Bad Azz – Money Run

Bad Azz - Money Run1. Intro

Dope beat but it’s just an intro so no rating.

2. If It’s Hot

Nice smooth production by Big Hollis(Who produced every track on this album). Bad Azz flows well over this beat and has some dope lyrics on here. This is actually a different vibe you are used to hearing Bad Azz on. Song is about Bad Azz only rapping over hot beats and talking about dope topics. Good

3. Checking All The Spots(Feat Big Hollis & Kenya Baker)

Well so much for that, the chorus is really bad and this is such a Neptunes rip off track, with a fake Pharrell wannabe on the chorus. Bad Azz is totally unmotivated here going through the motions and not really caring, can’t say I blame him. Wack

4. Do The Damn Thing(Feat Bonnie)

Nice bouncy West beat. Hollis to me is either hit or miss and this is most def hit right here. Bad Azz sounds comfortable on this track and Bonnie sings a really good chorus. Good

5. N 2Gether Now(Feat 40 Glock)

Nice smooth type beat, 40 Glock starts it off with a nice verse I like the soul voice samples. Bad Azz does a good chorus as well. They both feel comfortable on this track. Back to the beat, it has a nice symphony type flow with some reflective sounds. Very dope stuff. Good

6. Ghetto(Feat Marcel)

Again a Neptunes type track but it’s still good with Marcel doing a decent chorus but I don’t like the numerous “ghetto” chants going on throughout the song, it tends to annoy me. Good

7. My Street(Feat LiL Tip Toe, Conflict, & Terror)

This sounds alot like “This Can’t Be Life” from Jay-Z’s “Dynasty” album, and I loved that song. This song is really good but one complaint is the damn booklet which mixes up the track names and switches them all over the place. Track is about chilling out with your family and friends. Good track and my favorite on this one. Good

8. Money Run(Feat LiL Tip Toe & Conflict)

Decent West fast beat, nothing great, it’s pretty average with your usual rappers half assing it. Average

9. Come & Get It(Feat Bonnie)

Man does there have to be a feature on every song? Cheesy singing by Bonnie, this is a really corny song that I just don’t care for. It’s just a bunch of lovey dovey fluff. Wack

10. It’s A Party(feat Soopafly & Latoiya Williams)

Latoiya is a really talented singer, she’s probably my favorite female singer out now. Soopafly with a boring verse that I can care less about, man he’s worthless on here. Latoiya is carrying this thing on her back. Bad Azz with your average boring stuff, man I remember when he actually used to rap about meaningful topics but on this one he’s just unmotivated it. Average

11. Groupie(Feat Conflict, LiL Tip Toe, & Terrell Carter)

Song is about a groupie, this is a cluster***** and I don’t really care for this song. Wack

12. California Sunshine(Feat Skee 64, Big Hollis, LiL Tip Toe, & Sene)

Cluster***** in the making! The beat is a nice bouncy West type beat, decent chorus, this is a track to play in your ride and nothing else. Good


All in all I’m gonna give this an Average rating, just nothing notable here. This album has some really boring tracks. Some good ones but the boring outweigh the good here. Get his Word On The Streetz album and avoid this.

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