Yukmouth & C-Bo – In Thugz We Trust

Yukmouth & C-Bo - In Thugz We Trust1. Go Hard In The Paint 

“Go Hard In The Paint” is a good way to open up the album. It features Killa Tay. The beat reminds me of a New York type beat for some reason. All the verses on this song are hot. 8/10

2. 44 Mag Glocc

This is another hot ass track. The beat on this song kicks real hard. This track also features Killa Tay. Dope ass Thug Lordz Killa Tay collabo. 8/10

3. She’s A Hoe 

This is different from the first 2 tracks of the album. The style of the beat and shit like that. The lyrics are basically about Yuk and Bo *****ing other niggas’ *****es. The beat is dope. Produced by Mo’Betta. 8/10

4. He Aint A Thug

50 Cent diss record. This track features Bang Em Smurf (former G Unit member) and Silverback Guerillaz. They accuse 50 Cent of bragging about a lot of shit, about how he got shot and shit like that. They also accuse him of being a snitch. Bang Em Smurf’s verse was weak on this song. Yukmouth’s delivery was nice and C Bo’s delivery was also nice. Domination’s verse was also dope. He has that hard New York type lyrics. At the end of the song someone is impersonating 50 Cent and how he talks and shit like that, the outro is pretty funny. 9/10

5. American Dream (Yukmouth Solo) 

This is another hard beat. Yukmouth solo track, I do not think this is better then C Bo’s solo track but this song is still hot. Yukmouth comes in nice like usual. 8/10

6. Get Away 

West coast bounce type track. Makes you bop ya head. Dope song, C Bo delivers the first verse, C Bo verse is hot. This is one of the best songs on the album. 9/10

7. Killa Cali 

This is the official best song of the album. Features Spice 1, the beat has a grand piano on it, its real dope. Spice 1 has the best verse on there. This song bangs. Spice 1, C Bo and Yukmouth talk about the thug life they live out in California. 9/10

8. Bulletproof Love 

Produced by Rhythm D. This sounds like a Kanye West beat. Sounds like a love song, but they really talking bout they guns. Kinda like how Pac was talking bout his gun on “Me And My Girlfriend”. This is a dope song. Eastwood from Deathrow Records is also on there. 9/10

9. Get Ya Money (Be A Thug Lord)

This is another dope ass west coast bounce song. Yukmouth outshines C Bo on this in my opinion. This is one of those tracks you need to check out from this album. 8/10

10. Made Men

The beat has nice strings on it. Features Killa Tay. The beat is pretty hard. Killa Tay has a dope verse on there. He probably has the best verse on this song. Yukmouth’s verse was alright on this song; not wack but Yuk had better verse. C Bo comes off better then Yuk on this track. 8/10

11. My Life (C Bo Solo) 

C Bo’s solo is way better then Yuk’s solo. The beats, the lyrics everything. C Bo raps a little fast on this, faster then he usually does. It kinda reminds me of a song Twista would be on. 9/10

12. Let’s Flip Her 

This song has the same feel as “She’s a Hoe”, they don’t talk about the exact same thing but there are some similarities. Yuk and Bo are talking bout they hoes and shit like that.. Dope song. 8/10

13. 21 Gun Salute 

As this beats starts, you don’t really think it is going to be that hot. But as Yuk’s verse starts, the beats gets harder and tighter. Instruments get added and the beat goes well. E A Ski produced the beat. This is another hot ass song from this album. Yuk and Bo both deliver hot ass verses. 9/10


Overall this album is one of the best to come out in 2004. Pick this up if you a fan of west coast gangsta rap. The production on this album is hot, the lyrics are hot, good guest appearances. Definitely a hot album.

Final Rating: 4/5

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