Copywrite – High Exaulted

Copywrite - High ExaultedThere was a time when people said whites couldn’t rap..even after the Beastie Boys and House of Pain, most hardcore rap fans refused to think of the possibility that a white dude could beat a black dude rappin. After a few exceptions (growing more and more common) like Cage, Bubba Sparxxx and most notably (of course) Eminem, Eastern Conference signee Copywrite78 steps up to try and bridge the gap even further.


1) Sintro 

Intro to the album, just a bunch of samples hyping Copy.

2) *****soundcheck

Over a funkified, horn-laced beat by RJD2, Cop really starts up the album. These first verses might mislead, it’s good but not what he can truly do, and might make it seem like he’s overhyped. Don’t be fooled; he’s just starting up slow. (Good)

3) Fire it Up 

This beat is more aggressive, produced by Camu Tao but in the same general vein as the previous. Cop follows his own advice and really kicks it up here, especially on the last couple of verses. Shit begins to warm up. (Great)

4) Let Me In 

The beat is more creepin, a bit psycho. Cop spits about *****in *****es with obscene lyrics, funny punches and general shock value. Though the song is good, it was a bad move for Copy to make a song that, in almost every way, sounds exactly like one an unsigned Eminem would make. Best to stay clear of that comparison. (Good)

5) Enterlude

RJD2 shows off here, with a slower beat that could easily be something off Big’s Ready to Die. No lyrics.

6) Three Words ft. Camu Tao, Tage Proto 

Over an enticing, string beat that sounds almost classical (by Copywrite himself), 78 and Camu spit crazy, complex-styled lyrics; Tage, however, gets extremely annoying with his heavy, distracting lisp. Sounds pretty funny, actually. Other than that, the track is sicc. (Great)

7) Hear Me Though

This, another Camu beat, is rambling and more layered, mostly guitar riffs. Copywrite spits even harder on this one, killing the complexity and punchlines at the same time. One of the best tracks on the album. (Excellent)

8) Badabing 

Produced by DJ Mighty Mi, with an organ-type instrument combined with a church bell, gives it a feel of impending doom. Copy’s darker lyrics work with the atmosphere. The hook is flat, purely business, shows Copywrite will destroy enemies. (Excellent)

9) Centerlude

Another showoff, no-lyric cut, this one produced by Copywrite. This time it’s a RZA-like style, bumping drum/bass with a disjointed piano. Pretty good.

10) Nobody ft. Jakki da Mota Mouth 

Once again produced by RJD2, it’s a dark, jazzy beat, another RZA flavor. Copy and Jakki work well together, going back and forth to finish each others’ lines. Nice collab joint. (Great)

11) Holier Than Thou 

This beat RJ is aight, it seems too low and drops out sometimes. It’s not aggressive or dark enough for Cop’s style. Copy is good, but doesn’t seem to know how to flow over the unusual beat, so just goes straight through with a basic old-school style. (Decent)

12) Ready, Aim…

This is more like it. A Camu Tao production; if you’ve ever heard Royce ft. Twista – Let’s Go, it kinda sounds like that, especially when Copy starts speed-spitting. Like the versatility, since he does it pretty well, though mostly he has to abandon his punches. (Good)

13) On My Dick

Apparently, Cop ain’t afraid to get behind the boards himself, cuz this is another self-production. It’s a halting beat, not the best, not the worst. Copy’s lyrics are about being in the club, causing chaos. It’s not bad, takes a couple shots (you ain’t hostile, you hoestyle; all up in VIP tryinna pop ’Cris) (Good)

14) Tower of Babble ft. Smut Peddlers

Once more produced by DJ Mighty Mi. It’s a rambling beat, relying mostly on a drawn out violin sample that feels like an Italian opera sample. 78, Mr E and Cage spit nice verses for the most part, but nothing mind-blowing. (Good)

15) Seven Light Years

Yet another production by RJ. It’s hard to explain; you have to hear it, but it’s good. Copywrite is at his siccer moments here. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with this track. (Excellent)

16) Theme Music ft. Jakki the Mota Mouth

This DJ Mighty Mi cut is a bit lighter-styled synth track, Copy spits the first verse, some hard lyrics. The man is so good, even good is starting to sound bland at this point. It seems lopsided, since Copy’s first verse is unassisted, but Copy helps Jakki stress/finish some of his words and lines. However, the second verse is still nice. Another solid collab joint. (Great)

17) Exitlude 

A brief cabaret-style beat/singer combination that has no place on the album.

18) June 

This is a deep track about Copy’s life and frustrations. The beat is a sad string beat, kinda surprisingly produced by RJD2. It’s a sad joint that sounds almost like something Royce might do, with an instrumental slapped in the middle. Has some deep shit relating to the month of June, the month of his birth and the month of his father’s death. (Excellent)


My Rating: 4.5/5

This is as close to a latter-day classic as it gets, folks. The whole thing has a different style and flavor that’s so refreshing from cardboard-cut popular rap, with some of the best underground production out and style reminding of some of the best Eminem/Canibus material rolled into one. If not for a very few weak links like constant battle rhymes and nearly no topics (and those wasted instrumentals–c’mon, someone SPIT on em!!) this could be classic shit. One of the best rap albums I’ve bought, and that includes Illmatic, All Eyez On Me and Ready to Die.

My Recommendation: No excuses. BUY.

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