Roscoe – Philaphornia

Roscoe - PhilaphorniaYoung Roscoe “Philaphornia” was planned to be released a year ago. It was pushed back and finally released in 2003 by Priority Records. To read more about Roscoe, go to our “Upcoming Stars” section.


1. 5 Seconds

“5 Seconds” is a really nice way to start off the album since Roscoe’s showing some really nice lyrics about his journey to get this album finished over a tight beat. On top of that, he’s also letting everybody know what he’s repping. First thing you’ll hear on the album is someone saying “Y.A, Doggpound, Kurupt Young Gotti”.

2. Head to toe feat. Sleepy Brown

The video for “Head to toe” is featured on my album as a bonus thing. To be honest, they could have picked a better single. The track is nice, but this Organized Noise produced beat is way too slow to get heavy airplay on radio and at clubs, even tho it’s tight and the hook is catchy.

3. It’s that time again feat. La Toya Williams

An other kind of slow track from Roscoe. This time he’s got LaToya Williams on the hook. The track reminds me of the Kurupt track “It’s over” even tho I wouldn’t say it’s as pop-ish as that one. If you like a smooth song to bring out your stash to, this is it.

4. Get ready feat. Mr Kane

On track number 4, Roscoe’s bringing in Mr Kane on the hook, and that’s a good move. Mr Kane is really spicing this track up and even tho the production’s slow on this track too, I could see this as a single. Roscoe is, of course, doing the verses and if I may say so, he’s doing what everyone was hoping he would – living up to everyone’s expectations to be like big bro Kurupt.

5. Smooth Sailin’

“Smooth Sailin’” is a 70’s influenced track with a really smooth sound. There’s been a lot of buzz around this track and critics were right when they said it was blazin’. Just tune in to this shit, lean back, and relax as Roscoe’s showing off amazing lyrical skillz to one of the best smooth beats in a while!

6. Trouble

When listening to “Trouble” you might think Pharell produces the song, but producer J Wells, who is also working on Kurupt’s upcoming album, brings this beat right here to you. As Roscoe’s spittin’ some tight shit over it, I’m thinking about the airplay this joint could get at clubs. Don’t sleep on this one!

7. Shakedown

It’s no secret LT Hutton is a good producer, but when he’s teaming up with Roscoe things will get out of hand! Roscoe’s spittin’ like a mad man, making this joint the best track on this album this far even tho competition is hard.

8. Get flipped

How tight do you think it’d be if one of the leading rappers of the new generation rappers, and one of the leading producers of the old generation producers hooked up? Well here’s the answer. Dj Quik on the beat and Roscoe on the mic. I have to say tho… Roscoe’s not really the right rapper to spit over a DJ Quik beat. As usual Quik’s bringing the funky shit and that’s not fitting Roscoe. It’s still an okay track tho.

9. Last night

On track number nine, Roscoe’s going back on a slow production to spit some playa stuff. He’s rapping about women and how he’s a playa. The hook’s going “Scodie, why you act like you don’t know me. After all the things you told me, last night…” and is self explained. I have to say that this is a really enjoyable and laid back track.

10. Young Roscoe

“Young Roscoe” is a weird track… The production’s tight, and Roscoe’s tight, but the track isn’t all that. Not to mention the hook – it’s wack. It’s ok tho, since it’s the only track this far not to be above average.

11. What I look like

At this point, Roscoe’s just showing off with his lyrical skillz. The music is unnecessary on this track as the only thing you’ll be noticing is Roscoe spittin’ hard. He’s definitely living up to his brother’s name.

12. Get low feat. YA

“Get low” is another J Wells produced track. If J Wells came out super tight on his latest production on this album, he’s just coming out tight on “Get low”. It’s still a nice group track by Young Assassins and show of somewhat what we can expect from their upcoming group album. One thing confuses me tho… I’ve always known YA as Young Assassins, but in the credits for this album Roscoe’s thanking “YA (Young Authority)”…

Bonus track: Call shotz pt. 2

As a bonus track for this cd, they added a remix of the Kurupt hit single “Call Shotz”. Even tho this version might not be as good as the original, it’s still a nice track. Mainly Roscoe is spitting over the original beat but you can also hear Kurupt doing some rapping.


Roscoe’s debut album was long awaited, but still no big hit yet. That might be because of the choose of singles… If they’d choose one of the tracks I pointed out, I’m sure this album would sell more ;).

Roscoe’s tries to live up to his older brother Kurupt’s name. Even tho he’s sounding a lot like Kurupt, I’d say he has his own style, which is good… Kurupt needs to prove himself on his upcoming album if he wants to stay the number one star in the family.

I rate this album 4 out of 5.

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