Necro – Brutality Part 1

Necro - Brutality Part 11. I’m Your Idol(Necro) 

Really dark beat here by Necro, it’s really good as well. This is one of my favorite Necro songs, it’s not that fruity type of rap, this is really angry rap and I love every minute of it. DOPE!

2. Dopesick(Goretex Feat Necro) 

Necro produces a good beat, it’s hard to describe, it has a slow kick to it. Necro helps on the chorus with Goretex. Goretex just shines on this track, I think he’s one of the most underrated rappers out. Great track! Good

3. Reign In Blood(Ill Bill & Necro) 

DOPE!!!!! This track is really amazing. Hard beat by Necro, it’s just heavy and hits harder than an old school Tyson fight. Ill Bill starts it off with an amazing verse, then Necro gives his best verse EVER!!!! Necro raps about being a killer cyborg that will not die, just an amazing verse. The chorus is great, Ill Bill is severly overlooked. Ill Bill has the third verse then Necro has the 4th verse. Simply amazing, you have to hear this track. DOPE!

4. Street Veteran(Mr. Hyde & Necro) 

Not the best track, good beat by Necro, nice piano beat mixed with horns. Hyde sounds a lot different on this track, he has improved greatly. Decent track. Good(Hyde tried and Necro did a good job)

5. Swordfish(Ill Bill) 

Nice beat by Necro, it has a nice Italian feel to it. Ill Bill rips the track. Great track as Ill Bill raps about conspiracies. Good

6. Anguish & Agression(Necro) 

Nice bouncy sinister piano beat by Necro. Nice Necro voice samples for the chorus. Necro raps about the usual here but does it in a way that it sounds dope. Good

7. The Big Sleep(Goretex) 

Pretty good beat by Necro, I can’t really describe it, you’re going to have to hear the track to get a sense of it. Goretex rips it as usual, some great lines here. Great track. Good

8. White Slavery(Ill Bill & Necro) 

This track is straight evil! Great dark piano beat by Necro. Necro does a great chorus. This track is about kidnapping women and no one finding them. Ill Bill starts it off with a very morbid and disturbing verse, if you listen to weak music then you’ll probably get offended by this verse and track in general. Necro with the second verse with a really good verse. Great track! Good

9. S*****bags(Goretex & Necro) 

DOPE! Great beat by Necro, it’s got an eerie feel to it. Necro does the chorus here and it’s one of the best choruses I have ever heard. Goretex & Necro rap about….well S*****bags and even include Uncle Howie, his girlfriend, fat people, and themselves. You need to hear this track! DOPE!

10. Frank Zito(Necro & Ill Bill) 

Dark beat by Necro, it hits hard. Necro starts it off with a pretty good verse, then Ill Bill has the second verse, Bill rips it and even mentions GG Allin(For you Punk fans out there). Good track! Good

11. Our Life(Necro & Ill Bill) 

A softer track here, great piano beat by Necro. Necro starts it off with a really good verse, then Ill Bill has the next verse and it’s easily the best on the track. Chorus is done by Ill Bill and it’s really good. You need to his this track! DOPE!

12. Morbid S**t(Necro) 

A funky pimp type beat by Necro, good little track as Necro raps about the usual. Good

13. Every Second Someone Dies(Necro) 

Great dark violin type beat by Necro, there’s even a saxophone thrown in there. This is Death Rap at its finest. Necro raps about…well death. Good track. Good

14. Fire(Necro) 

A sex track by Necro, nice bouncy beat. Necro raps about….well sex of course. Nice chorus as some girl sings it. Good stuff. Good

15. Talking S**t(Necro) 

Decent track, not my favorite or anything but it gets the job done. Pretty funny ending as Necro starts laughing really high, hilarious! Good

16. Watch Ya Toes(Necro) 

Really sleazy sounding beat here, this is Roseanne theme song sleazy, like walking downtown Las Vegas at 3 in the morning sleazy. Pretty good track though, I dig the chorus. Good

17. The Big Sleep(Remix)(Goretex) 

Just a remix to the original track, not as good as the original but good enough. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. The best compilation I have ever heard, there were no bad songs and no average tracks, everything was on point. Psycho Logical remain the best group in Hip Hop. BUY IT!

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