Richie Rich – Seasoned Veteran

Richie Rich - Seasoned Veteran1. Intro(Skit) 

Just the intro.

2. Funk

Nice way to start off the album. Nice beat done by Richie Rich. This isn’t a groundbreaking song or anything but it’s good. Good

3. It’s On(Feat E-40) 

Now this what I’m talking about, very dope song. Nice to see E-40 and Rich collaborate. The beat was done by DJ Daryl and it’s pretty tight. DOPE!

4. Let’s Ride

I like the beginning alot with the singing and when the beat kicks in. Ali Malik produced a banging beat. DOPE!

5. 30 Minutes(Skit)

Just a skit.

6. Real Pimp

Funny beginning as Richie Rich breaks down what a real pimp is and what a fake one is. DJ Daryl produced a nice relaxing beat. Richie Rich just rides the beat all the way through talking about being a pimp. DOPE!

7. Guess Who’s Back

Lev Berlak produced a pretty good beat, but something’s missing. All in all a good song. Good

8. Fresh Out 

Pretty tight beat, they sample “For The Love Of Money” and it works pretty well. Richie Rich raps about just getting out of jail. Good

9. Niggas Done Changed(Feat 2 Pac)

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! I love the beat by Ric Roc and Rich and Pac work well together on this track. Bay Area classic in my opinion. DOPE!

10. Pillow(Feat DeWayne Wiggins & Rame Royal)

Very very smooth track. Nice track to just kick back and relax to. Good

11. Check Em

Good beat by DJ Daryl, Richie Rich raps about checking people who play him. Good

12. Real Sh*t

Lev Berlak produces a banging beat and Richie Rich comes tight. Good

13. Questions(Feat Luniz)

My favorite track on the album. Luniz & Rich work well together and this shows it. Yukmouth just tears this track to pieces but Rich and Knum rip it as well. Man this is a perfect track. DOPE!

14. It’s Not About You 

Average track. Average

15. Do G’s Get To Go To Heaven

This is dedicated to 2 Pac and it’s done very well. I love the beat and Richie Rich comes with some dope emotional lyrics. Classic track right here. DOPE!

16. Touch Myself(Remix)(Feat T-Boz)

Pretty tight track, but I could do without Jermaine Dupri talking on the track. Good

All in all I’ll give this album a Good rating. Buy this if you’re a fan of the bay or just a fan of rap in general. This has good beats, lyrics, and guests.

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