Daz Dillinger – Gangsta Crunk

Daz Dillinger - Gangsta Crunk1. Intro (Tenna Key)(Feat LiL Larry)


2. Now Dat’s Gangsta

There’s nothing “gangsta” about this track. terrible Casio-like beat here, it’s got a heavy Southern feel, but really it’s awful. Daz spouts out “NOW DAT’S GANGSTA” like it’s his new catchphrase. Wow we’re off to a bad start. Wack

3. It All Goes Down (Skit)


4. We Mean Bizniz

Eerie type beat here mixed with some Southern crunk, it’s not bad but you can tell Daz has really turned into a terrible rapper. His flow here is sloppy and consists of yelling and over exaggerating words. Eh, this is just average nonsense. Average

5. Put’n It Down (Skit)

Skit. Why the hell is there another skit after just 1 track?

6. We Goin’ Sho U

Drum heavy beat here, it’s not that good. This is the same guy that brought you Dogg Food, and he’s churning out this crap? What the hell? Man this is awful. Wack

7. I’m Lookin For Dat Gangsta *****

What a song title. This is a mixture of coasts here(beat wise). You have the Southern claps and the Westcoast bounce. It’s ok but it’s really played out. Daz adds nothing to the track flow wise. This is awful. Wack

8. Can I Bounce Dat

This started off ok with a semi soothing beat, but once it all kicked in, then that’s where it all went wrong. You don’t mix a soothing beat with a heavy Southern one, it just doesn’t work. Daz brings the cliche’s here as he just wants to “Bounce dat”. Do I care? No, no I really don’t. Crap, be gone from my ears. Train Wreck

9. Bigg O’butt

“BIG BUTT!!!! BIG BUTT!!!!” Wow this is just awful. As a matter of fact, it’s worse than awful, it’s super atrocious. Terrible Casio beat here. Daz yells some lyrics, I fall asleep. Train Wreck

10. Tow Up From Tha Flo’ Up(Feat Mz. Maya)

Who really cares about the guest? Why does he even bother to have guests on this turd of an album? Mz Maya sounds terrible here, she’s even worse than Daz. The beat is just unoriginal garbage. This will be playing on a repeated loop in hell. Train Wreck

11. Run Up & Get Dun Up(Feat Bigg Baby)

I’m already sick of this album. Daz tries to be like DJ Paul & Juicy J, but it falls flat. Those guys still have talent, Daz. Bigg Baby adds nothing to the track, then again with a name like “Bigg Baby” I knew he was going to make the track even worse. This is awful. Train Wreck

12. It’s Tyme To Ride On ’em(Feat Yo Gotti)

Decent piano beat here, probably the ebst track on the album(Which isn’t saying much). Yo Gotti is decent here. Average

13. A License To Kill

Note to Daz: You can’t sing, so stop trying to. Terrible way to end the album here, Daz has really just became a joke. Train Wreck


All in all this gets a Train Wreck rating. Wow was this awful. I’m a fan of Daz’s old work, but man has he fell off. This was a pathetic attempt at appealing to the Southern audience and really it didn’t work. This could make a good frisbee, but then again why would you pay $13.99 for a frisbee?

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