Da Brat – Limelite, Luv and Nightclubz

Da Brat - Limelite, Luv and NightclubzDa Brat was found as a young girl by Jermaine Dupri and signed to his So So Def label. When releasing “Funkadelic”, she became the first female MC to go platinum.

Da Brat hasn’t been boosted in my speakers a lot, but I’ll give this album a fair chance.


1. World Premiere feat. JD, Q Da Kid & MOP

“World Premiere” is a nice way to start the album, even tho when hearing it I’m thinking I got the clean version of this album. The damn track is censored! The beat sounds like a JD remake of the MOP track “Warriors”… Speaking of them, they’re on this song too, and I guess they’re still trying to live off of that old track in the eyes of the mainstream since they’re screaming “Warriors” on this one too. Q Da Kid is the tightest rapper on this track.

2. In love wit chu feat. Cherish

The first thing that hit me when I heard this track was that the beat sounds similar. I don’t know if ya’ll noticed it too, but this LT Hutton production sounds very similar to a certain Shade Sheist and Nate Dogg track produced by Damizza. Da Brat has got a nice flow over the beat and I can’t help but thinking about how raw she is compared to other female MC’s.

3. Ain’t got no time to waste

“Ain’t got no time to waste” is an attempt to make Da Brat make a slow jam. It’s not really working… the beat is slow and the mixed in guitar is nice, but Da Brat’s as raw as ever. I don’t mind tho, it’s still a decent track. They got a catchy hook to go with it too.

4. Got a thing for you feat. Mariah Carey

I guess it’s popular for rappers to put Mariah Carey on tracks nowadays. This time Mariah’s singing isn’t making the main act go for a duo tho, it’s more like the other way around! Da Brat’s too raw for this LT Hutton produced track.

5. Who am I

It’s obvious I got the clean version of this album… that sucks but it’s not Da Brat’s fault. On this track, Jermaine Dupri is handling the production while Da Brat once again come out raw. While this track, just like “Got a thing for you” is kind of slow, Da Brat’s coming out tighter on this one… She’s actually got an amazing flow on this one.

6. Boom

Wow! I did NOT expect this on this album! “Boom” has an up speed production and it’s perfect for Da Brat! If you still think this production is too soft for Da Brat, listen to it again. I did!

7. Got it poppin

This far, Da Brat has been having a raw and tight flow. On this track, I’d say that all changes. She’s still kind of raw, but her flow is gone. Too bad on a nice beat like this.

8. Chuch feat. Cee Lo

This track starts off with Cee Lo doing some singing in a way only Cee Lo can do it. It’s very tight and we’re all pumped up when Da Brat start spittin’. Just like I expected, she’s not disappointing anyone and as Cee Loo’s kickin’ in on the hook again, you’ll know that this track is a banger!

9. Get somebody feat. Keisha Jackson

Why are they insisting on making Da Brat doing slow jams? LT Hutton made this one too and even tho he’s a good producer they need to realize that it’s not her thing. I’ve got to say that this slow jam is better than the previous ones, tho. Da Brat’s spitting pretty deep shit and even tho Keisha Jackson is unknown to me she’s doing a very good job on the hook – it’s actually tight as *****! Don’t give up on this track after hearing the first 30 seconds – it’s one of those songs that has to grow on you.

10. I was the one feat. Anthony Hamilton

I don’t really wanna comment this, but I guess I have to… Once again Da Brat’s making a slow jam and it’s wack.

11. Gushy wushy

Finally another production with some speed and bass in it! If they had made more songs like this one this album would’ve been a lot better. Da Brat sounds “right” over fast beats like this one. She’s like a female Crooked I.

Da Brat is a good MC, but Jermaine Dupri isn’t a good Executive Producer for her.

When Da Brat gets to flow over an up tempo production she’s showing off with an amazing flow and really good lyrics, but when they’re putting her on a slow jam it just sounds wrong.

I rate this album 3 out of 5. An average album.

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