Spooks – S.I.O.S.O.S Vol 1: The Hijacking

Spooks - S.I.O.S.O.S Vol 1: The HijackingBefore hearing this album I have only heard track 3, “Things I’ve seen” before, and it was really tight so I’m hoping this album will be something special. The group has a great female singer named Ming Xia and 4 male MC’s.

1. Other script

The album’s starting off with a song with weird production. It’s ok but I’m sure a lot of people doesn’t agree with me on that. The Spook’s doing a good job flowing over it tho and the chorus is kinda catchy. The outro’s wack.

2. The mission

Nice and different production on this one. Xia’s doing a great job with the hook… However, the others are wack and I could probably go to the mall right now and find someone who’d do it better.

3. Things I’ve seen

“Things I’ve seen” was the first single and a major reason this album sold units. The production is tight and Xia’s making it a great commercial success. The other MC’s doing decent verses and I really like this song. However, I think the single version is different production wise. This one’s way to low and I was disappointed with it.

4. They don’t know

What the hell is this?! I’m sure someone’s worked very hard to produce this song, but it’s wack! The lyrics are decent but that won’t help this track. Skip this!

5. I got U

Again, very different production than what we as rap fans are used to. This one’s pretty decent tho. To bad the track as a whole is wack.

6. Flesh not bone

This is more like it! I’m actually enjoying the production on this song from time to time. To be more exact, I like it when the guitar’s in the picture. The beats are also kinda cool tho. Again, Xia’s doing her part very well.

7. Sweet revenge

Wow! I had lost faith in finding really tight tracks on this album, but this one made me change my mind! It’s a very tight production and the lyrics are really cool too! I’m impressed!

8. Deep cutz

Damn. I was hoping for a tight followup to “Sweet revenge” but instead I get this… a pathetic attempt to try to make it look like an old Ice Cube song. This aint even close. Wack.

9. Karma hotel

Xia’s starting off this track, and there’s no denial in that she has a beautiful voice. Unfortunately she’s not doing the entire song, instead the other’s coming in. They’re doing a decent job on this cut, but I’d rather hear Xia throughout the entire song. She IS doing a good job on the chorus tho. It’s worth listening to.

10. Safe house

Cool beat on this track but that’s all. Even Xia’s wack on this one.

11. Something fresh

This track’s based on some 80’s rock thing. It’s quite neat… Especially when the chorus’s cutting in. You might not like this one, but I do.

12. Swindley’s Maracas

One of the better tracks on this cd… Not that that would tell you something. It’s average. Xia’s once again doing a great job and she should go for a solo career. I especially enjoy the guitar.

13. ***** blood

This has got to be one of the worst tracks ever made. Skip it!

14. Murder

They probably couldn’t come up with a worse way to finish off the album. Wack!

Throughout this album it had different production. It sounded kind of like a mixture of Rap, Jazz, Reggae and Soul.
I’m gonna be honest with you and go right to the point: This album sucks! The average track on this album is some wack shit who should never have been released. However, some tracks like “Things I’ve seen”, “Flesh not bone” and “Sweet revenge” was actually quite tight. If you would remove those 3 tracks, this album would get 1. Now I’m forced to atleast up it to 1.5.