Magic – White Eyes

Magic - White Eyes1. Intro

Oh wow an intro? Why must you spoil us?

2. War

Magic talks about having an organization built on him which is such an asinine comment. Magic tries to sing but ends up flopping, he’s probably singing to a box of jelly donuts. Really weak track with a laughable “War” type beat. Train Wreck

3. Hustler

I like the beat, it’s nothing great but it’s better than the last track. Magic sounds like he took Valium, do I care if you’re trying to make it big? Why should the listener care? Well they don’t because no one actually bought this album anyway. Average(I liked the beat)

4. What U Gonna Do

The beat sounds like it’s from some D-grade French movie. What am I gonna do? Skip this awful track of course. Train Wreck

5. Creepers

This album is so uninspired. Magic shouts out Mac which is cool but then the song kicks in which isn’t cool. Wack

6. I’ll Be There

A “love” song with a very cheap sounding beat. The girl singing is terrible. This track is very sloppy and has zero direction. Train Wreck

7. What Up Then

What is up with the beat? Did someone take Crystal Meth and decide to play with a Casio? This beat is rough and not in a good way. Magic is well….Magic on here, nothing great but a whole lotta horrid. Train Wreck

8. Shake A Little Something

Ok so this is basically Oooohweee, same beat and everything but with some idiot singing the chorus horribly and Magic is on the track and manage’s to bring the grade down even lower. Wow I can see why this album flopped. Train Wreck

9. Fire

Ok so now we have a rip off Neptunes beat, what an uninspired track with a terrible chorus. The beginning will make you change the track. Train Wreck

10. Good Life

Beat is like a bastardized Salsa type beat with a really terrible sing song chorus. I really feel sorry for the people who actually bought this….oh wait NO ONE BOUGHT THIS! Train Wreck

11. What

Ugh this isn’t the single that I heard, well I use the word single loosely here. Where’s the tractor? Where’s the straight jacket? Oh wait those were actually entertaining, Magic without funny visuals isn’t, unless you look at the Thuggin album cover. Train Wreck

12. With You

All these tracks are the same, exactly the same crap on EVERY TRACK! Skip this crap. Train Wreck

13. Friday

SAME TRACK! Magic tells all these people to call other people which is insanely stupid and a babbling mess, I was waiting for him to say “Cornelle go call Pizza Hut & get me a large supreme”. Train Wreck

14. Ball Like Us

Why is Magic trying to be a Cash Money artist? The funny thing about this track is that after this awful album was released, Magic got dropped and quickly fell off the radar. Terrible track. Train Wreck

15. Never Slippin

Magic mentions Ross Perot which is so *****ing random and surreal. You have a laughable techno type beat here and Magic sucking the life out of everything he touches. Train Wreck

16. Smoke On

This could blow anyone’s buzz. Magic is now trying to be Snoop as he has some Kokane-lite singer on the track. Weak. Train Wreck

17. Forgive Us

I guess this is supposed to be a “Spiritual” track which is funny because he just did a weed track and several women tracks. This track is such phoney dribble. Horrible way to end an album. Train Wreck

18. Outro

Ah wait we have to have an OUTRO to end this crap.


All in all this is a TRAIN WRECK!!!! Worst album ever? Yes without a doubt. This was such a poorly done “album” with songs that offer nothing to the listener. This album is a joke. White Eyes? What a *****ing farce this is.

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