Naughty By Nature – IIcons

Naughty By Nature - IIcons1. IIcons

We waste no time getting into this album as they do a short intro demonstrating that NBN are IIcons. Oh yea forgot to tell you, Kay Gee left the group and is not doing beats anymore. The beat is fierce and perfect for Treach to spit venom at, the chorus is great and only Treach can do a chorus like that….well he does use “Hail Mary’s” “Come With Me” for the chorus then adds his own flavor to it. Great track. Good

2. Rock & Roll(Feat Method Man & Redman)

Well we are into song 2 and there are already guests? Blah, I like both Redman & Method Man but they aren’t needed here. Treach just outshines both using a fierce angry fast type flow, it has to be heard to be believed. Method Man gives us a lackluster verse but mentions “Kobra Kai” so he gets cool points. Typical Redman verse, humor filled with dopeness. Good

3. What You Wanna Do(Feat Pink)

Well Treach and Pink were going out around this time so it was to be expected. She really is horrid on this track, and not even Treach can carry this mess, Vinnie tries as well but doesn’t matter because Pink’s ear bleeding vocals are all over this song and when she says “Got blunts?” I just shake my head in disgust. Wack

4. Swing Swang

Alright here we go! This is what I call Feel Me Flow Part 2 but with Vinnie. Beat is a little similar, chorus is different but it really reminds me of Feel Me Flow. Treach starts it off with a great verse, just unbelievable. Vinnie with a very good verse, nice to see uncle Vinnie trying to keep up with Treach but knowing he can’t so he puts his own style to it. Oh yea the chorus is really good as well, very positive. This should’ve been the single, this could’ve been the next Feel me Flow, seriously, this song is one of their best. DOPE!

5. Rah Rah(Feat Rottin Razkalz)

Well we get some weirded out intro with some guy babbling with NBN laughing in the background. Beat is some hard Southern horn type shit. Treach starts it off and man this guy could ride a Casio beat, pretty much the only highlight, oh yea Vinnie does a great job as well. Uneventful but still a good song. Good

6. Feel’s Good(Feat 3LW)

Guilty pleasure of mine, this is one of the most catchiest songs I have ever heard and even though it gets hated on, it’s still a nice party jam and even with Treach unmotivated, he’s still better than 90% of these rappers out, what a wasted talent, to get off topic for a minute, I’m no Eminem fan but I respect him for going out and saying Treach was a huge influence to his style. Anyway the song is catchy, the chorus is catchy, what can I say? Good song. Good

7. Let Me Find Out

This track is really bitter, I mean really REALLY bitter. Gay….I mean Kay Gee diss here, Treach gets really personal here and you can honestly hear his anger and his frustration with the switch hitter Kay Gee. For those who don’t know, Kay Gee did that Next(RnB group with that Real Close single) project and basically said he was done with NBN and done with gangsta music all in all and dissed them, well Treach being a legit tough guy didn’t take it too easy. This song as well as “Real Niggaz” off Doc’s Da Name(You should peep that track not only is there a great Kay Gee diss by Treach but a Yuk diss by Scarface). Anyway this song is really good and to prove Treach rules the school he switches up flows, pure greatness. Good

8. Naughty By nature(Carl Thomas) 

A TREACH SOLO SONG! DOPE! This has that old school feel to it, with lots of horns and old beat drums and all that. Carl Thomas is worthless on the chorus but who cares? Treach of course makes this track his ***** and makes it cook him dinner! I can’t give it a DOPE! rating because of Carl Thomas and his Jafaken accent here. Good

9. NJ To LA(Feat Roaddawgs & Rottin Razkals)

Ok the beat is completely horrible, Treach carries it well but the others have no clue how to ride a beat like this. Average(For Treach)

10. Red Light(Feat Queen Latifah)

Good little track, Treach starts it off and of course rips it to pieces. Vinnie does a good job. Treach again and I can’t complain. Chorus was good, luckily Latifah didn’t rap, because that would’ve been horrid. Good

11. Ashes To Ashes(Feat Icarus & Freddie Foxxx)

Treach starts it off and has a funny line about Chris Rock’s fingers, Treach has such dope wordplay, he could be reading off his grocery list and it’d sound like a masterpiece. Icarus is your no substance punchline rapper who I do not care of. Freddie Foxxx disses Bubba Sparxxx. Wow Treach & Bumpy Knuckles on the same track? 2 *****in crazy thugs who no one would ***** with or diss. I would love a duo album from them. Good track. Good

12. What U Don’t Know

Not feeling this track, all it is is “What you don’t know” repeat 1000 times, it gets old. Wack

13. Wild Mutha*****az(feat LiL Jon & Chyna White)

Oh yea, NBN did do a song with LiL Jon and it’s a very dope song except for one thing….Chyna White, she’s just horrible, very irritating and totally messes up the flow of the song. Nice try lady, you ain’t outshining NBN and you for sure ain’t lyrically touchin Treach. Jon gets annoying but atleast you expect it and he does his usual cursing and yelling type schtick that grows on you. Good track. Good

14. Family Tree

Realest song ever! One of NBN’s best tracks. Great way to end the album. Treach gets really emotional here and the beat in the background…ah man I can’t do it justice. Vinnie does a great job as well but lets get real here, he ain’t touchin Treach but I’m glad Vinnie found his niche. Treach even gives a “***** you” to the people who claim Pac was alive, by saying he’s gonna see him in Cuba but then says “When I Moun You Till I Join You”, pure clever. Classic track. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating. Is it the best NBN album? No way, but is it solid? Yes. I’d cop this last though, just get their whole catelogue first then get this. Treach however ruled the school here, trying his best to carry these weak sounding beats, and Vinnie also tried. Kudo’s NBN, good album, please come back and make another one!

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