R. Kelly & Jay-Z – Best of both worlds

R. Kelly & Jay-Z - Best of both worldsAfter making the song “Fiesta” a big hit. They decided to make the first Rap/Rnb duo-album. Well are they the “Best of both worlds”, lets find out.


1. The best of both worlds

The first track is kind of an intro for the album. Jay’s dropping heat while R Kelly’s doing some tight singing in the background. The beat is tight and it’s a good way to start the album. They should have made it longer, tho.

2. Take you home with me A.k.A body

This track is on some tight club shit. I like the beat, and the bass is hitting really hard and will make you nod your head. R. Kelly is tight on the hook and Jay is dropping a few nice verses. This track’s very similar to “Fiesta”.

3. Break up to make up

R. Kelly starts this song off with some tight singing and Jay’s spitting tight shit here too, but the track gets boring after a while. It’s an average track.

4. It ain’t personal

Jay and R Kelly go deep over a tight laid-back beat. The track is about how they came up and all the hate they get. This song is tight and in my opinion one of the best of this album.

5. The streets

Man! This is the shit. The whole album should be like this song right here. Tight banging beat and tight drops from both of them. This song is classic. Easily there best song they’ve ever done together.

6. Green light feat Beanie Sigel

The beat on “Green light” is wack. Jay and Beanie’s coming out wack too. The only good part was R Kelly’s verse. R. Kelly’s also throwing a few disses at Sisqo.

7. Naked (R Kelly solo)

R Kelly goes solo here. The track is tight, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the album. It sounds like a leftover track from “Tp2.com”.

8. Shake ya body feat Lil Kim

Another track with R.Kelly doing the main part. Kim and Jay suck on this one, and the beat is average at best. Overall it’s a wack song.

9. Somebody’s girl

“Somebody’s girl” is some playa shit. The song is good but Jay-Z and R. Kelly don’t exactly impress me here. The beat’s tight tho and it’s carrying the entire song.

10. Get this money

Finally we get a tight, banging beat. The track is on some ballin shit and I play it in my car a lot. R Kelly and Jay’s verses are ok but the hook is tight and catchy. Nice track.

11. Shorty

“Shorty” is another track on this album with a tight production. R. Kelly starts it of with a tight verse while throwing some disses at Sisqo. Jay’s doing his job. The hook is simple yet catchy. Overall a tight song.

12. Honey

This track has got an up tempo beat. I believe the track is sampled from an old school song. I can’t remember which one tho Jay-Z’s doing all the verses, and he’s doing it well. R. Kelly’s doing his thing on the hook. I’m not sure, but I think this was the first and only single from this album.

13. ***** feat Devin The Dude

Last song on the album features the underrated rapper Devin The Dude. The lyrics are funny but very true. The beat and hook is cool and it’s a good way to finish the album.


Overall, I got to say that I’m very disappointed with this album. I don’t understand how these two tight artists could make an album as weak as this one. Maybe I was expecting too much, I don’t know, but this album could and should have been much better. There are way to many club tracks and a lot of the tracks are just fillers. The rest of them just don’t fit in. R Kelly Cleary outshined Jay Z on every song, and he should have been laying more verses. The features on this album didn’t impress me either.

I would only recommend this album if you are a big fan of one or both of these artists.

I rate this album 3 of 5 stars

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