Scarface – The Fix

Scarface - The Fix1.The Fix

Intro. It got a quite nice beat with piano etc etc Just an Intro


This is great song to start the album. Scarface gives us a street 101 on the street dope dealing game. The beat is real nice. The beat is quite a funky beat in my opinion made from funky guitars, hit from trumpets and a pretty simple drum.Scarface flows incrediably well. Very great way to bring this album about a 4-5 rating

3. In Cold Blood

This album gets better. To begin with you hear this sampling or singing which is quite eerie especially done by the crackling effect of the song. The beat starts and its pretty good done by Kanye west and in my opinion this is one of his better stuff. He samples Gladys knight’s “And this is love”. The beat doesnt really sound like a typicial kanye beat. Scarface flows nice and spits about street poetry. Nice stuff a 4 to 5 stuff.

4.Guess who’s back

This is done by Kanye and is more easy to regonize it as a kanye beat. Hard to explain but image his normal stuff. The beat is nice tho.Jay-z begins and it is hard to analyse the lyrics because this is jay-z with his half of the time very weak flow. Kanye does the flow on this one and its better then the lyrics. Scarface spits and it is his usual topic stuff but with a little lower standards. Beanie up last and ironicially his my favourite minus bad flow. Dont like the lyrics or 2/3 of the flows so ill give this one a 2 to 3 for the beat.

5.On my block

This is dope easily a 5. The piano based track gives Scarface the power to spit some heartwarming shit about his block. He talks about the general hard life and the good times in the ghetto. So reallly street poetry. Originallly done by 2pac and in my opinions both the lyrics and beat are much much better.

6.Keep me down

I dont know if the greatness of the last song or if this is but this one seems boring with the beat. The beat is like this guitar loop with some weird sound being played and doesnt reallly keep me interested. The lyrics are alright and is multi based but really its about haters trying to keep him down. About a 3 due to the beat.

7.What can i do.

What can i do is the question on this one and my opinion is to skip it. The beat is better a little bit but something is missing.Scar reminds me of a preacher how he delievers this song. Kelly price is alright.The lyrics aint much in my opinion. About a 2

8.In between us

This is dope and i have to brand this a 5. Nas features and spits first and steals the show. While flowing really nice he spits about his fights(first one really) to begin with and goes on about enemies and into backstabbing. Scarface spits some nice stuff and flows alright. He spits about his street human relationships. The beat i love and the piano is what i really like on this beat and the acoustic strings in the chorous. The lady sounds like shes in pain and for some reason even tho i dont like it i feel it matches witht the topic of relationships going sour.


This is featuring mary and she alright on this, Like what can i do some thing is missing in this. The beat is better than Keep me down and so are the lyrics but something wrong. Scar’s lyrics are about meeting up someday. In all a 3


If you can’t tell what the lyrics are about just give up on life right now. Lyrics are about how *****es are sellling out and how stupid *****s thinking he will ever be selling out to get the money He spits some dope shit and flows nice. The beat is quite west g-funkiksh. The hook suck but in all its pretty good song a 3 to 4.


This is really nice. Lyric wise he spits heartwarming stuff like family and friends,his daughter and god being in his life. The beat is real nice on this one and changes into something tighter in the end. the first one is made up of synthesizers and the last one is really a sample of something or another. Kelly is nice on this. In all a very good and deep song so this gets around 4 to a 5

12. I Ain’t the one

Damm this sucks and this is a very way bad in my opinion to end this alright album. The beat is simple and so is the lyrics. The lyrics and beat are a rendition of N.W.A’s or ice cubes I aint the one but “cleverly” changed to not pissing him or Wc off. the beat is simple and uninteresting. this is easily the worse song on this album and gets a 1.


Same as the intro maybe changed. WHY Finish it like this i have no idea???


In all this gets a 3.5 out of 5

This album is either highly dope or highly boring. The source rated this a 5 and in my opinion you have to make a album with no filler and mainly thrillers but this album clearly has 3 out of the 11 (2 skits not included) but looking back its the source and when has anyone payed that much attention to them in a while. In songs some are good beatwise and some are good in lyrics but never really matching each other except maybe 3 songs. Once while on the internet i saw this thing which i agree and it was “Def jam: we sign legendary artists and make them worse and destroy their legacy” whch they done to certian artists in a certian amount. Soem thing i notice aswell none really have that south feeling which also loses some marks as a 5 clearly shows where they from. Scarface is one of my favourite artists from the south and this is not a great outing for him as seen in his last albums.

Recommendation: Alright it depends if you want a more now sound then yeah if you want to dab in an artist many claim the king of the south(i do too ) but if you want the best go for The Diary. Normally this is the bit where i run down the list of which is better and which is worse but i can’t be bothered.

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