VA – Grit City Volume One

VA - Grit City Volume One1. Step Up

This is a great way to open the album. This song has a real hip-hop feel to it. The beat is on some real hip-hop shit, the lyrics are also on some real hip-hop shit. This track is really good. 8/10

2. Beverly Davis 

On this cut, Swann Notty talks about meeting a girl and all that. He really puts a picture in your mind, which makes you enjoy the track even more. Even though he is talking about a girl, this in no way is a “pop love song”, this still has a good hip-hop feel to it. Real good shit. 8/10

3. The Professional 

This one is not as good as the first 2 songs on this CD, but it is still a good song. The lyrics are on point, delivery is on point, nice track. The chorus on this might remind you of a DJ Premier chorus, cause of how the way it’s parts from different songs mixed together and scratched. 7/10

4. Sunshine Days 

The beat on this is fresh. In a way reminds of a Kanye West beat how it samples and old track and the voice is sped up and put together on the beat. The lyrics on this are about as tight as the lyrics on the other songs. The lyrics on this song mostly reflect the struggle these rappers went through, in a way this is a deep dong. Tight song. 8/10

5. Niggas Don’t Know 

This one is on some soulful hip-hop stuff. Beat is nice, lyrics are nice. This is probably one of the tightest songs from this CD. Definitely worth checking. 8.5/10

6. Who’s Who

This sounds like a jazzy hip-hop song. It’s really nice to relax to, just chill you know. The delivery on this is not as good as the delivery of the other MC’s on this CD, for some reason, it sounds like Soul Supreme goes off beat from time to time. Going off beat doesn’t take away the fact that the lyrics are tight, but if the delivery was more on point, this track would have been better. 6.5/10

7. What Would U Do? 

This song features T-Max, the beat on this is well put together. Nice instruments played on this, well put together. The lyrics on this is kind of like a story type rhyme, T-Max basically talks about a scenario, and at the end of it, he asks you “What Would U Do”. Real tight, something you don’t really hear these days in hip-hop. Great song. 8/10

8. Still Spittin’ (RMX)

This song features the legend himself, KRS-One. KRS-One comes off tight on this. This one also features Akbar, L D Headtoucha, Illin’ P, Supastition and An Ion. I have to say the MC who came off the best is Illin’ P. His verse was really nice. But all the MC’s on this dropped hot stuff. This is definitely one of the best songs on this CD. 9/10

9. Bizzy To The Letter 

This one is different. The beat is not that good really, you can’t really hear the kicks on this. I can’t say I’m feeling this track. The only thing that saves this song is the lyrics, if the beat was better, it would have been way better. 5/10

10. 17 Emcees 

This one is good, it is not the best but it is still good. Not everyone is going to like this one, it really depends on your style. I myself can’t say I love this song but I can listen to it, it is not the wackest song out there, it is not that wack, it just isn’t my style, that’s all. 6.5/10

11. Story Of The Warrior 

This song is really nice. The beat for some reason reminds me some Chinese stuff. The lyrics flow nice, goes well with the beat. This song is definitely one worth checking out. 7.5/10

12. Ghetto Fabulous

This one is really nice. I love the beat on this one, it is slow but it is really nice. The lyrics are tight as hell on this. I really love this one, another one of the best songs on this. 8.5/10

13. Shine It On ‘Em

This track is dope. I’m feeling this one, the beat reminds me of something, I can’t really remember what it reminds me of but I’m sure I heard a beat like this before. The lyrics are nice, really on point. 8/10

14. 9’s Revisited 

I like this one. The beat in a way reminds me of a live jazz song. The piano on this one is kind of wack though, I think if the piano on this was taken off this song would have been great. But the rhymes on this are tight. Real hip-hop in my opinion, dope shit. This song is nice but the piano gets annoying after a while. 7.5/10

15. Ma$$ Rise

This is another nice one. I’m really feeling this one. Beat is nice, rhymes are nice, dope ass shit. One of the songs you definitely need to peep from this CD. 9/10

16. Take Time Out 

This is another one of the different type songs. This is better than the other Ra Degrees song on this CD, I got to say this one is better. Still not the best but better. This is a cool song. 7/10


Overall this CD is really nice. This is better than most of the rap CD’s coming out today. This CD contains some really fresh talent, this just shows you some of the best talent is underground. This is a CD definitely worth looking out for. I say this one is worth buying, real good CD.

Final Rating: 3.65/5

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