Celly Cel – Killa Kali

Celly Cel - Killa Kali1. Round 2(Intro)

Great intro here, I can’t rate this because it’s not much of a song, it’s basically Celly talking over a really dope beat.

2. What U Niggaz Thought

DOPE!!!!! This is one of Celly’s best tracks ever. The beat is abrasive yet it has a hint of smooth mixed in. The chorus is sung by Kevin Gardner and it’s a classic chorus. Celly Cel rips this track. DOPE!

3. 4 Tha Skrilla(Feat B-Legit & E-40)

Another classic track, all 3 come tight and just have great chemistry together, see this is the Bay I like. Celly was the most overlooked rapper in the Bay, probably still is, I feel he never got his props when he was on Sick Wid It. Classic track that needs to be heard. DOPE!

4. It’s Goin Down

If you haven’t heard this song then you are not a rap fan. Classic beat by Tone Capone. Slower pace here which is dope. I dig the chorus with the girl singing it adds to the track. One of Celly’s best tracks. DOPE!

5. Can’t Tell Me Shit

K-LOU!!!! produces the beat and it’s great(Of course). Starts off slow then the beat just kicks in. Celly Cel raps about the past. Really good track. Good

6. Tha Bullet

K-Lou with another great beat. I dig the voice effects here. Celly Cel plays the part of the bullet on this song, great concept here. Classic track! DOPE!

7. Red Rum(Feat Spice 1)

DOPE!!!!! If you want to hear chemistry then peep this track and listen to these 2 rip the track and feed off each other. This was back when Spice 1 could actually rap. K-Lou produces a classic beat. Great chorus here. Flawless track. DOPE!

8. Skanlezz Call(Skit)


9. Skanlezz Azz Bytchez

Good track but I feel it’s not as good as the others. Celly Cel comes pretty tight on here though and the beat is good albeit sloppy. Good

10. Remember Where You Came From

Another classic track! This is a more relaxing track and it really needs to be heard. Good message on this song as well. Kevin Gardner sings on the chorus which is dope and is mixed in with Celly’s vocals. Flawless track. DOPE!

11. Killa Kali

Great beginning here as Celly plays the part of a news anchor and talks about the violence in California, then the beat kicks in and you’re drawn to the track. Celly rips the track here with some dope lyrics. I dig the chorus as Celly channels Spice 1. Great track. DOPE!

12. Playerizm

This is the only average track on the album. Celly tries but the beat is way too slow. Average

13. Funk Season

BEST CELLY CEL TRACK EVER!!!! Quite possibly the greatest Bay track ever. K-Lou produces a classic beat here. The sound effects for the chorus are just great and add a certain something to the track. Celly rips it here, with some really powerful lyrics. You have to hear this track! DOPE!


All in all this gets a DOPE! rating. GET THIS ALBUM NOW! Seriously you have to own this album, any fan of rap MUST OWN THIS! Celly Cel shines here. COP IT!

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