Outsidaz – Night Life

Outsidaz - Night Life1. Don’t Look Now

Nice fast paced track, the beat(Produced by Ski) sounds like something you’d hear on “Matlock”, nice detective type sound. Pacewon & Young Zee shine on this track as they trade witty lines back and forth. Great track to start off the album. Good

2. The Rah Rah

DOPE!!! This is a Pacewon solo track and features some really different production by Ski, it has an Arabian type feel to it and has a hard bounce bass line mixed in. Pace flows perfectly over this track, his rugged flow matches the beat and the end result is some great music. This was their single to the album, and it was a perfect single in my opinion. DOPE!

3. F**k Y’all Niggaz(Feat Rah Digga)

Rah Digga is basically a part of the Outsidaz so I don’t know why she was billed as a feature but then again I can sort of understand why she was(If that makes sense). Nice bouncy beat here, it’s hard hitting has a hint of catchiness to it. Young Zee & Rah Digga are on this track, it’s like a man vs woman type thing. Great track. Good

4. Rush Ya Clique(Feat Eminem)

DOPE!!!! Yes Eminem was at one time a part of the Outsidaz clique. Nice beat here, it has an old school type feel but yet is mixed with a newer sound, it’s hard to describe. Everyone comes tight on this track, Eminem has a semi weird verse but it’s pretty good. Great track. DOPE!

5. Money, Money, Money

Has a powwow type sound to it, with electric guitars mixed in, really good beat here. Track is about keeping….money(Of course), all the Outsidaz members shine here. Great track. Good

6. It’s Goin Down

Sort of bouncy type beat here, it’s a little sloppy. Zee shines here though, man Young Zee is overlooked, the guy could’ve been huge but was mis-used. Pacewon(Another overlooked rapper) does a good job on this track as well. Good track. Good

7. Night Life

Has an epic type feel to it, nice Eminem voice samples mixed in(“Spaced out like Dr. Octagon”). Everyone comes tight on this track, man Outsidaz were a great group with Newark with a ton of chemistry, I can’t believe how mis-used they were. Anyway great track. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating. From Newark New Jersey, the Outz were a group who should be heard, they have so many good tracks. Cop this EP and support real Hip Hop!

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