Digital Underground – The Body Hat Syndrome

Digital Underground - The Body Hat Syndrome‘The Body Hat Syndrome’ – 1993 Tommy Boy/ TNT Recordings under Warner Strategic Marketing

Its 1993 and Digital Underground have had a slight change in style…


1.Return Of The Crazy One 4:38 

Once again, Humpty Hump kicks into the CD with another crazy song. After playing for a few bars you will see the change in DU’s production styles. Not only this but Hump’s nasal voice has changed slightly, perhaps matured? Pity is isn’t reflected in the lyrics! Still a funny song but Hump is a lot more mack than usual… beat could have been better.

2.Doo Woo You 7:36 

Aah yeah! Sit back and jam to this! Over 7 minutes long! Another DU jam. Real catchy hook and nice vibes. Can’t say much more about this, its just a nice jam!

3.Holly Wanstaho 3:35 

Holly’s just a lazy, crazy girl who wants to sell herself instead of trying to make it. “What a wonderful” I quote, track. Bass is reminiscent of That Dogg Pound’s “Ridin’, Slippin’ & Slidin’”

4.Bran Nu Sweater 4:58 

That’s a metaphor for a groupie woman! The clingy type too, therefore you are “stuck wearing a sweater” DU got the track laced once again. Beat is jumping and bass kicks with energy. Another great track

5.The Humpty Dance Awards 4:51 

For all the Tupac fans out there, this is the first you’ll get of him on the CD. It’s a skit about a spoof dance ceremony. Personally I think its filler.

6.Body Hats (Part One) 1:35 

“Protection from FADES- Falsely Acquired Diluted Educational Syndrome” – that is, the hype the media brings – we shouldn’t believe all of it This CD doesn’t just have one title track it has three! The first of 3 parts with a very catchy hook.

7.Dope-A-Delic (Do-U-B-Leeve-In-D-Flo?) 4:07

Has a go at those using the DU sound coz its so funky and fresh. A beat not too hot. I feel more could have been done to it.

8.Intermission :54 

Short interlude of clips of DU on the radio from around the world

9.Wussup Wit The Luv 6:35 

Perhaps it would be typical of me to say that coz this song has Tupac on it makes it special? I’m afraid I think this one is. It is deep and touching. The second dose of Tupac on this CD. A very deep song about racial tension and black-on-black killings, problems with the police and the fact that even though a black man can be from America and the other from Africa, they still cant get along. We really see Pac’s early potentials in his short verse. Great beat. Touching chorus. Lots of meaning to this song, one of my favourites. DU at their best, giving serious messages out. One of DU’s best songs ever.

10.Digital Lover 4:38 

Mainly a lot of sampling and repeated chants. Nothing too special, just a jam.

11.Carry The Way (Along Time) 4:15 

A real bass-digger. Even gave me a slight headache. Play in your trunk

12.Body Hats (Part Two) 1:31 

More of the same. Hook has an additional chant to it. As dope as the last part.

13.Circus Entrance 1:54

A confused skit and intro to the next song. Full of cheesy masturbation jokes!

14.Jerkit Circus 4:50 

FINALLY- a song that reflects men’s habits! Hella funny OTT lyrics about doing it with yourself instead of a woman! Too many funny lines to mention. Great playback value for a laugh. DO NOT BLAST OUT THE BACK OF YOUR RIDE!

15.Circus Exit (The After-Nut) :43 

Outro. Feels to me like filler as well

16.Shake & Bake 4:34 

A “More Bounce To The Ounce” sampler. Humpty Hump on the mic and his sexual habits are rapped about. This track jumps more than the last Hump solo (Return Of The Crazy One). Bumping.

17.Body Hats Part Three 3:07 

The third and final instalment of the Body Hats tracks and the longest of them too. A bit more soul to this one and a bit more of Hump

18.Do Ya Like It Dirty? 4:45 

A switching duet between Shock-G and Humpty Hump and doing it dirty. They take it in turns to tell it. Speaks on some freaky sex with food and sexual preferences!

19.Bran Nu Sweat This Beat :33


20.Whee! 5:08 

Clearly the MCs took to the mic high on this one! What a laugh though. Great sounds though and lyrics are hilarious


Conclusion: DU have changed their sound for 93. They still sound far out for a rap group and they still keep it jumping but this CD I don’t think was as good as the rest. Still, its DU and they never fail to impress. There are lots of good tracks on here, even though a slight bit of filler. Overall I give this a Humpty Dance Award (buy the CD and you’ll know what I mean) 4/5

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