Richie Rich – Grabs, Snatches, & Takes

Richie Rich - Grabs, Snatches, & Takes1. Don’t Curl Up(Richie Rich Feat San Quinn)

Great opening track here, nice beat, it’s not the greatest but it gets the job done. San Quinn starts it off and I don’t see what’s so great about him, sure he has lyrics and a decent flow but what else? He bores me actually, he has no charisma. Richie Rich with the second verse and third verse and they are decent. Good enough. Good

2. So Cold(Richie Rich Feat Yukmouth, Mac Dre(RIP), & PSD)

Beat is terrible, they could’ve used a better beat for this. Everyone carries their load and it turns out to be a decent track because of that, but man that beat is sloppy. Good(Because of everyone’s efforts)

3. Gangster’s Talkin'(The Team)

Track is boring and has a very annoying beat. Wack

4. I Gotcha(Frontline Feat Balance)

This is like a West Coast Rocafella track, the reason to listen to the Bay is to get away from stuff like this. I want the old Bay back, the Bay where Celly Cel was ripping up tracks and making classic albums, not this “I’m so hot you can call me..” type garbage. Wack

5. D-Boy(J. Stalin)

I have no clue who J. Stalin is but he’s not that bad, nice beat as well. Good track. Good

6. Player Lady(J. Stalin)

What is up with the track name? EA SKI!!!!! produces the beat and it’s dope!!!!!! All J. Stalin has to do is sound decent and he does. Good track! Good

7. Condo Keyz(Richie Rich Feat C-Bo)

Nice track, the beat has a dark feel to it but has that Bay feel to it as well. Richie Rich starts it off and this is a beat that fits his voice, not this bouncy spasmatic crap but the slow dark beats. C-Bo with a good verse. Richie Rich with another good verse. Good

8. When Them Boyz Come(Replacement Killers)

What is with the starting with the snoring? I like the beat and the R. Killers are pretty dope. Good

9. Pop My Collar(J. Stalin)

Way too much J. Stalin on this compilation, 3 solo tracks is over saturation for a guy I’ve never heard of. Atleast he has EA SKI!!!!! do his beats, and this beat is pretty dope. Good track. Good

10. Nuthouse Freestyle(Richie Rich Feat Keak Da Sneak & Justice)

YEA!!!! This was the track I was looking forward to and it’s dope, they add some voice effects which is dope. Richie Rich with a good verse. Justice rips the track. KEAK DA SNEAK!!!!! owns this track and makes it cook him dinner. Great track. DOPE!

11. 1800(Richie Rich)

Nice way to end the album, I’ve heard better Richie Rich tracks, but this is good. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating, this album was much better than Nixon Pryor Roundtree and for a compilation it’s well done. Cop it if you’re a Richie Rich fan, and you have to listen to Nuthouse Freestyle.

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