Young Droop – Killa Valley Moment Of Impakt

Young Droop - Killa Valley Moment Of Impakt1. Under Pressure

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! Great way to start off the album. Sure beats some unfunny skit. Droop just tears the track to pieces. Funny thing is this isn’t even the tightest song on the album. DOPE!

2. My Own Thang(Feat P-Dise & Dubble J)

Droop flows like Eminem did on “Way I Am” he even flows over the same beat basically. Average track. Average

3. Moment Of Impakt(Feat Black C)

Good track, nothing really stands out though. Good

4. Final Konflikt

Great track. The beat is relaxing but has a gangsta touch to it. Droop of course rips it. Good

5. F*ck Dem(Feat Hollow Tip)

Hollow on chorus=OWNAGE! Great track as Droop & Hollow have great chemistry together. Good

6. Real Sh*t(Feat Spice 1, Kaoz The Assassin, Dubble J, Woodie, Bukshot, Ballin A$$ Dame, Hurrikaine J, Never, P-Dise, & Stone Cold)

Yikes talk about a cluster*****. Spice 1 has an embarassingly bad verse, oh man this track is awful. They rap over the most unoriginal beat ever(Halloween beat). Wack

7. Damn

Good track, the beat has a nice dark feel to it. Good

8. Had 2 Gat Ya 2001(Feat Brotha Lynch Hung)

Lynch sounds weird on this track and his verse is really disturbing especially when he talks about his mom coming back from the dead. Droop rips it though. Good

9. Wut They Talk(Feat Inferno & P-Dise)

Great track but plagued by guests. Man what’s with all these guests? Did someone not understand the concept of a solo album? Yeesh. Good

10. Present Darkness

Good track but I don’t like the beat. Droop does carry the song though. Good

11. Under Pressure Remix(Feat Tech N9ne)

DOPE DOPE DOPE!!!! My fav track on the album. Same beat and same Droop verses but Tech N9ne does a great chorus and even adds a great verse as he outshines Droop. DOPE!

12. Quik Lik

I like Droop’s yelling like rapid flow, it makes him stand out more than the average rapid flow. Good track. Good

13. Haunted By A Dream(Feat First Degree The DE)

This is “Mo Shit” from Now Eat. Great track, very dark beat and Droop just rules it. First Degree does a great job singing the chorus. Good

14. Overshadowed By Darkness(Feat Inferno)

This is a sequel to Present Darkness with a better beat. Good


All in all this gets a Good rating. Droop is such a great overlooked rapper from Merced California, with his rapid flows to his witty rhymes to his low growl rapid flows. It doesn’t get any better.

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