Cypress Hill – Black Sunday

Cypress Hill - Black SundayAlright Cypress Hill has made themselves famous by talking about getting stoned. about 70% of their songs are about it. I picked up this album a very long time ago when i only just about heard of them being a beginner in rap. They were the first famous latino Hip-hoppers. this was their second album.


1. I Wanna Get high 

To begin with this song reminds me of sirens you hear in movies when enemy intercepts the enemy place. The drums and nice bass hits and makes this quite a nice quite slow beat. Then B-real delivers a very simple yet catchy hook.The first thing you notice is his voice is very nasal and unique compared to anyone else. He flows well but it aint that hard for a beat like that but thats not a bad thing tho. If you havent guessed what it is about yet put down the Cd!

2. I ain’t going out ike that 

I feel the intro is way to long but after a while the beat hits you. Made of a drum loop, nice bass and some screeching type of thing, It’s great and originality. They flows really well to a uptempo beat. Again the hook is really catchy, Like the last one if you haven’t guessed what the lyrics are about then put this Cd down!

3. Insane in the brain 

This is their most famous song ever, i think everyone intrested in hip hop has heard it. To begin with it has some latino dude saying something which made me smile. The beat, like most of these songs are new sounding due to the latino involement,near the end it changes a little. The hook is catchy as hell but cna be seen as annoying. They flow really well. The lyrics are what i believe them going crazy over cops taking their stuff.

4. When the shit goes down 

This track has a real cam and mellow. This is B-real by himself, The hook is alright on this one.B-real flows well. The lyrics are really about how ‘loco’ they are you better always be ready.

5.Lick a shot 

This is great. to begin with we hear a really nice bass and skreiking type of effect,but then this very uptempo drum loop is added and makes this even better. B-real flows very well . No hook really. Again the title really gives away the topic.

6. ***** the hammer 

A nicely produced track again. The Bass and the drums fitted nicely together what catches my ears on this track. The track is really quite simple. The 1st verse isnt really flowed that well. He does take an approach at saying how he going to sort out his enemy like his weed. Then this bloke comes up and brings a smile to my face. Then B-real starts and spits some better stuff and flows much better and a punchline which brings a smile “up in that ass like a dildo”

7. Lockdown 

Some sort of interlude thing. Nice beat.

8. 3 Lil’ Puto 

The bass is more quite is on this one but the drums are very cool which gets me listening. The beat is pretty simple. the lyrics are pretty good and B-real flows nice but the last verse is what really makes me appericiate him.

9. Legalize 

Some sort of skit and you can tell whats it about,

10. Hits from the bong 

As you can see by the name it is obvoius what this song is about. The beat is a really mellow track with one of the most simplist drums I’ve ever heard with a sample of Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man” as the backdrop. Flows well and like most of the hooks on this album very catchy yet simple.

11. What comes around goes around, kid 

Like most of Cypress hill’s songs the titles are obvious what the song entitles.The beat i havent really got much to say but it is good. There is sampling from their song How i could kill a man. Flows well. The hook is simple but yet it is addictive and catchy.

12. A to the K 

The hook starts this and very simple but very catchy. I like the bass alot on this. The drums are simple and some weird thing being played in the background. Flows well. The title is a big clue what is involves in this song.

13. Hand on the glock. 

The title gives this away like 90% of the song titles of this album. The beat is hard to explain but it keeps upto the standards. Flows well. I dont think there is a hook.

14. Break ’em off some. 

I dont know what is about this beat but it is similiar to another song i’ve heard before. I like the piano i think they are(very quiet version i got) in the background.Flows well. The title gives this away. This is a great way to finish of the album.


Overall this album gets a 5/5

This is a great album. There is no beats below a 4 and lyrically this is great. It also gets the full 5 as they opened up alot of things for people to expand with. The beats brang up a new sub-genre of Hip-hop. The voices are new and pretty cool. Cypress hill still remain one of my favourite groups in hip-hop.

Recommendation: BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!

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