Method Man – Tical 0: the Prequel

Method Man - Tical 0 the PrequelThis album was released in 2004 and has had split opinions. I Decided to review this as I was on holiday when I got bored and being a big Wu fan i decided to write this review. This is Meth’s 3rd Album. He hasnt released a album in a while so this could make him or break him.


Intro (N/A)

Just a intro by RZA proberly the greatest producer ever!

The Prequel (3.5/5)

This is new from Mr Meth as usually boxed in the dark wu sound its different hearing him on top a club, rick rock produced track. It’s sounds like they have used a electronic sythenesiser and keyboards. Its not bad its not dope tho. Method shows his usual skills and clever lyrics using punchlines,wordplay etc.Beat lets this down a bit.

Say What Ft Missy Elliot (2.5/5)

I dont really like this that much but i surpose its alright.This beat sounds like a thing missy should do solo One of those jungle type of beats. This obviously is a club song. Missy delivers the hook, thats pretty simple one of those bla bla bla bla SAY WHAT bla bla bla bla Say What!. The lyrics are alright on this could be better tho.Could be worse missy could have done a verse.

What’s Happening Ft Busta Ryhmes (3.5/5)

This is the 1st single from the album so this easily gonna be mainstream aimed at. The hook is catchy.The Beat is good.Its uptempo hook with along with not so a hard baseline. Busta i’m split on him as i either hate or like him. i like him on thi. the lyrics are pretty simple due it being a mainstream aimed single.They flow really well with the beat. The lyrics are those simple ‘shake that ass yup’.

The Motto. (3/5)

This is really quite shoalin like also it’s really quite simple and only gets a little more advance when the hook is being played.Theres four piano keys playing in a loop and a even simpler baseline. The lyrics are pretty simple but to the straight the point but keep upto his standards of punchlines etc. Like most songs on this average album the hooks are really quite infectious. This song pretty simple alltogether. A Song by himself is another pro about this song.

We Some Dogs Ft Redman + Snoop(2/5) (Lyric Wise and especially for effort)

This is split on me. Topic wise and lyric wise excluding snoop’s verse this is quite dope. But beat wise this is cringe-worthy. Their lyrics (meth + Red) really quite humerous Use clever wordplay,puns,punchline all round the matter of dogs.Meth Man Drops a really quite good verse. Redman Steals the show tho with his lyrics,hilarous stuff. Then Snoop drops a really typicial verse and the only reason i believe his on it is the only reason his on this is due to the mainstream target their tying to aim at and his names got dogg in it. Also his flow doesnt work well on this track Anyway it wouldn’t be a Hip-hop album if my snoop d-o-double g didnt appear. The beat is produced by Denaun Porter.It’s like a typical g-funk beat but doesnt as denaun porter is a east coast producer work one bit. G-funk fans might enjoy this more. Then Denaun Tries to soulfully sing the hook but only adds salt to the injury and makes this song even more animated. I Remember enjoying this 1st time around but 2nd time i hated the beat and noticed it was the lyrics which ruled. Some reason i dont skip till red who is dope verse has been dropped to skip it.

The Turn (4.5)

Yes like Ghostface’s, this album has one RZA produced track and like ghost’s its one of the highlights but unlike ghost’s ghost album was dope all the way around while missing RZA.. This track is aimed at people like me the typical wu fan. Has apperance from wu member Raekwon and both come with hotlyrics with clever wordplay etc etc. I personally like Method on this with the Cd line. They flow really well. The beat is really quite dope. Nicely put together.aint sure what instruments are actually used except drums and the bells on the stick type od instrument. Then the hook is dope. Its a sample of a 70’s women signing and the beat changes keeping this intresting.

Tease Ft Chinky (3.0)

Really quite a boring topic its the women and sexual topic. The hook is chinky some r’n’b chick singing the hook which is proberly the best bit. Average lyrics. The beat is average. YAWN!!

Rodeo Ft Ludacris (4.0)

It’s one of those ‘clever’ dirty puns covering up the facts it is about *****ing type of songs.Even tho it’s one of those songs meth and luda pull this of really well. The hook is catchy and quite hilarous if i admit it as its around the topic of square dancing.Clever lyrics etc etc. While meth trys to cover up it Ludacris gets straight to the point. Luda outshines him. The beats is really quite catchy with the electronic guitari beleive it is.And the the bass and drum have been arranged nicely.A Album should have one max sexual song if they have too and this one they should have kept.

Baby Come on (1.0)

This is DIRT!!!. The beat is an annoying. It’s electonic continuing the current feeel and it uses some effect which distorts the beat into a crackling/croaking effect. I Listened to it until the chorus came on and it was some reggae/jamician singing,badly to be specific. It’s annoying, so annoyin i havent heard the rest of the song. This is the type of thing they should play to rapists and murders to admit it and then played even more to torture them. This is chinese water torture.

Who Ya Rolling Wit (2.0)

I Dont like this. Sounds like someone was playin on a computer game and stuck it up to the speakers. Then the hook rubs your face into the shit this is. Really quite energetic beat thats a good point about it. Streetlife is really annoying on the hook. the lyrics are pretty simple but he flows well.

Never Hold Back (2.0)

Again like number 11. Just the same no need writing about this.

The Show (3.0)

Alright its starting to gain standards back. The sample is really funny to begin with and the beat its self is really quite energetic and kiddish. The piano and some singing is nicely put together. No topic really so the lyrics seem standard. something keeps me from skipping tho weird shit.

Act Right (3.5)

The beat like the last few is quite unusual.The hook is alright. Something about the lyrics thati like alot. Lyrics show his usual skill’s. He raps and then after awhile the hook is played making this intresting. Not much to say except its alright.

Afterparty (5.0)

This is dope.Beat = Dope. Lyrics = Dope. Topic Dope. Appearance Dope. Getting the idea. But I’ll Breakdown the dopeness. The strings at teh start remind me of Linkin Parks Numb. Then method flows straight into. The strings beat wise is what really shines out on this track. Very soul like matching the style Ghostface who appearing on this one very good. The topic and lyrics are very good and what really shines out. Right you always hear about the party but what is there when you finish and this is what you get. A nice storytelling track where they describe a very visual experience of the carnage after a dope party. They dont take turns in dropping verses instead doing each others lines. A New + Original Idea showing meth still got it.

Crooked letter I (3.0)

They keep on dropping each other verses. Again produced by denaun porter but does better on this. The beat is the albums typicial beat. the hook sung again by denuan porter which is bad.not much to say about this one.

Riding 4 a Outro (N/A)

Jus a outro

Lets do it Ft Red (4.0)

If you have this special edition like me then you have this song and this one should have been on here instead of one of those middle songs.One of those typicial scott storch beats. Red especially flows well and does some hilarous lyrics. Got a middle east feel with those instruments.good stuff


Overall This album gets a 3.0 Maybe a 3.5

Lyric wise Meth still got it but production has came weak on this one. This is def a grower. The beats choosen I believe were chosen to reach a new audience. Also meth Wants to show his a compatiable Mc to his fans and himself. Many people can’t see past the production and sh!*ed on this album due the new and diff especially in the middle. But unlike Ghost this doesnt work well. Recommendation

Buy this album if you a Wu or a Meth fan and are expecting something new.Also if you more into this type of hip-hop.Download and sort out the ones you dislike and like if oyu have too. If you want a Meth album go out and buy tical or even buy Tical 2000 judgement day that wasnt as bad as people say.

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