Dru Down – Can You Feel Me

Dru Down - Can You Feel Me1. Intro

2. Playa Fo Real

And we waste no time gettin to the good stuff. Flawless track, Dru basically raps about goin out and meeting women. The beat is bangin and IMO makes the song, man this track is perfect. DOPE!

3 .Baby Bubba

Saucy track, nice and funky. I love the beginning, it really makes the track. DRU DOWN!(Hey you’ll understand once you hear the song). DOPE!

4. Can You Feel Me

Sheesh it’s like I walked in a time warp, the beat is 1990 here, I mean hey it’s cool but sheesh Dru get with 1996(The year it was made) already. Average

5. Choppin It Up

Nice bouncy Bay beat. Very very dope track, this is trademark Dru Down right here. DOPE!

6. Head & Shoulders 

Hey ok so the chorus is stupid but hey it’s catchy and this song is so dope(Though it seems elementary). Dru has so much charisma it’s not even funny. DOPE!

7. Mista Busta

Too Short diss here, ok the chorus is classic and this song is a Bay classic. Nuff said aight? DOPE!

8. Hustlin Ain’t No Thang
Good track but it’s just missing something. It’s cool. Good

9. The Game

This isn’t even a song it’s just C&H talkin.

10. Breezy

OOOOOOH SAUUCCCYYYY!!!! Poppa LQ and Yukmouth(YEA!) joins Dru for this classic, man this track is smooth and has the Luniz trademarked chorus. DOPE!

11. Freaks Come Out

My fav track on this album, oh man this is smooth. The Luniz join Dru on this and they all come tight. Man oh man this may be one of my fav songs of all time atleast top 10 . DOPE!

12. Deal Went Bad

Falls flat after that great “Freaks Come Out” track. Eh. Average.

13. Underestimated

Saucy? I would say so. The chorus is simple yet classic. DOPE!

14. I’m Wondering

Ok the singin is very very bad in the beginning. Dru has the charisma to make this track an average. Average

15. Suspect One

UMMMM SAUCY? Not quite but very close. Good track. Good

16. 500 Mobsters

Man this is so not Dru, but it’s dope, I love the beat. DOPE!

17. The Mobb 

Tight posse cut, but I don’t like the chick singin. The beat is classic piano(“Ikes Mood” sample baby!). Luniz and Dru come dope as does the other guests. DOPE!

All in all I gotta give this album a DOPE! rating, it’s just too tight. You got lyrics, beats, flow, good guests, and enough Dru solo songs to make this a Bay classic. COP IT NOW FOO!

Dru Down – Gangsta Pimpin

Dru Down - Gangsta Pimpin1. Earhustlers

Good track and a nice way to start off the album. Dru Down basically talks about the people who spread rumors without checking the real source first. Good

2. Whatcha Speakin On?

Ok this is something really different because Dru Down is actually rappin semi fast and is makin a club hit. Not a bad track actually but not that good. Average

3. No Stopping My Hustle(Feat Luniz & Space Hog) 

Very dope track, it’s nice to see The Luniz and Dru reunited(Though Yuk isn’t on the song). Space Hog raps first and does a pretty good job. Numskull does the second verse and does a pretty good job, but I’ve heard better from him. Dru Down does the third verse and rips it. Good

4. Gangstafied

Pretty basic average track, nothing special. Average

5. Pimp Of The Year 2(000)

Um ok this was on Pimpin Phernilia, why is this on here? This is some chopped up weirded out version(Not Dru’s voice, just the music in the background) Terrible version. Train Wreck

6. Jam On It(Feat Nitro)

Good track, probably my favorite song on this album. Just a feel good track and Nitro drops a tight verse. Good

7. Mo Guns(Feat Luniz)

Man Yuk’s verse is the only thing saving this track and it’s not even that good. Oh man and Numskull isn’t even on the track so stop teasing us with a full Luniz guest spot! Wack

8. Outstanding(Feat Sylk E Fyne & Joose)


9. Don’t Shoot Pimpin(Feat Suga Free & AMG) 

Another boring track, I mean man these beats are really boring and the subject matter isn’t exactly ground breaking. Where’s songs like “Rescue 911”? Wack

10. Paper(Feat Da Products)

Average track nothing special Average.

11. I Rock

Nice track, I like the beginning alot. Good

12. Give It Up(Feat Bosko) 

I love the beginning, Bosko sings a pretty good chorus. Dru flows well. Good

13. Wit It Wit It(Feat Mellowdramatic)

Man I’m getting sick of this album already. This track sucks. Train Wreck

14. Giving Up Nuthin(Feat Kurupt & Bad Azz)

UGH! Terrible track and Kurupt sounds like he doesn’t even want to be there. Instead of wasting an appearance on Kurupt and Bad Azz, why don’t you reunite with the Luniz and drop some heat(Both of them on the same track!) Bad Azz also sounds uninterested, and I don’t blame him. Train Wreck

15. Bloodsuckers 

Well the beat sucks but you gotta give credit to Dru’s flow on this track. Average(For the flow!)

This album gets a Wack rating. Oh man he totally missed the ball with this one. There was hardly any promotion for this either(I don’t blame them, hell I wouldn’t even promote this garbage). Dru Down drops a boring album filled with tired beats and cliche’s. Avoid this album!

Dru Down – Pimpin Phernalia

Dru Down - Pimpin Phernalia1. The Pimp Hunters

Intro to the album and lemme say this, this is one strange intro.

2. I’m A Pimp

Beat suits Dru Down very well. You can probably guess what this song is about. Saucy track! Good

3. What’s Wrong 

Me thinks they screwed up on the tracklisting, because this is supposed to be song 4 “I’m Ready” but whatever, I’ll review it as What’s Wrong. Great track, I like the girl singing the chorus though when she asks what’s goin through his brain it gets a little strange, but otherwise this is a Dru Down classic. DOPE!

4. I’m Ready

Ok here’s song 3 right here. Nice mobb style beat. Dru just rappin about he’s ready, and he’s back to rap(YES! Finally some motivation). Dope track. DOPE!

5. Life Story(Feat Johnny Atkins)

Saucy track! This is one smooth track, though not as smooth as his earlier stuff. Good

6. No Underwear(Feat Yukmouth & Enemy)

Yukmouth saying “No Panties” in the beginning is hilarious. Yukmouth straight rips the track, completely forgetting what the song is about and just going off(YUK OWNS!). Dru comes dope as well, but the chorus is so corny and stupid. Good

7. I Do(Feat Space) 

Pretty dope song, but the beat is lacking something, it just sounds too country and twangy. Good

8. Tha Track

Just a skit.

9. Hey There, Hi There

Ugh this track is bad. I mean train wreck bad. Train Wreck.

10. You Know(Feat Pinky)

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! Man this track is smooth. Dru Down just rappin aboutt alkin to a girl. DOPE!

11. Ms. Freaky 

The beginning is enough to make this a trainwreck….Oh wait it’s a skit(Thank Goodness it’s only about a minute long)

12. Nasty(Feat Boss)

Phatz Boss joins Dru on this track and this will be an interesting combo here. Dru Down comes with a pretty weak verse, Yuk does the chorus(Too bad he can’t do a verse and save this song). Phatz comes pretty tight. Average

13. Money(Feat Malikah & J Coleone) 

Pretty dope song, nice bouncy Bay Area beat. Dru Down rips the track! DOPE!

14. Let’s Get High

The chorus is hilarious, because it sounds so innocent yet it’s about gettin high lol. Song is pretty bad. Train Wreck.

15. Make U Wanna

Now we’re gettin back to the good stuff. Very dope track. I love the chorus and the beat, it’s just so smooth and catchy. DOPE!

16.Things May Change 

Man this cd tracklisting is screwed, there’s no number 16 to be found! Ok found it it’s actually number 17. Dope track, but is a little boring. Good

17. Lap Dance(Feat Sisco)

Yeesh! This has bad idea written all over it. Terrible track. Train Wreck

18. Convo w/ LiL Pimpydo

LOL! Oh man this is so stupid it’s not even funny….Well yes it is actually, because it’s so bizarre. Just a skit.

19. No. 2

OHHHBOOYYY!!!! PIMP OF THE YEAR 2!!!!!!! This is one smooth track, though not as good as the original this is still another dope track. DOPE!

All in all this is a Good album, though it has its problems. It’s still the same Dru Down. For already established Dru Down fans I say yea cop it, but for newer fans, why don’t you cop his first 2 albums before this one.

Dru Down – Explicit Game

Dru Down - Explict Game1. Pimp Of The Year

Classic track produced by Ant Banks. Dru just basically talkin about mackin on women and pimpin them. DOPE!

2. Ice Cream Man 

Another classic cut. Gino Blackwell produced this bangin beat. Knumskull tears this track up! DOPE!

3. Rescue 911

WHOA! This is one of the best storytelling tracks of all time. Yukmouth is kidnapped see and Dru has to get money to save him, sure it sounds basic but Yuk goes into detail and makes this song a classic. Sure Dru comes dope but this track is all Yuk. DOPE!

4. Realer Than Real 

I love the “Baby” samples. Classic Dru Down cut. DOPE!

5. Rigged 

Average to me. Average

6. Bad Boys

Dru Down’s singing at the beginning is classic! Dope track. DOPE!

7. Should Have Said So 

Nice laid back cut. Dru rappin about women. Good

8. Talkin Shit 

SAAUUCCYYY!!!!!!! Dope bouncy beat by Ant Banks! Dru rips the track. DOPE!

9. Ain’t No Stoppin 

Average track to me. Average

10. Hoo Ride

OOOHHHWEEE!!!! Yuk & Knum join Dru on this track and all come tight. The beat is “Electric Slide” just tweaked up a little. DOPE!

11. Call Me Dru Down 

I’m not feeling this track. Wack 

12. No One Loves You

DOPE DOPE DOPE! This is classic Dru right here. DOPE!

13. Talk How U Feel

Very dope track, Gino Blackwell produced a banger here. DOPE!

14. Fools From The Streets 

Luniz join Dru on this track and I love the beat, the piano is a nice touch. DOPE!

15. Bonus Track

Nice way to end the album, C&H introduces Dru Down, Knum, and Yuk who all come tight. I love the beat. DOPE!

All in all this gets a DOPE! rating, sure there were some songs not up on the DOPE! level but I’m a biased Dru and Luniz fan so deal with it. Cop this album now! This is a classic Bay Area album.