Busta Rhymes – The Coming

Busta Rhymes - The Coming1. The Coming(Intro)


2. Do My Thing

DJ Scratch produces the beat and it’s good(Not great though), it has a bouncy feel to it. Busta is in his glory here as he just goes crazy on the track. pretty good stuff. Good

3. Everything Remains Raw

Easy Mo Bee produces the beat and it has a dark feel to it, really good sounding. Busta raps a lot better here than he does on his later albums, he’s motivated and has a cunning flow. Busta is overlooked as a lyricist, sure he now is just a walking and talking cartoon character, but damn the guy could rap. Good track. Good

4. Abandon Ship(Feat Rampage)

Busta produces the beat and it’s upbeat, this track is way too happy for me, it just doesn’t fit the mood of the album. Rampage is a rapper that is pretty terrible but has his moments. Busta outshines Rampage here. Ok track. Average

5. Woo Hah!!!! Got You All In Check(Feat Rampage)

DOPE!!!! This is a classic track, just a crazy track that features Busta shining. This was the track that made Busta a star. I’m sure you’ve all have heard this. DOPE!

6. It’s A Party(Feat Zhane)

Easy Mo bee produces a great party type beat. I like this track a lot, probably the best party type track I have ever heard. Busta owns it on the rap tip and Zhane rule it on the singing tip. You need to hear this track. DOPE!

7. Hot Fudge

I dig this track, it has an eerie vibe to it. Busta does a good job bringing the craziness to the track. Great track. DOPE!

8. Ill Vibe(Feat Q-Tip)

Busta tries to tell a story here and it comes off as awkward, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to hear about Busta getting constipated. Good beat by Ummah but man Busta annoys me here. Average at best. Average

9. Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad(Feat Jamal, Redman, Keith Murray, Rampage, & Lord Have Mercy)

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!!!! One of the best posse cuts ever, this tells a story and is not just a cluster*****. Jamal has the first verse and does a good job but his verse is way too long and you can tell he was running out of lyrics by the end of it. Redman outshines him and has the best verse in the song, man Redman has a dope sinister laugh here. Keith Murray has a good little verse. Rampage has a good verse, nothing great but it gets the job done. Lord Have Mercy owns it here as he has the second best verse on the track, man his flow is great here. Busta has the last verse and it’s ok, a little on the weak side. Great track all in all. Nice dark beat and it matched the verses. DOPE!

10. Still Shining

Jay Dee produces a really good beat, really relaxing but has a hint of bounce to it. Busta does a great job here as he just rides the beat like a Cadillac. I like how the beat switches up during Busta’s second verse. Really good track. DOPE!

11. Keep it Movin'(Feat Leaders of The New School)

Nice track here with Busta’s old group reuniting for one track. I like the beat(Produced by The Ummah) and everyone comes tight. Cool track. Good

12. The Finish Line

I don’t like the singing here, it just sounds really corny and out of place, but other than that the track is really good. Good

13. The End Of The World(Outro)



All in all this gets a Good rating. I like this album a lot and I think it’s Busta’s greatest. A great all around vibe. Cop this!

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