Dru Down – Can You Feel Me

Dru Down - Can You Feel Me1. Intro

2. Playa Fo Real

And we waste no time gettin to the good stuff. Flawless track, Dru basically raps about goin out and meeting women. The beat is bangin and IMO makes the song, man this track is perfect. DOPE!

3 .Baby Bubba

Saucy track, nice and funky. I love the beginning, it really makes the track. DRU DOWN!(Hey you’ll understand once you hear the song). DOPE!

4. Can You Feel Me

Sheesh it’s like I walked in a time warp, the beat is 1990 here, I mean hey it’s cool but sheesh Dru get with 1996(The year it was made) already. Average

5. Choppin It Up

Nice bouncy Bay beat. Very very dope track, this is trademark Dru Down right here. DOPE!

6. Head & Shoulders 

Hey ok so the chorus is stupid but hey it’s catchy and this song is so dope(Though it seems elementary). Dru has so much charisma it’s not even funny. DOPE!

7. Mista Busta

Too Short diss here, ok the chorus is classic and this song is a Bay classic. Nuff said aight? DOPE!

8. Hustlin Ain’t No Thang
Good track but it’s just missing something. It’s cool. Good

9. The Game

This isn’t even a song it’s just C&H talkin.

10. Breezy

OOOOOOH SAUUCCCYYYY!!!! Poppa LQ and Yukmouth(YEA!) joins Dru for this classic, man this track is smooth and has the Luniz trademarked chorus. DOPE!

11. Freaks Come Out

My fav track on this album, oh man this is smooth. The Luniz join Dru on this and they all come tight. Man oh man this may be one of my fav songs of all time atleast top 10 . DOPE!

12. Deal Went Bad

Falls flat after that great “Freaks Come Out” track. Eh. Average.

13. Underestimated

Saucy? I would say so. The chorus is simple yet classic. DOPE!

14. I’m Wondering

Ok the singin is very very bad in the beginning. Dru has the charisma to make this track an average. Average

15. Suspect One

UMMMM SAUCY? Not quite but very close. Good track. Good

16. 500 Mobsters

Man this is so not Dru, but it’s dope, I love the beat. DOPE!

17. The Mobb 

Tight posse cut, but I don’t like the chick singin. The beat is classic piano(“Ikes Mood” sample baby!). Luniz and Dru come dope as does the other guests. DOPE!

All in all I gotta give this album a DOPE! rating, it’s just too tight. You got lyrics, beats, flow, good guests, and enough Dru solo songs to make this a Bay classic. COP IT NOW FOO!

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