Digital Underground – Who Got The Gravy

Digital Underground - Who Got The Gravy1. I Shall Return(Intro With KRS One)

Great intro as KRS does a great job introducing all of Digital Underground and the guests on the album. I’m counting this as a song because KRS also raps the intro’s which is very clever. Good

2. Holla Holiday(Humpty Hump, Shock G, Clee, & John Doe)

Different sound for Digital Underground. Humpty Hump & Shock G trade verses(!) and it’s really dope hearing Shock G get so into character with Humpty Hump. This is a party track and nothing else, a step away from their originality but still a good song. Good

3. Wind Me Up(Humpty Hump & Esinchill)

More bouncy beat, nice to hear a Humpty track, Esinchill sounds alot like Eminem, the resemblance in voice is uncanny. Really weird and Shock even calls him “E” hmmmmm. Humpty Hump doesn’t sound like himself, he’s more yelling here, sounds awkward but is still pretty tight. Esinchill has a pretty tight verse. Good

4. The Mission(Feat Big Pun, Shock G, Styles, & Whateva)

It’s funny to hear Shock insult Pun and hearing Pun respond back with Shock backing off, funny stuff. Big Pun totally rips the track, it’s weird hearing him on a DU track but I can’t complain. This is a love track, but it’s well done. Good

5. The Odd Couple(Humpty Hump & Biz Markie)

DOPE! This is a classic DU track right here. What a great concept, it’s California arguing with New York. It’s funny hearing Humpty & Biz arguing over the stupidest stuff. Classic track right here. DOPE!

6. Blind Mice(Shock G, Humpty Hump, Money B, Black Ty, Rashida, & Malia)

DOPE DOPE DOPE! My favorite track on this album. This is a great concept song with a strong political message but using nursery rhymes as metaphors. I thought I would have never heard Humpty Hump on a political track but here he is and he’s doing a great job, man I love Shock G, in a totally hetero way of course. The beat is really dope with nice singing mixed in. DOPE!

7. The Gravy(Humpty Hump & Truck Turner)

It’s BDP & DU TIME! Dope song with Humpty trying out his lyrical skills and he does a great job mixing humor and battle raps together. Truck does a good job but he can’t compete with Humpty Hump! DOPE!

8. Peanut Hakeem(Shock G & Peanut)

Funny skit with Peanut trying everything he can to throw the criminal in jail and then getting caught so he keeps objecting and then is distracted by a women so he says that “hoochie mama” ruins his client then gets thrown out, really weird yet hilarious skit. I can’t rate this though.

9. Man’s Girl(Shock G, Money B, Clee, & Gruve)

Weird yet dope beat, nice and smooth yet hard hitting at the same time. I’m not to into the beginning though. This song is about women and it’s well done. Good

10. April Showers(Shock G, Mystik, & Money B)

I love the beat and the singing. Yes this is the Mystik female singer/rapper/poet that put out an album with some Hiero rappers. Shock G does a really good job singing, but them talking about doing it in the rain is a little weird but whatever, good melody. Good

11. Cyber Teeth Tigers(KRS One & Shock G)

DOPE! This is straight up Hip Hop right here, Shock G does a great job keeping up with KRS One. Shock G breaks down the different kinds of smiles which is actually a clever concept, I however do not care for the chorus. Wow KRS raps really fast here, very dope. DOPE!(I can ignore the chorus)


All in all this gets a Good rating. This is totally different than the other DU albums put out which isn’t a bad thing. It’s pretty rare so if you can find it then cop it.

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