Blac Haze – So Much Drama

Blac Haze - So Much DramaYou probably heard the name Blac Haze before and you most likely associate the name with Tupac Shakur.
Ted Outler a.k.a. Blac Haze released his first solo album Res-Sa-Rec-Shun in 98 only two years after the passing of Tupac Shakur. You can say that Blac Haze took advantage of the Tupac media hype when he released his debut album.

I can imagine that many Tupac fans picked up Haze’s debut album just by seeing the album cover or by hearing his first single “Let me holla at cha”.
Blac Haze does not only sound like Pac he also looks a lot like Pac so you can guess what target group he concentrated he marketing to.
His second album “So much drama” hit the stores back in November 2002.

1. Intro (skit)

Blac haze kicks the album off with an 8 second intro. The only two words that were spoken in the intro was “Blac Haze” in other word a pretty cheap intro.

2. Get loose

The first real track on the album is simply a VIP Hennessey up in the club get them females track. I can’t say that I was impressed by the beat on this track. You can’t say that Blac Haze brings anything new to the table on the track. At most an average track.

3. Hustler

Blac Haze brings up the tempo on the track and raps about the hustler he is. In my opinion a much better produced track then track number 2.

4. Smoke tonight (Featuring Bibbcross and Blizzais)

I like this track a lot the beat is funky and the guest appearance by Bibbcross and Blizzais really spices up the track. The verse is dope and it’s about smoking and drinking.

5. Hoe shit (skit)

On this skit the second skit on the album is just about some talking nothing worth listening to.

6. Maybe it’s time

I love this track; the beat is more dope than 100% pure cocaine. The chick that does the hook got a really nice voice. The lyrics are about relationships and leaving your honey and moving on.

7. Straighten it out

This is a slow tempo mellow track. The beat is kind of nice but I wouldn’t exactly bump this one in the club.

8. Get dat money (Featuring Killa-fo)

Blac Haze puts it down for his hometown area code 305 Miami baby. The lyrics are like the track title says about getting dat bread or money. Overall a solid produced track.

9.D-low (Featuring Killa-fo)

Sometimes it scares me how much alike Blac Haze sounds like Tupac in certain situations. I wonder what Tupac would have thought about Blac Haze? Anyways Haze spits about keeping it on the downlow on the track.

10.The real Blac Haze (skit)

Just some talking over an answering machine

11. Can’t stand me (Featuring Randogg)

Surprisingly another well produced track from Blac Haze’s crew .Blac Haze raps about people hating on him and how they can’t stand a real pimp.

12.Tight work

I get an old-school feeling when I am listening to this track. The lyrics are about them females working and shaking that booty.

13. World full of killaz

On this track Haze sounds exactly like Tupac.The track sounds like a cheap duplicate of dear mama in other words not one of the albums highlights.Blac Haze should do his own thing and not try to copy Tupac style too much because he got skillz no doubt about that.

14. Get that fete. (Bonus track)

I don’t really get this track Haze have already done a get money track and on this track he does it again. I can’t complain about the synth beat on the track because it’s kind of tight.

I can say that I was positively surprised by this album. The only things that bothered my was the cheap skits/intros and how Haze on some tracks tries to copycat Tupac style.
Blac Hazes lyrics aren’t exactly deep but if you are looking for a party play in the club album check this one out. My verdict is 3 out of 5 stars

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