2pac – Loyal To The Game

2pac - Loyal To The GameThis is the mainly Eminem produced album.

1. Soldier like me Featuring Eminem (Produced by Eminem) 

This track starts with 2pac talking. Then 2pac says guess who’s back. It’s a good start to the album. I’m not a big fan of the beat it’s a classic Eminem beat and not that good. 2pac is good on this track and brings it back a little. Eminems chorus doesn’t really go though. (3-5)

2. The uppercut Featuring EDI and Noble of The Outlawz (Produced by Eminem) 

In contrast I love the beat on this one. Eminem has done a really good job. 2pac is dope as usual and spits a catchy chorus. EDI and Noble aint on Pacs level with there performances but there still good (4.5-5)

3. Out on Bail (Produced By Eminem) 

At the start of this song 2pacs talking bout how he’s glad to be out of prison. Then he says “drop that shit em”. The beat on this one has an annoying computer generated thing I can’t explain. But 2pac is good on this one it aint his best but its still good. (3-5)

4. Ghetto Gospel Featuring Elton John (Produced by Eminem) 

I actually like the beat on this song. I don’t really like Pac on this song I don’t know why but. When I first heard this I fought it was a woman singing the chorus then I read the credits. (2.5-5)

5. Black cotton Featuring Eminem, kastro and Noble (Produced by Eminem) 

This song has one of the best Eminem beats I have ever heard. Pac spits some amazing shit on this song. Eminem does the chorus and it’s actually good and suits the song perfectly. Kastro spits some dope shit as well as Noble. I can’t complain bout this track. (5-5)

6. Loyal to the game Featuring G Unit (Produced by Eminem) 

All I can say is there’s some irony in the title. Any way the beat on this is another gem Eminem can produce people have to realise. Pacs verse is dope. 50s on the chorus (what a surprise) but he actually does it well! Young bucks verse is a bit meh. But Lloyd Banks is actually good on this song. G Unit didn’t ***** the song that much. (3.5-5)

7. Thugs Get lonely too Featuring Nate Dogg (Produced by Eminem) 

The beat sounds like a Dre beat to me. It’s good. 2pac is spitting dope shit as usual bout how he don’t wanna leave his girl at home. Nates aiight on the chorus not the best he’s done but okay. (3.5-5)

8. N.I.G.G.A Featuring Jadakiss (Produced by Eminem) (Never Ignorant about Getting Goals Accomplished) 

This beat is kinda dark but suits the song. Pac is on some ***** everyone shit but its good. The chorus is good. Jadakiss Spits some dope shit (“Niggas is like photographers all they take is head shots”). (4.5-5)

9. Who Do You Love? (Produced by Eminem) 

The start of the song makes me think of Pac sitting in a chair talking to himself and building up and up till he gets pause then just starts spitting some dope shit. Pacs rapping bout even though I got all these things wrong with me. Are you still down. (4-5)

10. Crooked Nigga Too (Produced by Eminem) 

This song Builds up to a dope as ***** beat its kinda fast. But keeps up with it this is the fastest ive heard Pac rap and he is dope. He’s rapping bout how much of a gansta he is. This is my favourite song on the album Pac is the meaning of dope on this song and the beat is dope. Dope! (5-5)

11. Don’t You Trust Me Featuring Dido (Produced by Eminem) 

This Beat reminds me of Stan But in a Good way it’s slow but really good. Complete With strings and everything. Didos Chorus is Good It suits the song perfectly. Pac spits some dope shit bout a Girl that don’t trust him (“I wanna Hold you tightly But instead you wanna fight me”) It’s a really good song its like a chill song. (4.5-5)

12. Hennessey Featuring Obie Trice (Produced by Eminem) 

This beat is like a drinking/party beat and is dope. 2pac is dope in this. And Obie and Pac you wouldn’t think it but they go on the chorus it sounds like they actually worked together. Obies Verse is good. At the end he says (“Im on a track with Pac Nigga”) it was probably his dream and props to shady for making it happen

13. Thug 4 Life (Produced by Eminem) 

I don’t like the beat on this it’s just too much. And Pac Aint that good either it’s just not a good track (2-5)

14. Po Nigga Blues Featuring Ron Isley (produced By Scott Storch) 

Scott Storch has produced a good laid back beat and Pac rides it well. His Lyrics are good Song (4-5)

15. Hennessey Featuring Edi and Sleepy Brown (Produced by Red Spyda) 

This I prefer this beat it’s got a soul fell to it. But Pac sound as good on it. Sleepy Brown is good on the chorus. Edi sucks on this song. (2-5)

16. Crooked Nigga Too (Produced by Raphael Saadiq) 

This Beat is completely different to Eminems but works and the chorus is better. But Pac aint as fast passed so Pac was obviously sped up on Eminems but I prefer that. But it don’t mean this aint good (4-5)

17. Loyal to the game Featuring Big Skye (produced by DJ Quik) 

The beat is dope. But Pac Don’t Go with it sounds like they asked DJ Quik to do a beat and he pick one at random off the shelf. Big Skye is dope on this though and he brings the dong back a little. (3.5-5)

This album was better than i thought itd be. I like Most of Eminems production on this album. so it gets a 3.5 rating.

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