniz join Dru on this track and I love the beat, the piano is a nice touch. DOPE!

15. Bonus Track

Nice way to end the album, C&H introduces Dru Down, Knum, and Yuk who all come tight. I love the beat. DOPE!

All in all this gets a DOPE! rating, sure there were some songs not up on the DOPE! level but I’m a biased Dru and Luniz fan so deal with it. Cop this album now! This is a classic Bay Area album.

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