VA – Beef Soundtrack

VA - Beef Soundtrack1. No Vaseline(Ice Cube)

Of course you all know of this diss track, classic stuff here as Cube takes on a whole group and lyrical slaughters everyone of them. This track has a killer bouncy beat with a dope flute melody in there. Classic diss track! DOPE!

2. Beef(Tech N9ne Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

This is one of the best Tech tracks I have ever heard, great beat that resembles “FTI”. Tech starts it off with a great verse, the way he changes flows here is great. The chorus is easily one of the best choruses I have ever heard with a Rock vibe to it with Krizz singing. Krizz with a dope verse, the thing I like about Krizz is that he can go from a sing-song type flow to a lethal rapid type flow. Tech finishes things off with another great verse, he even mentions Joplin here(For all my Missouri kats). DOPE!

3. You Don’t Really Want It(KRS-One)

I respect KRS and all but this track is horrible, from the beat to the chorus, pure drizzling shits. KRS disses Nelly and he has some good lines but it just isn’t clicking. Wack

4. Westside Slaughterhouse(Westside Connection)

One of my favorite West tracks of all time. WSC go after Common here as Ice Cube has some really good lines aimed at him. One of the best disses ever. DOPE!

5. Murder By #’s(Skatter Man & Snug Brim Feat Ricky Skarfo)

What the hell is this doing on here? This was later put on Urban Legendz, I wrote a review for this a while back and I listened to the track more so this is going to be totally different. Skatter’s verse is easily the best as he tells a great story. Snug has a good verse. Skarfo has a decent verse. Good

6. Drama(Prodigy Feat Twin)

Nice guitarish style beat here but Prodigy sucks anyway and Twin is worse. Average

7. Real Muthaph****in’ G’s(Eazy E Feat BG Knoccout & Dre’sta)

I think this song is really overrated, I think the beat is classic and Dre’sta’s verse is good but the rest just doesn’t do it for me. Good

8. Caution(Black Child)

This track isn’t bad, in fact it’s quite good. I have no clue who the first 2 guys are since it never mentions them. Great beat here. Good

9. When The Rain Drops(Kutt Calhoun Feat Snug Brim)

Slow starting, I mean really slow but once it kicks in it’s a pretty dope track. Kutt is overlooked and Snug actually spits a rapid style verse(!). Good

10. That’s It(KRS One Feat Mad Lion)

Another horrible KRS track, I just don’t care about this song, there is nothing good about this. The beat is horrible. Wack

11. Postman(Poverty)

Who? This track may have the worst starting ever. Horrible chorus, who the hell is this guy? This is horrible. Wack

12. Now I See(MC Shan)

I like Shan but this track is terrible, and the beginning is an automatic skip. Wack

13. Snake Ya(Tech N9ne Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

Nice Arabian type beat here. Tech’s first verse is crazy here as he goes into about 3 different styles here. I like the chorus here, it’s a little silly but it gets the job done. Krizz with a pretty good verse. Tech finishes it off with a very dope verse. DOPE!

14. Let’s Go(It’s A Movement)(Warren G Feat KRS One & LiL Ai)

Decent track, KRS & Warren do their verses well but this LiL Ai person is horrible, has to be one of the worst flows and verses I have ever heard. Average

15. Witness Protection(Jayo Felony)

YYYYEEEAAA!!!!! This track has a wicked weird beat, Jayo’s chorus is great but a little awkward. This track is crazy. DOPE!

16. Day I Die(Tru-Life)

Tru-Life is some guy who beefed with Mobb Deep, the bonus DVD explains it better and it’s a great segment, but this is not great, in fact this is horrible. Wack

17. F*** The Police(N.W.A.)

I don’t have to explain this track, you all know it and it’s a classic. DOPE!

All in all this gets a Good rating, the concept here is good but they ruined it by putting weak tracks and tracks that have nothing to do with beefing. Cop it if you don’t own any of these classic tracks, oh yea the Tech tracks are great as well so be sure to atleast peep it.

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