B.G – Chopper City In The Ghetto

B.G - Chopper City In The GhettoThis is B.G`s sixth solo album, but his first album released on a mainstream level. The album contains the hit single “Bling Bling”.


1. Intro (Big Tymers)

Big Tymers are talking over a tight beat.

2. Trigga play

First track got a banging beat but the problem is that it doesn’t fit B.G his voice is to laid-back. However he still manage to make this a tight opening track.

3. Cash Money is an army

Tight beat and a good catchy hook with tight gangster lyrics is the best way to describe this track. It was also the first single off the album; don’t know why they chose this track though – the beat doesn’t have that typical club-sound. But I don’t care if it’s a single or not. The song is tight and one of the best on this album.

4. Play’n it raw feat Hot Boys

Everybody from Hot Boys (Lil Wayne. Turk, Juvenile and B.G) is dropping tight verses over the banging beat. The Hot Boys was a tight group and they’re proving it on this track.

5. With tha B.G feat Big Tymers

The beat isn’t all that, but if you can look past that, you will notice that B.G is flowing tight over it. Even the Big Tymers are dropping some good lyrics on this track. You can play this track when you drive, our while you are chilling at home.

6. Made Man feat Big Tymers

On this track B.G really showed of his skills and his tight flow. The beat fits him perfect too. Perfect track, where everything is tight.

7. Bling Bling feat Big Tymers and Hot Boys

The big hit from the album! This track got it all catchy hook with a tight beat, good performance from the features. The song is all about the “Bling Bling” And was a mayor hit for B.G. Although the song is very good, it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the album.

8. Knock out Feat Turk

This beat is tight laid back with a gangster feel to it. The way it’s changing during the hook makes it even better. B.G and Turk are dropping some tight lyrics on this track. Good track overall.

9. Real Niggaz

The beat is very good on this song, and it’s about how B.G is down for his friends and that nothing should come between them. He is really showing of his tight skills, his flow is on point and the song is good. Everybody should listen to the lyrics because it got an important message in it.

10. Dog ass feat Juvenile

Funny song. Could been a good club song and it’s got a very original beat. Don’t really fit in with the album though.

11. Cash Money roll

The beat is laid back and B.G is dropping tight lyrics. The song is about how they do it when you are rolling with Cash Money Records. You almost wish you were down with Cash Money Records after hearing this track.

12. Niggaz in trouble feat Lil Wayne & Juvenile

This is one crazy beat, it starts with some type of orchestra music and then the bass kicks in and the beat make a switch to crunk music. Anyway it works very good and they all flow tight over the beat. They manage to make it a tight track with one of the most original beats ever.

13. Thug’n

On this track, B.G is dropping one of his best lyrics ever. Mannie Fresh´s making one of his finest beats too. This song is perfect and easily the best track on the album… I recommend every one to check out this track if you never heard of B.G.

14. Hard Times

Deep track with a good message, that’s the best way do describe this track. B.G is taking us trough his childhood in this song; the track is well written and really impressed me. I hope he will do more tracks like this.

15. Uptown my home

On this track B.G is representing for his hood. He does it well over the tight, dark beat. The track is basically about how it goes down in the Uptown. Tight track.

16. Bout my paper

The piano sample that is used in this track is flawless and fits the beat perfectly. The song is about how B.G is serious about his paper and won’t let any body stop him. Good way to end the album.


Overall this is a tight album from one of my favorite rapper. This isn’t the normal Cash Money Record either. B.G is on a straight gangsta feel on this album; the beats are very tight and show a lot of variety. There is really not much that I can complain about. The only thing I can say is that they should put some tracks in better order.

I give this album 4 of 5 stars.


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