2pac – Until The End Of Time

2pac - Until The End Of TimeHere we go again, more unreleased material. There was much resistance to these new ones because much people said that it’s not really Tupac’s style and that Afeni (his Mother) had remixed ’em too much and taken out verses and such. So I’m gonna review it as if it was released back in 1995/1996. Anyways, this is his 11th solo album. If you ask me it’s nowhere near his last standards. Anyways, read on my friend.


– Disc 1

1. Ballad Of A Dead Soulja 

Length: 4:15
Featured Artists: 6 Feet Deep.
Track Rating: 3 / 5

Aight, overall this track isn’t really anything special from Tupac. The production isn’t exactly wack, but it’s not bangin’ either. Once again, hes talking about his death and ways of a thug. Nice track to listen to at first, after few times skip.

2. ***** Friendz 

Length: 5:19
Featured Artists: Tiffany Villarrea.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Now this track is more like Tupac. Bangin’ beat, sick-ass verses. Rappin’ about sex, betrayal and ballin’. ‘***** ‘Dre to that ***** he can kiss my ass’, cuss line to Dr Dre. Overall this track is above average.

3. Li’l Homies 

Length: 3:44
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 2.5 / 5

This track is a bit like a usual pac-track, but the beat is a bit weird. On first listen it’s bangin’, two or three times later you’ll find yourself skipping.

4. Let ’em Have it 

Length: 4:53
Featured Artists: Honey, SKG.
Track Rating: 2 / 5

This is more of a ‘smut’ track. All about sex and *****ing. Track wise it isn’t really what you’d expect from Tupac. Beat is ok but very annoying after sometime, nice verse from SKG but ‘Pacs aren’t that fash. Below Average, Skip!

5. Goodlife 

Length: 4:16
Featured Artists: Big Syke, EDI.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Now after those last two tracks, this one makes you feel a bit better. Nice easy beat, Nice verses by all three outlawz. About the street life, their former lives and how everything has worked out. Good Track, above average.

6. Letter 2 My Unborn 

Length: 3:55
Featured Artists: Tena Jones.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

While listening to this track, its evident he’s basicly talking to his unborn child. Like he’s about to be blessed with one, maybe this was at the time with Kiesha, I don’t know. As the title states, it’s basically a vocal letter to his unborn child. Also rapping about his former life and how hard it is. This is a bangin’ track, but could have done better.

7. Breathin’ 

Length: 4:04
Featured Artists: Young Noble, Napoleon, Kastro, EDI.
Track Rating: 4.5 / 5

Aight, now im pumped! This has got to be the best track yet! Back to the real ‘Pac-tracks’, nice verses by all tha Outlawz. Any Tupac/Outlawz fan will love this track. Nearly perfect! Never skip.

8. Happy Home 

Length: 3:56
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Okay, now we’re on a roll! This track is one that could have been placed in any other album. It’s that good. ‘Pac spewin’ some real lyrics about tryin’ to get a Happy Home and how he can do it. It was dedicated to his sister, Seikywa.

9. All Out 

Length: 5:32
Featured Artists: Napoleon, Kastro.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

Classic ‘Pac, Outlawz callaboration. Bangin’ production. All Outlawz spittin’ real/tight verses. But after a few times you’ll be skipping it.

10. *****in’ Wit The Wrong Nigga 

Length: 3:37
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This track is almost identical in the sense that everything is bangin’, but it does bore you. Real lyrics, feels good to listen and really vibe to this song.

11. Thug in You Thug in Me (Remix) 

Length: 4:11
Featured Artists: kci and JoJo.
Track Rating: 2.5 / 5

This is another ‘smut-like’ track. Read the title, ‘Pacs verses are bangin’ but i really do hate this track. The only time i could stand to keep it playing was when I reviewed it.

12. Everything They Owe 

Length: 3:07
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Aight, after getting a bit bored and pissed off i’m actually thinking more positive now. Bangin’ beat, real ‘pac-like verses. This track reminds me of 1995 type style he had. Don’t skip this one!

13. Until The End Of Time 

Length: 4:26
Featured Artists: RL.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Now I’m being impressed! This song was the first single off the album I think. Well it deserved it! Great beat, addictive hook and real lyrics by ‘Pac. Over Average, but you may find yourself skipping it after excessive bumpin’.

14. M.O.B 

Length: 5:01
Featured Artists: Fatal, Mopreme, Big Syke, Kadafi.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

You can tell how they’re trying to end this album, on a higher note. This track could nearly knock ‘Breathin’ out of its spot ok Best Track. Beat really suits the track, all artists suit them selves to it. Never SKip!.

15. World Wide Mob Figgaz 

Length: 4:40
Featured Artists: EDI, Young Noble, Napoleon.
Track Rating: 3 / 5

Aight, this is where it gets too good to be true. I knew three bangin’ tracks in a row wouldn’t last much longer on this album. This track is very annoying. ‘Noble on the chorus is really annoying also. Skip this one.

Aight well after that first Disc I don’t know what to think. It kind of went like a Roller Coaster, up and down in quality. Anyways, lets see if the next cd is any better?

– Disc 2 

1. Big Syke Interlude 

Length: 1:45
Artist: Big Syke
Track Rating: 2 / 5

Oddly enough Tupac isn’t even on this track. The beat is all right but mostly the whole track is just talking. Skip almost everytime. Bad start to the Disc.

2. My Closest Roaddogz 

Length: 4:04
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

I personally love this track. The beat is like Tupac style, the lyrics have meaning and it’s just a great track. Over average.

3. Nigga Nature (Remix) 

Length: 5:04
Featured Artists: Li’l Mo’.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This is another one of them tracks that could have been bangers if they made some small changes, like a less wack beat. I ain’t a big fan of this track and would usually skip.

4. When Thugz Cry 

Length: 4:22
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This is a deep track, nice beat but i don’t really like the hook or much of ‘Pacs verse. Really disapointed with this track. Skip.

5. U Don’t Have to Worry 

Length: 5:07
Featured Artists: Young Noble, E.D.I, Napoleon, Kastro, Kadafi.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

although on the first listen this track may be a bit different to you, I think all the verses make up for the lack of quality in the production. Outlawz really spit some good shit on this one. Not worthy of being on any previous albums, but its a damn good track.

6. This Ain’t Livin 

Length: 3:41
Featured Artists: Vanessa.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

This track nearly as good as the last one, but dosn’t really extend in lyrical ability. The production is a bit different to usual ‘Pac-tracks’. All in this entire track is just below ‘Above Average’.

7. Why U Turn On Me? 

Length: 3:32
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3 / 5

Nice Track but not worth anything more than an average rating. Tight production, decent lyrics. But not really anything that special.

8. Last ones left 

Length: 3:59
Featured Artists: Kastro, Napoleon.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

Aight, now I’m happy as *****! This is more like ‘Pacs style. This track could have been on any of his albums from ’94-’96. Most Hip Hop fans would be feelin’ this track. Nice verses by ‘Pac, kastro and Napoleon.

9. Thug in You Thug in Me 

Length: 4:29
Featured Artists: kci, JoJo.
Track Rating: 2.5 / 5

Sadly, the original isn’t much better than the Remix. Not much to note.

10. Wordz 2 my First Born 

Length: 4:07
Featured Artists: Above the Law.
Track Rating: 4 / 5

This track isn’t anything like Tupac’s ’94-’96 tracks. But I still loved it. Nice beat, Above the Law got nice flows. ‘Pac ripped shit up. Never Skip.

11. Let ’em Have it (Remix) 

Length: 4:25
Featured Artists: Left Eye.
Track Rating: 2 / 5

Y.A.L.R – Yet Another Lame Remix. Man this sucks so much ass. Weak ass verses, weak beat, Left Eye was shit. Skip.

12. Runnin’ on E 

Length: 5:37
Featured Artists: Fatal, Kadafi, Young Noble, Nuttso.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

After that last track this one is a nice improvement. Nice verses by all artists. But isn’t up to 4 standard.

13. When I Get Free 

Length: 4:30
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 3.5 / 5

Same type of thing happen as before. Everything is good but just under ‘Pac’s potential.

14. Until The End of Time (Remix) 

Length: 4:29
Featured Artists: None.
Track Rating: 4.5 / 5

There isn’t much difference between this and the original. Nice Hook, nice verses, wild beat. Well, I’m in shock! After all this like 2 hours I don’t know what to say.


The album went up and down in quality. Three bangin’ tracks then 2 shit and so on. My opinion is that they should have taken the best tracks from both discs and put them on both. That’d result in just one disc full of quality not two full of quality and bullshit. It’s mainly the bullshit tracks that let this album down from being a 4 / 5. To me 4 / 5 would have to have a consistent flow of quality not up and down.

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