K-Rino – Fear No Evil

K-Rino - Fear No EvilArtist: K-Rino
Title: “Fear No Evil”
Year Released: 2005


1. Somethin’ On My Mind (Ft. Kim Broussard)

Track starts off with K-Rino doing a short intro, a pretty good beat, K-Rino comes with some tight lyrics, Kim Broussard does the hook its decent, K-Rino spits three verses all are real tight, good start to the album

2. Fear No Evil (Ft. Hawk, Lil’ Flea, Point Blank)

Starts with K-Rino just some talking, good beat on this song, Hawk start out with the first verse that’s pretty good, K-Rino does the hook good hook, K-Rino does the second verse the and he comes with the best verse on the track, tight verse, Point Blank is next to flow and comes with a hard verse, Lil’ Flea is the last to flow and he comes with a tight verse I like it but its’ no where close to K-Rino’s verse, track ends with K-Rino giving some shout outs, Another good track overall

3. Negativity (Ft. Texas Tech)

Tight beat, K-Rino starts off with the Hook good hook on this song, K-Rino start with a tight verse, “Id Rather brag about my brain then a hundred thousand dollar chain” K-Rino spits another verse and its better than the first one great lyrics on this track, K-Rino comes back for a third verse and comes with another great verse, Texas Tech does some talking at the end. Great song overall

4. The More I Try (Ft. Klondike Kat) 

K-Rino does some talking, then the beat kicks in tight beat, and K-Rino start flowing some more tight lyrics, K-Rino rap about some hard times, Klondike Kat does the hook, it’s pretty good, Klondike Kat spits second and has a good verse, K-Rino spits another verse, some more good lyrics from K, another good track

5. Ya’ll Can’t 

K-Rino start by shouting out all of the SPC, but he does it in rhyme form pretty cool, Then K-Rino start off with a tight verse “We got new technology I’ll e-mail you a ass whoopin, He comes with a battle rap type verse, tight beat, K-Rino does the hook pretty good, K-Rino spits some more verse and comes with some real tight lyrics, “Knocked up your girl and left her perm bent, the baby came out of her head so that tells you where the sperm went, gives a few more shout out and the end, overall one of my favorite on the album

6. Don’t Know Why (Ft. Poiz’n) 

Starts off with a skit between K-Rino & Poiz’n, alright beat on this track, K-Rino & Poiz’n trade verses back a forth throughout the song, K-Rino does the hook it’s horrible and he tries to sing, not feeling this song at all except the K-Rino verses, Skip this one

7. Signz Of Hate (Ft. Devin, Trae, Top Dog) 

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