Necro – Brutality Part 1

Necro - Brutality Part 11. I’m Your Idol(Necro) 

Really dark beat here by Necro, it’s really good as well. This is one of my favorite Necro songs, it’s not that fruity type of rap, this is really angry rap and I love every minute of it. DOPE!

2. Dopesick(Goretex Feat Necro) 

Necro produces a good beat, it’s hard to describe, it has a slow kick to it. Necro helps on the chorus with Goretex. Goretex just shines on this track, I think he’s one of the most underrated rappers out. Great track! Good

3. Reign In Blood(Ill Bill & Necro) 

DOPE!!!!! This track is really amazing. Hard beat by Necro, it’s just heavy and hits harder than an old school Tyson fight. Ill Bill starts it off with an amazing verse, then Necro gives his best verse EVER!!!! Necro raps about being a killer cyborg that will not die, just an amazing verse. The chorus is great, Ill Bill is severly overlooked. Ill Bill has the third verse then Necro has the 4th verse. Simply amazing, you have to hear this track. DOPE!

4. Street Veteran(Mr. Hyde & Necro) 

Not the best track, good beat by Necro, nice piano beat mixed with horns. Hyde sounds a lot different on this track, he has improved greatly. Decent track. Good(Hyde tried and Necro did a good job)

5. Swordfish(Ill Bill) 

Nice beat by Necro, it has a nice Italian feel to it. Ill Bill rips the track. Great track as Ill Bill raps about conspiracies. Good

6. Anguish & Agression(Necro) 

Nice bouncy sinister piano beat by Necro. Nice Necro voice samples for the chorus. Necro raps about the usual here but does it in a way that it sounds dope. Good

7. The Big Sleep(Goretex) 

Pretty good beat by Necro, I can’t really describe it, you’re going to have to hear the track to get a sense of it. Goretex rips it as usual, some great lines here. Great track. Good

8. White Slavery(Ill Bill & Necro) 

This track is straight evil! Great dark piano beat by Necro. Necro does a great chorus. This track is about kidnapping women and no one finding them. Ill Bill starts it off with a very morbid and disturbing verse, if you listen to weak music then you’ll probably get offended by this verse and track in general. Necro with the second verse with a really good verse. Great track! Good

9. S*****bags(Goretex & Necro) 

DOPE! Great beat by Necro, it’s got an eerie feel to it. Necro does the chorus here and it’s one of the best choruses I have ever heard. Goretex & Necro rap about….well S*****bags and even include Uncle Howie, his girlfriend, fat people, and themselves. You need to hear this track! DOPE!

10. Frank Zito(Necro & Ill Bill) 

Dark beat by Necro, it hits hard. Necro starts it off with a pretty good verse, then Ill Bill has the second verse, Bill rips it and even mentions GG Allin(For you Punk fans out there). Good track! Good

11. Our Life(Necro & Ill Bill) 

A softer track here, great piano beat by Necro. Necro starts it off with a really good verse, then Ill Bill has the next verse and it’s easily the best on the track. Chorus is done by Ill Bill and it’s really good. You need to his this track! DOPE!

12. Morbid S**t(Necro) 

A funky pimp type beat by Necro, good little track as Necro raps about the usual. Good

13. Every Second Someone Dies(Necro) 

Great dark violin type beat by Necro, there’s even a saxophone thrown in there. This is Death Rap at its finest. Necro raps about…well death. Good track. Good

14. Fire(Necro) 

A sex track by Necro, nice bouncy beat. Necro raps about….well sex of course. Nice chorus as some girl sings it. Good stuff. Good

15. Talking S**t(Necro) 

Decent track, not my favorite or anything but it gets the job done. Pretty funny ending as Necro starts laughing really high, hilarious! Good

16. Watch Ya Toes(Necro) 

Really sleazy sounding beat here, this is Roseanne theme song sleazy, like walking downtown Las Vegas at 3 in the morning sleazy. Pretty good track though, I dig the chorus. Good

17. The Big Sleep(Remix)(Goretex) 

Just a remix to the original track, not as good as the original but good enough. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. The best compilation I have ever heard, there were no bad songs and no average tracks, everything was on point. Psycho Logical remain the best group in Hip Hop. BUY IT!

VA – Celly Cel Presents: Live From the Ghetto

VA - Celly Cel Presents: Live From the Ghetto 1. Dirty Work(B-Legit)

You know naming yourself after a great movie won’t equal a great song and this just proves it. Beat is by Bosko and it’s as basic as it gets, really boring stuff here as B-Legit raps about making money and what not, yawn. Wack

2. Let’s Get High(AllFrumThaI Feat Boo Kapone)

Nice beat here(By Binky Mac), really relaxing. This has a older feel to it and that’s a good thing. Chorus is a little silly but it gets the job done. Good

3. All In Your Face(Marvaless)

Some people don’t like Hollis’ beats and I believe those people smoke crack. Hollis produces a pretty good relaxing beat here, Hollis is one of the bright spots in the Bay/No-Cal scene. Marvaless does a good job here, she’s overlooked, you know people throw around the word “Remy Martin” and “Foxy Brown” around a lot but Marvaless is better than both. Good

4. Murder(Kingpin Skinny Pimp)

Weak track, you know I’m glad Celly is trying to make this compilation different but I cannot stand this Memphis rap, way too boring for me with slow “dark” beats and the word “murder” said a million times. Skip this. Wack

5. Goodfellas(Rich The Factor & Rush N Roulette)

Rich is a pretty good rapper, he had a different style and I dig that. Beat is mobbish and good. Rush also does a good job. Good

6. Thug S**t(SPM, Frost, Jay Tee, Rasheed, LiL One, & Bad Boy)

Yikes talk about a cluster***** ready to happen and it does just that. SPM is one of the worst rappers I have ever heard, seriously how can people like this guy? Not a bad track though, it’s sloppy but I like the beat and some of these guys do a good job. Good

7. Here Come The Stranglaz(Celly Cel Feat The Hillside Stranglaz)

Bouncy beat here, good stuff. Celly Cel does a good job introducing the Stranglaz, whatever happened to these guys? They weren’t that bad, and where is Celly Cel? He’s one of the best Bay Rappers ever, I’d cop a new Celly album. Anyway good track. Good

8. Go To War(Ghetto Mafia)

Beat is pretty good albeit simple. The rapping on this track is sloppy but it actually works. Not that bad of a track, in fact it’s pretty good. Good

9. You Know The Deal(San Quinn, Fully Loaded, The Riddla, & Willie Hen)

Done Deal track here, decent line up of rappers. Not bad of a track though I think San Quinn is heavily overrated. Everyone comes tight. Good

10. How Many B**chez(Richie Rich, Young C Major, & Hogg Boss)

I like the beat, the album title is goofy and the subject matter is stale but it works. Richie Rich actually sounds interested here. Good

11. All I Know(MC Eiht)

Beat is decent, nothing great or anything. MC Eiht hasn’t been good since Section 8 so I’m not feeling him here. Average

12. Biank Zone(Tech N9ne & Don Juan)

DOPE!!! Tech gets things started with a great intro, then Don Juan rips the first verse. I dig the beat, nice mob style beat. Tech takes the second verse and rips it, he doesn’t go crazy on the track, he takes it a little slow here and he still rips it. Chorus is basic but it fits. Don Juan with the third verse and it’s pretty good. Tech with the fourth verse and it’s the best on the song. Track is pretty crazy. DOPE!

13. Connected(Big Pokey & Nino of PKO)

I like the beat by Nino, it has an old school H-Town feel to it, sort of like something Fat Pat would rap on. Pokey is terrible, utterly awful. Nino does a pretty good job on his verse. Good

14. For Da Hood(Celly Cel)

G-Man Stan produced the beat and it’s not that good. Celly Cel tries his best but this track is just not that good and it’s all because of the beat. Average(For Celly’s work)

15. What Would You Do(Luni Coleone, Skee 64, & Mad Dog)

Hollis produces a pretty good beat here. Luni starts it off with a good verse. The chorus is weird but pretty good. Everyone comes tight here. Good

16. Live From The Ghetto(Riderlife)

Decent track, they try and everything but this album should’ve ended after the Luni track. Average

17. Get Em Up(Felony One)

Weak track, really boring, yup this album most def should have ended after the Luni track. Wack

18. Iz Ya Wit Me?(J-Biggz Feat Cool Nutz & Sarkastic)

No I’m not with you, in fact your track isn’t that good. I just don’t care about any of these guys and they make average music to boot, the first guy is really bad talking about parsley and Bob Marley. Don’t care. Wack


All in all this gets a Good rating, pretty good concept here as Celly was trying to bring all the sides together, it worked for the most part. Underrated compilation that should’ve atleast gotten some props. This album serves as a pretty good blue print.

VA – Beef Soundtrack

VA - Beef Soundtrack1. No Vaseline(Ice Cube)

Of course you all know of this diss track, classic stuff here as Cube takes on a whole group and lyrical slaughters everyone of them. This track has a killer bouncy beat with a dope flute melody in there. Classic diss track! DOPE!

2. Beef(Tech N9ne Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

This is one of the best Tech tracks I have ever heard, great beat that resembles “FTI”. Tech starts it off with a great verse, the way he changes flows here is great. The chorus is easily one of the best choruses I have ever heard with a Rock vibe to it with Krizz singing. Krizz with a dope verse, the thing I like about Krizz is that he can go from a sing-song type flow to a lethal rapid type flow. Tech finishes things off with another great verse, he even mentions Joplin here(For all my Missouri kats). DOPE!

3. You Don’t Really Want It(KRS-One)

I respect KRS and all but this track is horrible, from the beat to the chorus, pure drizzling shits. KRS disses Nelly and he has some good lines but it just isn’t clicking. Wack

4. Westside Slaughterhouse(Westside Connection)

One of my favorite West tracks of all time. WSC go after Common here as Ice Cube has some really good lines aimed at him. One of the best disses ever. DOPE!

5. Murder By #’s(Skatter Man & Snug Brim Feat Ricky Skarfo)

What the hell is this doing on here? This was later put on Urban Legendz, I wrote a review for this a while back and I listened to the track more so this is going to be totally different. Skatter’s verse is easily the best as he tells a great story. Snug has a good verse. Skarfo has a decent verse. Good

6. Drama(Prodigy Feat Twin)

Nice guitarish style beat here but Prodigy sucks anyway and Twin is worse. Average

7. Real Muthaph****in’ G’s(Eazy E Feat BG Knoccout & Dre’sta)

I think this song is really overrated, I think the beat is classic and Dre’sta’s verse is good but the rest just doesn’t do it for me. Good

8. Caution(Black Child)

This track isn’t bad, in fact it’s quite good. I have no clue who the first 2 guys are since it never mentions them. Great beat here. Good

9. When The Rain Drops(Kutt Calhoun Feat Snug Brim)

Slow starting, I mean really slow but once it kicks in it’s a pretty dope track. Kutt is overlooked and Snug actually spits a rapid style verse(!). Good

10. That’s It(KRS One Feat Mad Lion)

Another horrible KRS track, I just don’t care about this song, there is nothing good about this. The beat is horrible. Wack

11. Postman(Poverty)

Who? This track may have the worst starting ever. Horrible chorus, who the hell is this guy? This is horrible. Wack

12. Now I See(MC Shan)

I like Shan but this track is terrible, and the beginning is an automatic skip. Wack

13. Snake Ya(Tech N9ne Feat Big Krizz Kaliko)

Nice Arabian type beat here. Tech’s first verse is crazy here as he goes into about 3 different styles here. I like the chorus here, it’s a little silly but it gets the job done. Krizz with a pretty good verse. Tech finishes it off with a very dope verse. DOPE!

14. Let’s Go(It’s A Movement)(Warren G Feat KRS One & LiL Ai)

Decent track, KRS & Warren do their verses well but this LiL Ai person is horrible, has to be one of the worst flows and verses I have ever heard. Average

15. Witness Protection(Jayo Felony)

YYYYEEEAAA!!!!! This track has a wicked weird beat, Jayo’s chorus is great but a little awkward. This track is crazy. DOPE!

16. Day I Die(Tru-Life)

Tru-Life is some guy who beefed with Mobb Deep, the bonus DVD explains it better and it’s a great segment, but this is not great, in fact this is horrible. Wack

17. F*** The Police(N.W.A.)

I don’t have to explain this track, you all know it and it’s a classic. DOPE!

All in all this gets a Good rating, the concept here is good but they ruined it by putting weak tracks and tracks that have nothing to do with beefing. Cop it if you don’t own any of these classic tracks, oh yea the Tech tracks are great as well so be sure to atleast peep it.

VA – Grit City Volume One

VA - Grit City Volume One1. Step Up

This is a great way to open the album. This song has a real hip-hop feel to it. The beat is on some real hip-hop shit, the lyrics are also on some real hip-hop shit. This track is really good. 8/10

2. Beverly Davis 

On this cut, Swann Notty talks about meeting a girl and all that. He really puts a picture in your mind, which makes you enjoy the track even more. Even though he is talking about a girl, this in no way is a “pop love song”, this still has a good hip-hop feel to it. Real good shit. 8/10

3. The Professional 

This one is not as good as the first 2 songs on this CD, but it is still a good song. The lyrics are on point, delivery is on point, nice track. The chorus on this might remind you of a DJ Premier chorus, cause of how the way it’s parts from different songs mixed together and scratched. 7/10

4. Sunshine Days 

The beat on this is fresh. In a way reminds of a Kanye West beat how it samples and old track and the voice is sped up and put together on the beat. The lyrics on this are about as tight as the lyrics on the other songs. The lyrics on this song mostly reflect the struggle these rappers went through, in a way this is a deep dong. Tight song. 8/10

5. Niggas Don’t Know 

This one is on some soulful hip-hop stuff. Beat is nice, lyrics are nice. This is probably one of the tightest songs from this CD. Definitely worth checking. 8.5/10

6. Who’s Who

This sounds like a jazzy hip-hop song. It’s really nice to relax to, just chill you know. The delivery on this is not as good as the delivery of the other MC’s on this CD, for some reason, it sounds like Soul Supreme goes off beat from time to time. Going off beat doesn’t take away the fact that the lyrics are tight, but if the delivery was more on point, this track would have been better. 6.5/10

7. What Would U Do? 

This song features T-Max, the beat on this is well put together. Nice instruments played on this, well put together. The lyrics on this is kind of like a story type rhyme, T-Max basically talks about a scenario, and at the end of it, he asks you “What Would U Do”. Real tight, something you don’t really hear these days in hip-hop. Great song. 8/10

8. Still Spittin’ (RMX)

This song features the legend himself, KRS-One. KRS-One comes off tight on this. This one also features Akbar, L D Headtoucha, Illin’ P, Supastition and An Ion. I have to say the MC who came off the best is Illin’ P. His verse was really nice. But all the MC’s on this dropped hot stuff. This is definitely one of the best songs on this CD. 9/10

9. Bizzy To The Letter 

This one is different. The beat is not that good really, you can’t really hear the kicks on this. I can’t say I’m feeling this track. The only thing that saves this song is the lyrics, if the beat was better, it would have been way better. 5/10

10. 17 Emcees 

This one is good, it is not the best but it is still good. Not everyone is going to like this one, it really depends on your style. I myself can’t say I love this song but I can listen to it, it is not the wackest song out there, it is not that wack, it just isn’t my style, that’s all. 6.5/10

11. Story Of The Warrior 

This song is really nice. The beat for some reason reminds me some Chinese stuff. The lyrics flow nice, goes well with the beat. This song is definitely one worth checking out. 7.5/10

12. Ghetto Fabulous

This one is really nice. I love the beat on this one, it is slow but it is really nice. The lyrics are tight as hell on this. I really love this one, another one of the best songs on this. 8.5/10

13. Shine It On ‘Em

This track is dope. I’m feeling this one, the beat reminds me of something, I can’t really remember what it reminds me of but I’m sure I heard a beat like this before. The lyrics are nice, really on point. 8/10

14. 9’s Revisited 

I like this one. The beat in a way reminds me of a live jazz song. The piano on this one is kind of wack though, I think if the piano on this was taken off this song would have been great. But the rhymes on this are tight. Real hip-hop in my opinion, dope shit. This song is nice but the piano gets annoying after a while. 7.5/10

15. Ma$$ Rise

This is another nice one. I’m really feeling this one. Beat is nice, rhymes are nice, dope ass shit. One of the songs you definitely need to peep from this CD. 9/10

16. Take Time Out 

This is another one of the different type songs. This is better than the other Ra Degrees song on this CD, I got to say this one is better. Still not the best but better. This is a cool song. 7/10


Overall this CD is really nice. This is better than most of the rap CD’s coming out today. This CD contains some really fresh talent, this just shows you some of the best talent is underground. This is a CD definitely worth looking out for. I say this one is worth buying, real good CD.

Final Rating: 3.65/5

VA – Eastern Conference All-Stars 3

VA - Eastern Conference All-Stars 3The album cover is a drawing of an EC team member throwing a punch on a red carpet entrance, the back cover shows the cat that got clocked. It’s always a good thing if the cover already implies violence, that way I know I won’t have to deal with 16 songs about how some guy can’t get his girl to perform fellatio on him. It’s doper than the Volume 2 cover but not as dope as the one for Vol. 1

booklet: 6 shermheads out of 10 

The booklet is pretty cool: there’s pictures of the artists, a couple of lyrics to verses probably written by Mighty Mi’s mentally challenged little niece going by the spelling errors. You also get all the production credits which is alright I guess, but what’s really lacking is…well the lack of the nekkid *****es, no beaver shots in this booklet.

songs: 8 Rasheed Wallaces out of 10


Tame as it ever was – Tame 1

the original Brick City kid does his aggressive rhyming routine over a solid J-Zone beat with a lot of movie and rap samples scratched in the hook. Overall a pretty decent cut, about as good as you’d expect from a Zone and Tame collaboration.

Won’t stop – Copywrite 

Punchlines, punchlines, punchlines…it’s Copy so what did you expect? RJD2 laces him with a keyboard driven backdrop with some Premier like flavor on the chorus. Simplistic but highly effective…”plus your girl looks like a great *****! but that’s only from the face down and the waist up”…vintage shit.

5 left in the clip – Weathermen 

They might just be the most dominant crew in the underground and they showcase why on this track. The beat is centered around a heavy bass drum and a nice little vocal sample. Every member comes off nicely but Breezy Brewin takes the cake with a nice multi-syllable rhyme scheme and lines like “we weather whatever men, y’all wether or not to continue living given you’ll never have sex…with women”

Rumble – High & Mighty 

A standard High & Mighty track, with some strings thrown in the mix giving the track a little operetic feel. All in all it’s a by the numbers track for Mi and Eon. Nothing special bout it

Bart Burnt vs. Sherm Penn – Smut Peddlers 

Mr. Eon once again takes on his Bart Burn persona while Cage plays the part of Sherm Penn. Like the prequal the track deals with how dro can ***** you up. Cage gets props for the “…woke up in Canada stuck eh?” line. If you’re a pothead you’ll probably relate to the track. Above average.

Special Ladies – Cage

The track kicks off with a gully Andrew Dice Clay sample before Cage commences to spitting over a bassline that’s remeniscent of the one on Agent Orange. The song deals with the shady doings of CAgE! and his sexual conquests within the handicapped demographic. The track also reps the once great site. Killer track.

Brawl – RA the Ruggedman

Okay, the beat by J-Zone is great albeit predictable and RA comes correct but the problem is RA’s rhymed this white trash jibberish about 20 times already. If you’ve never heard of RA this is as great an introduction as you can possibly get, if you’re aware of his steelo then it’s still enjoyable for the cartoonish zone beat.

Not all there – High & Mighty

High & Mighty fair better their second time out. The track simply bumps and features some witty insights on post 9/11 behaviour alongside some entertaining braggadocia.

Nighthawks – Nighthawks 

The songs starts out with some dialogue from the movie with the same name starring Billy Dee Williams and Sylvester Stallone. Cage and Camu Tao rap about the lifestyle of NYPD’s most infamous over a track that takes you back to the seventies. Why don’t more rappers rhyme about crooked cops in first person? Good shit.

Talk like sex pt. II (original mix) – Smut Peddlers and Kool G Rap

It’s got a more polished production edge to it which makes it less dope than the remix on Porn Again. The lyrics are the same, it’s still a dope cut, not as dope as the remix (which oddly enough was released first) but it’ll do.

Dreamz – Tame 1 

Tame Weezy covers the same turf Big Daddy Kane did on Vol. II, rhyming about how life would be if everything was just perfect. The vocal sample on the hook brings it all together. Great feelgood track, “while you were influenced by the underground I was on the ground under the influence”.

Jeah – Copywrite 

Mighty Mi laces Copy with a nice beat on some melancholic type shit. Copy sticks to the script and spits some more punchlines. The hook is once again on some shades of DJ Premier vibe.

Gut you – Weathermen 

The beat is pretty pedestrian and doesn’t allow the featured weathermen to shine like they should. It’s still a dope track but nowhere near as good as 5 left in the clip. Lots of violent threats though, that’s a good thing.

Ballad of worms – Cage

I don’t say it often but…classic. This joint is a flat-out classic. The strings, the guitar flourishes, the great vocal sample and Cage’s heartfelt ballad. Supposedly this shit was about the state of hip-hop, personally I don’t hear it but regardless it’s an outstanding track.

And 1 – High & Mighty

Eon rhymes about his favorite subject, basketball fanticism. Taking it back to the golden era of the NBA to the current league. The beat has a ‘blaxploitation on speed’ feel to it. Good showing.

Last hit (original mix) – High & Mighty and Eminem 

Again, the version of the song released earlier on Home Field Advantage is better than this one. The lyrics also stay the same but taken on it’s own terms it’s still a dope track. Eminem shows why he was considered one of the underground’s finest back in the day with a great punchline orientated rhyme. A couple of internet references are just icing on the cake.


bottom line: If you haven’t copped this joint by now you probably never will but it’s a solid compilation front to back that showcased EC’s championship potential back in the days of old. It might just be the best installment of the series so far and will definitely hold you down during those hour long drives. If this is the first time you’ve heard about the album you already slept on it so wake up dunny

Ruff Ryders – Ryde or Die Volume 1

Ruff Ryders - Ryde or Die Volume 1Artist(s): Ruff Ryders
Title: Ryde or Die Volume 1
Label: Ruff Ryders/Interscope
Year: 1999

1. Ryde or Die (Lox, DMX, Drag-On, Eve) 

Really tight song. True banger. Everyone is great. Drag-On’s verse is especially good. LOX, DMX and Eve come off nicely. The production by Swizz is awesome. Im not sure but I think this was the first single from the album.

2. Down Bottom (Drag-On, Juvenile) 

Swizz comes with another banger. The beat just makes you nod your head. The opening verse by Drag is fire. Juvenile’s verse is pretty good too. The chorus is ridiculously catchy.

” Do ya’ll niggas bust ya guns? (Hell ya we bust our guns), Do you ***** em til they *****? (Hell yeah we make them *****)…..”

3. What You Want (Eve) 

Eve’s turn to shine. Eve definently came correct lyrically but that production isn’t that great. Swizz kind of switched up his style and he made the beat sound spanish a little bit.

4. Jigga My Nigga (Jay Z) 

Another great song. All of Jay’s verses are fire. The production is on point. The hook gets a little annoying after a while though.

” From the crack tables back in AC, back on the block, Jay Z mother*****er from the the the Roc, went solo on that ass, but it’s still the same, Brooklyn be the spot where i serve them thangs”

5. Takin $ (skit) 

6. Dope Money (LOX) 

The beat here from the start hits you hard. It sets the stage perfectly for the LOX. The LOX are basically spitting about the streets are everything that happens in them.

7. Im A Ruff Ryder (Parle) 

Parle is an R&B group. I don’t like R&B too much but this song is nice. The beat is a little slow so it can take a while to get used to it because of the previous songs. Parle are great here. It’s a shame that they never got a chance to put an album out.

8. Bug Out (DMX) 

Easily one of the weakest tracks on the album. And yes it is the DMX solo. The beat is horrible. Damn, what was Swizz thinking? X is decent but the beat makes it difficult to listen to the song.

9. Kiss Of Death (Jadakiss) 

Nice beat here. Jadakiss spits mostly thug stuff and he throws in some nice punchilnes. His flow is good too. Tight song.

10. The Hood (Drag-On, Beanie Siegal, Mysonne, Infa-Red, Jadakiss, NuChild) 

Nice lineup here. Beanie starts off the song with a really good verse. Drag and jadakiss came with dope verses too. Mysonne and NuChild are nothing special.

11. Platinum Plus (Jermaine Dupri, Mase, Cross) 

Judging from the title you would think the song would be all bling bling. And you’re right. Production is nice but overall lyrically the song is bad. Cross is seriously a joke.

12. Buff Ryder (skit) 

13. Do That Shit (Eve) 

Another solo track from Eve. The production is good but after a while it gets a little repetitive. Damn, Eve has definently surprised me on the album. All of her verses have been really good. This song is no exception.

14. Pina Colada (Sheek, Big Pun) 

I hate the chrous it’s pretty stupid. Sheek and Pun spits hot verses though. Especially Sheek. Most of the album he’s been outshined by the LOX. Production is good but nothing too great.

15. Some X Shit (DMX) 

This is a huge improvement from Bug Out. The beat is just hot! X is really tight too. Not much more to say. Just a dope track.


Overall: 3.5/5. The best out of the 3 volume Ruff Ryder compilation series. If you like DMX or most of the Ruff Ryders i suggest picking up the album. It’s a solid compilation.

VA – Bones Soundtrack

VA - Bones Soundtrack1. Intro 

2. Legend of Jimmy Bones (RBX, Snoop and MC Ren)

Fredreck drops a tight dark beat for this one. RBX spits some pretty wack stuff but Snoop and MC Ren come very tight. Especially Ren. Good way to start the album.

3. Lost Angels In The Sky (Kokane and the Lost Angels)

Battlecat’s production on this one is the highlight. Straight Wesct Coast. The rapping is pretty average though.

4. Ballad of Jimmy Bones (Latoiya Williams)

Sooopafly provides a good mellow beat for this one. Latoiya Williams does pretty well on this track. Her voice is very nice.

5. Dogg Named (Snoop and Tray Dee) 

Mel-Man provides a dope, thundering beat for this one. Snoop comes tight with his verses and Tray Dee does well on the chorus

6. This Is My Life (Kedrick and C.P.O)

Another R&B track. The production is nice with a middle-eastern feel to it. Kedrick is amazing on this song. His voice is really smooth. The track would have been perfect but C.P.O’s vrse kind of messes up the song.

7. It’s Jimmy (Roscoe and kurupt)

Frdwreck comes tight once again with the production. Kurupt mostly rap’s on the song, and does a good job, but his younger bro Roscoe outshines him. Roscoe ends the song with a 30 secong verse that is short but blazing.

8. Raise up (Kokane)

Kokane flat out sucks. His voice is horrible and he does terrible on this song. His attempts to be funny in the song are just plain stupid. It’s a shame Fredwreck wasted such a tight beat on this crap.

9. These Drugs (D-12)

Im not a big fan of D-12 but this song is just dope. Eminem gives us a dark beat for an hilarious song. Bizarre, who ususal sucks comes tight on this one. His verse is pretty funny.

10. Death of Snow White (Snoop, Bad azz, Chan and Coniyac)

The beat sounds more like a Battlecat beat but it’s produced by Fransisco Rodriguez. The chrous is really ctachy. Bad azz does surprisingly well on this one.

11. If You Came Here to Party (Snoop, Eastsidaz and Kola)

This track is pure funk. Warren G comes up with a banger. Everone on this song comes really tight. Snoop is singing on this one, and at first i didn’t really like it but he’s actually pretty good at it.

12. ***** wit us (Kurupt, Tray Dee and Xzibit)

This sounds like something that come straight out of a nintendo video game. It’s still damn tight though. Fredwreck is always trying new things. The rapping is very solid too. Xzibit and Tray Dee come off really good on this one.

13. Jimmy’s Revenge (Snoop and Soopafly)

More of a laid back track here. Once again snoop is singing but it’s all good. Soopafly does well too.

14. Be Thankful (William Devaughn)

This is a nice R&B track too. William Devaugn does a good job wit his verses. This is not as good as the other R&b tracks but it’s still nice.

15. ***** It Less (***** That)

Ah back to the hardcore shit. I’ve never heard of ***** That but these guys spit fire. One of the guys kind of sounds like redman. The beat is nuts too. I loves the use of the violins. Something a little different.

16. Gangsta Wit it (Butch Cassidy, Snoop and Nate Dogg)

Battlecat serves up yet another solid beat. Butch cassidy steals the show on this one. His verse is amazing. Nate comes good on the chorus and Snoop does weel wit his verse too.

17. Memories (Cypress Hill)

This track is pretty average. The beat is pretty simple and the Lyrics are just boring. The track kind of a filler.

18. Endo

Just instrumentals


Final Rating: 4/5.

Bones is a solid West Coast Compilation. Definently a worthy purchase.

VA – Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack

Va - Rhyme & Reason SoundtrackThis Rhyme & Reason soundtrack was released back in -97 and I was bumping it heavily for a while there. It’s not 2003 and I’m gonna try to do a fair review of it.


1. Mack 10 & Doggpound – Nothin’ but the cavi hit

The soundtrack starts of with a track done by a legendary west coast group mixed with one third of another legendary west coast group. Daz Dillinger’s producing and mixing the track, and if you’re a Daz fan, you’ll hear this. Mack 10’s coming out hard and even tho the Kurupt parts sounds lazy everyone’s doing their fair square on this track. A very good way to start off the album.

2. Busta Rhymes & A Tribe Called Quest – Wild hot

A Tribe Called Quest and Busta Rhymes is the first East Coast contribution to this soundtrack. The first thing on my mind when hearing this is how Busta changed his style. This is the style that got him famous and this is the style he should stick with. The beat is kind of dark, and it’s a tight track overall.

3. Eight Ball & MJG – Reason for rhyme

œReason for rhyme  is a Dirty South contribution for the album. Eight Ball and MJG. The beat is kind of slow but both rappers are giving it lil hype, making your pulse go up. If you ask me, it’s a very western influenced production.

4. Ras Kass, Helta Skeltah & Canibus – Uni-4-Orm

Ras Kass, Helta Skeltah and Canibus on a track will mean a lyrical orgy with blazing metaphors and tight flow. This is no exception. Unfortunately they’re doing it over a beat not fitted for doing so.

5. Crucial Conflict – Bogus Mayn

œBogus Mayn  from Crucial Conflict is a nice track with a tight rapper over an arcade kind of beat. The hook’s very catchy, and the baseline is really cool. Overall an above average track.

6. E-40 – Every year

We all know E-40 is a West Coast legend. On this track right here he’s showing his original flow and style over a really nice, slow beat. I like it! The track is enjoyable and the hook’s perfect for it too.

7. The RZA – Tragedy

Okay. First thing I have to say here is… this track is a classic! I don’t know how many times I’ve been bumping this at home, at parties, when playing basketball or whatever. RZA is coming out super-tight over a very tight beat with an extremely tight hook. There’s no need to write more about this. It’s very extremely super-tight!

8. MC Eiht – Represent

Many consider West Coast artist MC Eiht a legend, and he’s done a lot of tight tracks in my opinion. However, this is not one of them. The production’s wack, make’s me feel bad for MC Eiht who had to rap over this.

9. Lost Boyz – N*ggaz don’t want it

If you ask me, Lost Boyz is a legendary group. I’m a huge fan of them and Freakie Tah is in my opinion one of the worst losses in the rap game. He was giving the tracks that little extra to make them tight. This track is not one of the best Lost Boyz tracks I’ve heard… It’s actually one of the worst I’ve heard. It can’t be easy being a rapper when you get beats like these to rap over.

10. KRS-ONE – Bring is back

Krs, you’re tight and all, but how about making a track about something new? ANYTHING but how raps from New York or how it’s so unfair how you don’t go multi platinum. I still like KRS-One, tho, and this track is a good one.

11. Master P – Is there a heaven 4 a gangsta?

This track made a lot of people notice Master P. It’s a nice track and if you’re a No Limit fan but didn’t hear this track, you should. UUUGHH

12. Volume 10 – Liquor store run

I’m sure there was something different to put on the album than this. It’s a quite wack track with a below-average rapper. I guess the executive producers found the hook catchy, cuz that’s all there is.

13. Guru, Kai:Bee & Lil’ Dap – The way it iz

This is another of those classic tracks! Guru on the production really did it this time! The beat is tight and the fluit is completing this masterpiece! That’s not all there is. The flow’s amazing from all rappers and the lyrics are tight down to the last word. This is an absolute classic!

14. Nyoo & DeCoca – Buisness first

Classic track œThe way it iz  is followed by a funky cut by Nyoo and DeCoca called œBuisness first . I really like the beat and as for the rapping part, it’s good too. Very nice, funky, track.

15. Delinquent Habits – No identity

This cut is a bump friendly, head moving’ song with club-friendly gangsta style and a nice hook. It’d be a nice way to finish of the album, if there weren’t any bonus tracks.

BONUS TRACK: Mack 10 & Doggpound – Nothin’ but the cavi hit (remix)

This bonus track is a remix of the first cut of the album “ œNothin’ but a cavi hit . It’s basically the same track with some mixing changes. I used to like the original better, but now I’m having a hard time changing my mind about it, so I bump both.


Rhyme & Reason is a soundtrack, and soundtracks usually have a few tight tracks, a few wack tracks and a few average tracks. This one had a few classic tracks, a few not so good tracks and then some above average tracks.
The album is also a personal classic, so for me personally it’s a 5 out of 5 grade. However, if I was forced to pretend I didn’t hear it before I’d grade it: 4 out of 5.

VA/Death Row – Too gangsta for radio

61i-fPFzkRL._SL500_AA300_This Death Row compilation was arranged by Keita Rock when Suge Knight was still in prison. Since Snoop made the radio stations ignore Death Row it’s called “Too gangsta for radio”. The album didn’t sell to well but it was highly anticipated by the die hard Death Row fans.

1. Intro
A funny intro about Snoop waking up in the middle of the night, making his girl call the pen to see if Suge is still there.

2. 2pac – Friends
This song was supposed to be on the Makaveli album by Tupac, but they couldn’t make the sound clean. Or atleast that’s what the rumour says. Fact is that this is a very tight track. I’ve heard the original and it’s a lot like that, so Big Hutch didn’t change much when he reproduced this. Big ups to him since this is a dope production. QDIII produced the original.

3. Crooked I feat. Treach & Scarface – Gangsta Rap
Tight track. Crooked I’s first released track on Death Row/Tha Row and he’s doing a good job. Treach is good but Scarface is not exactly doing his best verse ever on this track. It’s ok tho, he’s talking about fakes. They failed to mention in the credits that that’s Kurupt on the hook.

4. C.J. Mac – I ain’t f*****’ wit cha
Tight beat on this one. C.J Mac is dissing the shit outta everyone on Aftermath. Actually this is one of my favourite tracks on the cd. It’s funny. I know that a lot of people don’t like it tho…

5. Above The Law – Everywhere we go
Very tight production. Above The Law is definitely dropping one of the better tracks on this album. The beat is tight and their verses are ok too. Don’t skip this one.

6. Tha Realest – F*** Hollywood
The intro is funny as hell. A mother’s telling her son: “What’s wrong baby?” And the son replies whispering: “I se gay people”. Just like in the 6th sense. The song as a nice, southern inspired production. Tha Realest is calling out pretty much everyone in the Hollywood, name by name, and saying they’re gay or something like that. Funny track to listen to. It’s not a big banger tho.

7. Ja Rule feat. Cadillac Tah, Black Child & Vita – Murda for life
Murder INC diss to the Doggpound. They’ve taken the “Doggpound for life” beat and made it “Murda for life”. Anyway this is an average track. The beat is good, but it’s recycled.

8. Ruff Ryders – In too deep
Worst track of the album. The beat seems to be a 4 seconds loop of some wack shit. The raps are ok, but can’t hold this track. Skip it.

9. Tha Realest, Swoop G, Twist & Lil C Style – F*** Dre
The intro to this is funny as hell. It’s showing how Dre takes care of someone who wants a deal. Tha Realest, Swoop G and Twist are doing one good verse each, and Twist is good at the chorus. But Lil C Style is just wack on this track. I know some who think he’s doing the best verse on this track but definitely not in my opinion. It’s a tight track tho. It’s dissing Snoop, Dre, NWA, Eminem, Hittman etc.

10. 2pac – Thug nature
Very tight 2pac track. One of the best reproduced 2pac tracks. J. Valentine on ths hook is doing a good job too. Death Row did a very good job picking 2pac tracks to put on this album. They were both bangers!

11. Crooked I – Death Rizzo
Crooked I’s first solo track on Death Row. This track has a super-tight beat and Crooked’s doing his thing proving why some now call him the best in the west.

12. Swoop G feat. Keita Rock & Juice – Projects
Swoop G is a good rapper no doubt. When he was doing this his mind block’d so Keita Rock wrote him a verse. Swoop G didn’t think it would be right for him to rap Keita Rock’s verse so he asked him to do it himself, and he did. The result’s ok, and that was enough for Keita Rock to start working on his own album. Juice’s doing a good job on this one too.

13. K-9 – Gangsta’d out
This track starts out with an Eminem diss. It’s a KKK leader saying their newest member is Marshal Matters… The song itself is NOT a diss record tho, except maybe a lil bit. At one point he’s saying “Makaveli your ridaz are scared to ride”. Rumor is that this is the track K-9 got signed for and after dropping it, Death Row dropped him. It’s a tight party song and nice production.

14. Dre’sta – Give it up for Compton
Eazy E’s old homeboy is givin it up for Compton. Tight production and Dre’sta’s definately got authority to speak on rap today.

15. Mac-Shawn – Real type gangsta
Mac-Shawn’s rapping about how Snoop stole his style. “Always spittin my game, but never mention my name”. An interesting fact is also that Mac-Shawn got a big Death Row tattoo covering his back. That must feel weird now that he’s not on Death Row anymore…

16. G.P. – The coff
G.P sounds kinda like DMX or Ja Rule, but he’s 10 times harder! The beat on this track is kinda weird but if you give it a chance, you’ll probably like it. This track made me go to G.P.’s site and hear snippits from his album. They sounded tight so I ordered his album and I’ll post up a review of that later on.

17. The Relativez feat Nuttz – This is the thanks you get
This is a direct reply to Dre saying “We started this gangsta shit, is this the mother*****in thanks we get?” and go on dissing some other west coast artists. The production of this song is cool and the verses are ok.

18. Dre’sta feat. Young Hoggs – Too gangsta
Dre’sta is givin it up for Death Row – there’s something you wont hear every day. This track has realy tight production and a catchy hook. One of the better tracks of the cd!

19. Outro
You are now allowed to go back to your mainstream pop shit.

This album was very very slept on. The album got tight production except for a few exceptions, and most artists are skilled rappers, too. Both 2pac tracks are above the standard of the reproduced 2pac songs from Amaru/DeathRow/Interscope and upcoming star Crooked I made his name know a little bit more than it was before. A funny note is also that he’s the only rapper from this compilation still on Death Row/Tha Row. This is a typical example of that pop rappers are taking over and real gangsta rap like this don’t sell anymore unless it’s got a lot of promotion. This album had none. I give this album 4 out of 5 stars.