Richie Rich – Nixon Pryor Roundtree

Richie Rich - Nixon Pryor Roundtree1. Wake Up

Good song, it has a nice dark psychadelic type beat with nice funk bass. I’m glad Richie Rich didn’t do an intro, it has some nice voice samples including E-40’s. The chorus is just Richie Rich blurting “Wake Up” over and over. Good

2. How I Ride(Feat Justice)

We go from good to horrible. The beat is really sloppy and could cause seizures when listened to. Richie Rich can’t rap over fast beats, his voice just can’t match with the beat, he’s way too laid back and some rapper named Justice joins him who’s really annoying as he does the chorus. Really terrible. Wack

3. Say B*%*!(Feat Too Short)

Wow it’s my favorite guest Too Short, you know if someone could bring this album even more down it’s Too Short. I cannot stand the chorus as Too Short says “Say BEEEYIITCH” with Richie Rich’s monotone voice after it. Too Short with the usual. Wack

4. What It Do(Feat Replacement Killerz)

Bland track as the beat sounds like it was done on a Casio, Seasoned Veteran this is not. Replacement Killerz are annoying and really bland. Richie Rich raps unmotivated. Wack

5. Smoke N F**!

These track names are really horrible. All Richie Rich wants to do is “smoke n *****”….yea it’s that bad. With a beat so boring that it could put an insomniac asleep. You know if I was Richie Rich I’d be more worried about putting out a good album and making money instead of “smoking and *****ing”. Train Wreck

6. NPR(Feat DeeDee)

Richie Rich says he’s three faced(Huh?) in the beginning. The chorus amuses me for some reason but the beat is pretty basic. Richie Rich isn’t even trying on this song. Oh man this album is so bad and it’s only the 6th track. Wack track. Wack

7. Scrapers(Feat Stalin)

Decent track, the beat is all over the place but it isn’t bad. Richie Rich raps about riding in his car and all that bland and boring stuff I could care less about. Stalin is basic and sloppy, he tries though so I’ll give him points for effort unlike Richie Rich who could care less. Average

8. Betta Luv Ya B*%*!(Feat The Replacement Killerz)

Horrible track with an even worse track title. These edited curse words in the beginning annoy me. I can’t believe Richie Rich even made a track like this and the Killerz are horrible. Train Wreck

9. No Degreez(Feat PSD)

Beat is really goofy sounding and basic. Richie Rich starts it off dissing someone who he doesn’t say, funny thing is that the one who he is dissing has made a better album than this tripe. Wack

10. Thru With It

A track title that states my mindset about this album, but I have about 3 more after this. It’s the same topic that Richie Rich has been talking about and that’s “sex” is he trying to be Too Short junior? Wack track that has no redeeming qualities. Wack

11. Pretty B*%*!*s(My Anthem)

If this is his anthem then we are in big trouble, horrible track with a bastardized Carribean type track that sounds like it was rejected by the creators of the “Little Mermaid”. Wack

12. Still My N*%!@(Feat Harm)

Annoying chorus, man this is such a horrible track, I don’t even have words for this…well I do and they are none too good. Take a basic beat with a basic topic and mix it with an unmotivated Richie Rich and you have this track. Wack

13. NY 2 Da O(Feat Wayno)

This is suppose to test Richie Rich’s versatility I think but it doesn’t really work. Average track with Wayno giving an ok verse, actually Richie Rich doesn’t do too bad, if he rapped with this fire then he’d have a decent album, he picks the last track to get motivated, sounds like the same old Richie Rich, nothing ground breaking with an average beat but I’ll boost it since Richie Rich actually tries. Good


All in all a Wack rating. This is the worst album I have ever heard with tracks so bad that I cannot believe Richie Rich even put this out, the tracks didn’t even have humor quality, they were just boring and so horrendously cliche’d that you had to skip the tracks. Avoid this album like the plague.

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