Kutt Calhoun – B.L.E.V.E.

Kutt Calhoun - B.L.E.V.E.1. Bring The Flame(Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

Great way to start off the album, no stupid intro here, IT’S ALL MUSIC!!!!! Kutt uses a Pac-like chorus on this song. Man Kutt just rips the first verse here, great beat on here as well, very hard hitting. Kaliko isn’t really on here much, he just does the beginning, this was all Kutt here! Good

2. Hip Hop Warning(Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

Great song here, has a touch of Hip Hop with a hint of bounce here, nice chorus with Krizz singing the typical Strange chorus which is always great. CONSIDER YOURSELF WAAARRRNNNEEEDDD!!! Heh! Kutt actually uses some good wordplay here and some good lyrics, he speaks the truth on here. Good

3. Nationality(Parlaa Remix)(Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

Horrible, skip this. Wack

4. Keep It Keeblur(Feat Tech N9ne & Big Krizz)

DOPE! They used a great West beat here, Kutt sounds comfortable over these type of beats. Seems to flow better here as well. Tech N9ne with a great verse as usual. I dig the chorus as well, Krizz is seriously overlooked. Kutt ends the song with another good verse. DOPE!

5. Walk With A Limp(Feat Big Krizz)

Awkward, that’s how I can describe this song. Big Krizz is all over the place on the chorus here. Average

6. Goldberg(Feat Tech N9ne)

Song’s hilarious, Tech finally disses the stupid “urrrr” phrase(Like Right Thurrrr). Track is just average to me though, I don’t like the beat but Tech is on point here with his flow. Average

7. Got Plans(Feat Big Krizz)

Another average track. Average

8. Real Sex(Feat Tech N9ne)

The beginning just messes up the whole vibe, why waste a Tech N9ne appearance on this? Wack

9. In My Face(Feat Skatter Man, BG Bulletwound, & Snug Brim)

DOPE! I dig the beat here, very dark and dope. BG Bulletwound & Snug Brim kill this song! One of the best tracks on here easily. DOPE!

10. Panic Box(Feat Boy Big)

I semi dig the old school Bay sound but it’s just another awkward track. Kutt tries but everything just comes off as weird, a track that is really hard to listen to. Wack

11. The Know How(Big Krizz)

Beginning isn’t good but once the beat kicks in with Kutt rapping then it gets really good. Nice bouncy type beat here with Kutt flowing perfectly over it. Good

12. N A WhiteManzEyez(Feat Tech N9ne & Big Krizz)

Tech only does the beginning by talking. Kutt raps pretty fast over this track which is very dope. Dope message here. Great chorus here as the beat really kicks in with Krizz singing. Dope track! Good

13. My Life(Feat Tech N9ne & Big Krizz)

Tech isn’t even on this song. Kutt owns it here though, Krizz with a good chorus. Good

14. To Whom it May Concern(Feat Snug Brim, Skatter Man, & BG Bulletwound)

Snug rips the first verse, then Skatter with a good second verse, then BG with a decent verse, and finally Kutt with a good verse but he sounds way too much like Pac here, I’m sure that was his intention but it sounds a little weird. Still a good track, if you listen closely you’ll hear Tech play one of the Mayor’s workers(lol). Good

15. Parlaa(Feat Big Krizz)

Blah blah blah, heard it before. Wack

16. Dat N*gga Dare(Feat Big Krizz & BG Bulletwound)

Great way to end this track, I love the bouncy eerie style beat here. Krizz is a little weak on the chorus here, I dig Krizz but he makes the chorus really annoying. Kutt owns it here. Good


All in all a Good album, this is way different than Skatterman & Snug Brim’s album. Kutt went for a more West style here and I can dig that. Cop it if you’re a Strange Music fan.

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