Yukmouth – United Ghetto Of America Vol. 2

Yukmouth - United Ghetto Of America Vol. 21. Intro(Feat J-Flo)

An intro on a compilation? Well it’s funny atleast.

2. Kill Em off(Feat Gonzoe, Tech N9ne, & Big Krizz Kaliko)

YES! Nice opera type beat, picture Regime Mobstaz here. Gonzoe starts it off with a good verse but nothing memorable. Tech N9ne with the VERSE OF THE YEAR!!! I’m calling it here, and also a great intro to Tech’s rapping. Tech just rips it here going through atleast 3 different types of flows. Chorus is good, Krizz’s singing is kept to a minimum which is good, I like Krizz but sometimes his singing is just all over the place. Yukmouth with a good verse but his starting is awful. Great track. Good

3. Kalifornia G’z(Feat E-40, Crooked I, & Nat’e)

I assume Nat’e is the girl singing the chorus. Nice bouncy beat here, this can be a crossover track, it doesn’t have that usual Bay sound, it has a So-Cal vibe to it. I dig the chorus, it’s catchy and isn’t overwhelming towards the listener. Crooked I with a pretty dope verse, why Tha Row wasted him is beyond me. Yukmouth with a good verse but he sounds awkward here, still dope stuff. Good

4. We Just Wanna Thug(Feat NORE & D-Don)

Well if anyone can kill a song it’s NORE and he does just that. This track is awful, with a beat so generic that it can be sold next to the Sam’s Choice Cola. D-Don with a horrible verse, this guy’s the drizzling shits. Skip this track. Train Wreck

5. I Love Dro(Feat Bun-B & Nat’e)

Stupid chorus but the track is great. It has that 1998 Rap A Lot sound to it, with the smooth Devin type vibe here. Yukmouth starts it off with the basics on a smoking track. Yukmouth with a second verse(?) on here which is a little odd. Bun B with the next verse and he outshines Yuk, Bun B is easily one of the best Southern lyricist of all time. Good

6. Don’t Be Scared(Silver Back Guerillaz)

No Yuk on here. This has a grimey Eastcoast vibe to it, dope stuff here. I can’t tell these guys apart so I’ll just say it’s a good track. Good

7. Spin & Chop(Feat Dru Down, Nate Da Nut, & Kieu)

Just so you know whenever I put “Feat” that means Yuk is on the song, he’s on every song except “Don’t Be Scared” & “Suga Daddy”, just clearing it up. This track is sloppy with a weird spastic annoying beat. Yuk with a decent verse. Dru Down with a decent verse. Nate Da Nut with a good verse. The chorus and beat drag this down alot, in fact this is pretty wack. Wack

8. What’s Beef(Feat Luni Coleone, I-Rocc, & Monstah Ganjah)

I like this track, well sort of, the problem is the squeeking robotic sounds in the beat, very annoying. This track hurts my ears, with Luni yelling over the track and this squeeking crap. Luni with a good verse, I-Rocc with a good verse, Ganjah with a dope verse, and Yuk finishes it with the best verse. I want to give this a good rating, they tried but the squeeking ruined everything. Average

9. American Me(Feat Chino Nino, C-Bo, & Young Noble)

This track is insane with a slow starting and then a rough beat kicks in with Chino Nino ripping the first verse. C-Bo with a good verse, wow he really shocked me on here in fact this is one of his best verses. Yukmouth then rips it with a great verse, this track is crazy. Noble finishes it with a good verse. Great stuff here. Good

10. Suga Daddy(Ms Toi, Nyce, & Numskull)

Odd line up. Ms Toi with a boring first verse. Numskull sounds drunk off his ass here which is either sad or hilarious, man this guy has fell off with him slurring and tripping over his words. Nyce with a boring verse. Blah! Crap be gone from my ears! Wack

11. The Side Show(Feat Richie Rich, C-Bo, & Nat’e)

I can see why this was left off “In Thugz We Trust”. This is a little too bouncy and the chorus is all over the place. C-Bo with a good verse. Yukmouth with the best verse. Richie Rich with an awkward verse, his flow sounds awful over this beat and he couldn’t adjust to the different style of it. Average

12. Top Shotta(Feat Gangsta Girl & Brando)

Arabian type beat, think Neptunes here. Yukmouth with a good verse, the thing I like about Yuk is that he can adjust to any kind of style no matter how odd the beat is. Horrible chorus here as some guy is yelling babbling nonsense. Gangsta Girl with a horrible verse, these people suck at Reggae. Yukmouth finishes it with a pretty good verse, he is carrying this track. Good

13. Skit(Feat D Of The Menace Clan)

A skit? On a compilation? Unreal, but it’s decent as D spits a pretty dope flow over the phone.

14. Regime Mob(Feat Chino Nino, Amp-Pachino, & Nate Da Nut)

This song lacks direction as none of these guys except Yuk are in the Regime. This song is pretty bad as the guy rapping the second verse is the drizzling shits talking about rocking “boobies” to sleep(Huh?). Horrible chorus, this is a cluster*****. Yukmouth has a good verse though. Wack

15. Stunt 211(Feat Domination & Bang Em Smurf)

This song is hilarious as they make fun of Stunt 101. This is a Lloyd Banks diss(For the most part) and they spit some hilarious lines here(“Ray Charles can see *****es only want you for your money” & “Young Buck he just happy he got white gold teeth”). Yukmouth with a good verse as well. Everyone from 50 Cent to Game get dissed here but Banks gets it the worst. Good

16. On The Block(Feat Jacka, LiL Cyco, & Benjilino)

Not a big fan of the beat, it’s pretty basic and boring. Benjilino sings a decent hook but man is this beat boring. Yukmouth starts it off with a pretty good verse. Jacka(!) with a really good verse. LiL Cyco with a pretty good verse, nice flow. Average

17. Wet Dreamz(Yukmouth)

The only Yukmouth solo and it’s about a wet dream, amazing…Anyway this track sucks, as Yuk talks about women he wants to have sex with, don’t care. Wack

18. Heat(Feat Planet Asia & Monstah Ganjah)

DOPE! This track is straight Hip Hop here. Planet Asia with a great verse. Ganjah with another great verse, this track is flawless. Yukmouth outshines both of them as he spits an insane verse. Great chorus on here as well. DOPE!

19. Get Stupid Go Dumb(Feat Mac Dre, & Sauce)

Weird beat but it’s dope as it has a goofy bouncy beat mixed with a Halloween sounding piano beat. Sauce with a good verse. Yukmouth with a great verse, this is probably his most thugged out verse on the whole cd. Mac Dre sounds so awkward on this track, like a kid lost in a mall. Good

20. United Ghetto’s Of America Part 2(Feat The Realest, C-Bo, Dru Down, 151, Spice 1, Eastwood, & Roscoe)

Insane line up here. This track has a dope piano beat. Realest starts it off with a decent verse, he doesn’t sound too much like Pac on here. C-Bo with a pretty good verse. Dru Down raps fast on here(!) well fast in Dru Down terms. 151 with a really good verse, this is insane there is no other word to describe it. There is no chorus here, just straight spitting. Spice 1 spits a verse that sounds like something he’d spit in 1994(!), really dope stuff here. Eastwood with a really good verse as well. Roscoe with an insane verse that shows how slept on he is. Yukmouth finishes it with an insane verse. Oh man this was just dopeness! Easily the best track on the album, everyone stepped up their game. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating. Pretty dope compilation, this was totally different than Vol 1 which is good. Some awful tracks but some really good tracks, Most def cop it if you’re a Bay fan & a Regime fan, ah hell cop it if you’re just a fan of music because people like Yukmouth who are working their asses off making this dope music need to be supported.

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