Jaylib – Champion Sound

Jaylib - Champion Sound1. L.A. To Detroit


2. McNasty Filth(Feat Frank N Dank)

Madlib produces the beat and it’s really good. Just in case you don’t know who Jaylib are, they are Madlib & J Dilla. Dilla & Frank N Dank rap on this and they all come tight. Good track. Good

3. Nowadayz

Dilla produces the beat and it sounds like a Madlib beat, nice and weird. Madlib raps on this track and he comes tight, this is about women and how they can be greedy. Dope track. Good

4. Champion Sound

Madlib produced the beat and Dilla raps on this track. I find this track to be boring, the beat is average at best and Dilla just isn’t a great rapper. Average

5. The Red

Dilla produced the beat here(Sense a pattern?) and it’s pretty good, it has some nice singing samples in it. Madlib raps on this track(Again do you sense a pattern here?) and he comes tight giving props to Pete Rock here, even Quasimoto makes a very short cameo. Good track. Good

6. Heavy

Nice beat by Madlib, very bass heavy and low. Dilla comes tight on this track. Good stuff. Good

7. Raw Sh–t(Feat Talib Kweli)

Kweli & Madlib together over a Dilla beat? Interesting! Madlib outshines Kweli here. Kweli annoys me on this track, good enough. Good

8. The Official

DOPE! One of the best Madlib beats I have ever heard, it fits Dilla perfectly, great but short track as a weird skit kicks in towards the end, that doesn’t ruin the track. DOPE!

9. The Heist

Dilla produces a decent beat, it’s nothing great or anything but it gets the job done. Madlib does a good job carrying the track, even Quasimoto makes a short cameo. Good

10. The Mission

Not a good beat by Madlib, the beat is way too loud and an annoying high pitch kicks in and ruins everything, plus Dilla’s vocals are too low. Weak track. Wack

11. React(Feat Quasimoto)

DOPE!!!! Dilla produces a party type beat here. Quas on a party track? Well sort of as the beat is party-ish, the lyrics are somewhere else. Quasimoto starts with a great verse, I dig the Quas character it’s sheer genius and The Unseen is my all time fav album next to Ice T’s “OG”. Back to the track as Quas & Madlib trade lines for the second part. Madlib has the third part of the song. Quasimoto!!!! with the fourth part of the track. Great track! DOPE!

12. Strapped(Feat Guilty Simpson)

So so Madlib beat, it just sounds average. Dilla comes decent on this track. Average

13. Strip Club

Dilla produces a pretty dope beat, it has Caribbean flavor to it. Quasimoto makes an appearance on this track. Track is about….of course strip clubs, it’s pretty tight as well. Good

14. The Exclusive(Feat Percee P)

Ok so this ruin’s the pattern as Dilla produces it. Percee P is pretty dope. Short little track to showcase Percee P’s skills. Good

15. Survival Test

Nice Arabian type vibe here(Produced by Madlib). Dilla is decent on this track. Good enough. Good

16. Starz

Beat is produced by Dilla and it has a nice vibe to it, some sped up Chipmunk like singing samples. Madlib comes pretty tight on this track. Good

17. No Games

Madlib produces a pretty good beat, it has a fast pace to it but then kicks into a nice smooth singing type beat. Dilla comes pretty tight. Good

18. Bonus Track 1

No name is listed here, pretty good track though as Madlib’s voice goes from 1 side to the other. Good

19. Bonus Track 2

Dilla track and it’s not that good. Wack


All in all this gets a Good rating. Stones Throw once again brings the quality, and this was a nice concept album. You had Madlib rapping over Dilla’s beats and Dilla rapping over Madlib’s beats, all in all it worked. Buy this if you’re a Stones Throw fan or just a fan of Hip Hop in general.

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