The Regime – All Out War Vol. 1

The Regime - All Out War Vol. 1Rating system 1-10

1. Intro

Its a few people declaring war, just an intro

2. Smoke A Lot 

Some dude reporting some funny news, funny skit.

3. Here We Come – Poppa LQ, Yukmouth, Gonzoe

Great song to kick it off with my favourite track of the mixtape!!! The beat is simple the strings and the hardhitting bassline fit right along with a sick hook! The female/echovoice saying “REGIME MOB, HERE WE COME” is what makes this hook so tight. They all came tight as ***** on their verses too, what can i say this is just a certified banger!! 10/10

4. Blast 1st – Messy marv, Eastwood, Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Tha realest, Mac minister, Poppa lq

I like the beat on this one its a real war/hardhittin/soldiers marchin type of beat, really gets you hyped up for the verses. Its a tight line up of artists and everybody comes tight for this one, no weak verses on this song, no average verses either nuthing but heat! Yuk has the tightest flow of all on this one, i gotta say it again everyone comes very very tight on this track, but imo gonzoe has the best verse on this track. The hook done by Tha realest is just basically the same hook as the infamous “bomb first” song by pac and the lawz. I dont really like how tha realest trying to sound exactly like pac on the hook but…. hey i guess thats why they got him to do the hook. Mac minister dont rap he just speaking a few words at the end of the song. Yess another certified banger!! 10/10

5. Go Hard Or Go Home – Gonzoe feat. Dirt Left

This is Gonzoe’s disstrack to the game. And its tight as ***** the hook is on point the lyrics are on point ( “you from compton, but sound like new york. nigga thats like farrakhan eating pork”) Basically Gonzoe letting Game know he aint afraid and he ready to bring it, dont know who Dirt left is but he spits a coo verse nothing special tho. Hard disstrack another track that shows gonzoe is not to be slept on!. 9/10

6. 100 gunz – Yukmouth, Monsta Ganjah, Poppa LQ

This is obviously a remake of Ja Rule’s “New York” only with a westcoast twist reppin oakland, longbeach and south central LA. All three spit fire on the mic, but the regime general takes this one spitting a great verse! Ganjah spitting some crazy shit too and everytime i hear poppa lq i get fascinated by this dudes talent more and more, he has a great rapvoice and a very nice flow. This is a good remake even tho the hooks could be a lil better, they tight but they just sounded like they were too much of beat on the hook. 8/10

7. ***** u know i get it crunk – Lil Flip feat. Yukmouth

A nice laidback beat but the hook is a lil annoying cuz he repeats the same line over and over! Flips has the first and 3rd verse and he spit some nice verses dissing T.I. nothing too special tho. I always tought flip was an average mc and he has yet to prove me wrong. Yuk on the other hand does what he do best spit fire! This same track is also featured on a gang of southern and westcoast mixtapes and also on the “Kings of the south” album by flip and z-ro. The only difference is that on the “kings of the south” album they added a 4th verse by z-ro on too it. Basically a nice laidback southern type of track. 7/10

8. Im bigger then that – Poppa LQ

This obviously a poppa lq solo track, poppa lqs lyrics are on point but to be honest i dont really like the beat the hook is tight and clever but the beat just missing something if you ask me. Basically to wrap it up i would say poppa lq is bigger then this beat! But never the less poppa lq spitting tight lyrics so its all good. 7/10

9. Okay – Yukmouth, Monstah Ganjah, Yung Skrilla, Baby Jon

This a remake of the youngbloods “damn” and to be honest I didnt really like the concept of Yuk and crunk at first, but this song sounds pretty damn good! I been told Baby Jon is someone from germany but dude sounds just like lil Jon! Anyway he does the hook with yuk and makes it sound like a real lil jon hook. I gotta say i like this hook better then the original youngbloods hook. Yuk spits the best verse of the track, but ganjah and skrilla spitting some heat too. I never tought yuk would sound good on a crunk beat but this a BANGER!!! 10/10

10. Niggaz Tryna Ride On Me – Yukmouth, E-Blak, Poppa LQ, Monstah ganjah, Linole da wino

This is a remake of Young Buck’s “Shorty wanna ride with me”. Yuk dissing p on this one replying on p’s comments in murderdog and a recent subliminal diss song from TRU. E-blak does the hook and Monstah Ganjah and LQ spit tight verses as ussual. And linole da wino aka yuk talking at the end. 8.5/10

11. We dont stop – Gonzoe feat. Kurupt

Another one of my favourite songs of the mixtape its a lil out of place cuz its real laidback but i just love the southern cali/mexican type of beat. The hook is tight on some cool shit, and gonzoe spitting some hot shit again “You heard bo, nigga we take no ransom, we in the club gangbangin you in the club dancing”. Gotti also spitting a decent verse its still not the old kurupt but its an improvement from the kurupt everybody has been complaining about. I *****ing love this song. 10/10

12. Keep it thuggin – Yukmouth, Poppa LQ, Linole Da Wino

Hell yeah!! Another banger!! This beat sounds familiar to me i dont know if its a remake tho and if it is i dont kno from what song it is, anyway its a tight beat and yuk delivering a tight hook too. Poppa lq sending a lil message to game and imo he outshines yuk with his verse on this one. Anyway its a lil short cuz they both only spit one verse, linole da wino talking at the end. I would give it a 10/10, but just cuz its only 2 verses instead of 3 ill give it a 9/10, HOTSHIT tho. 9/10

13. Its Crucial – Yung Skrilla, Keak da Sneak, Bart

Very tight song! Nice laidback beat and i like the hook alot. Skrilla kicks it off with a nice verse i like dudes flow. I would say bart has the best verse he sends a lil warning towards game too , i also think Bart is underrated as *****, keak ends it with a good verse. Cant really say more about this track. Good laidback track. 10/10

14. World War 3 – Yukmouth

BANGER!!! Some dude from Sqad up (Lil Wayne’s old crew, Yung Skrilla’s click) begins this track off talking, just basically shouting out yuk and repping the regime click. This a str8 up all out war disstrack it has a simple beat but a nice hook tho. Yuk sending shots at The game, 50, P, the frontline and yess the afroman gets it too LOL. This track shows yuk can spit with the best of them and if you disagree then…………………………………………………………………………………………………..Thats just your opinion. Yepp another BANGER! 10/10

15. Bleed the block – Ampachino feat. Chino Nino

This is one of my favourites too, ampachino has a weird voice but you will get used to it after listening to him some more. Just listen to this track and tell me this dude dont have lyrics! Chino nino does the hook and does a good job. 10/10

16. Turn it up – Poppa LQ

This is another poppa LQ solo and i must say i liked the other lq solo more. Im not really feeling the hook on this one, they should just let the girls part be the hook, cuz im not feeling lqs part of the hook it just doesnt fit with the girl, but yet again lq spits heat, but like i said the hook ruins this track. 6.5/10

17. Regime Symphony – Yukmouth, Dru Down, Poppa LQ, Doracel, Yung Skrilla, Gonzoe

The beat is a lil funny its ok but it dont really fit the track imo. I like the concept tho, how they introduce everyone on the mic. Everybody comes tight but gonzoe has the tighest verse. Still a very tight track simply cuz everyone comes very correct on the mic. 9/10

18. Respect My Gangsta – Domination, Yukmouth, Marc Shyst.

This is another very tight cut, i love this beat! We all know domo can spit that heat, he delivers a tight verse and hook. Yuk spits a nice verse too not his best but an average yuk verse is still better then alot of other rappers best verses. I never heard marc shyst before except for his hook on game ova 2, but he spits a pretty nice verse here. I gues i will have to look out for him in the furure cuz the first verse i ever heard of him goes hard. I like his flow. 10/10

19. All Out War – Yukmouth

This not really a whole song cuz it dont have no hook. Its just Yuk spitting for 2 minutes str8 guerilla style. Yuk killing it! Dissing game, some ex regime members and even san quinn. This track shows why Yuk is one of the west best. 10/10

EndResult: 9/10

I know this just a mixtape but its just too hot for me not to review it. If this is just a mixtape then i wonder what we can expect from the Regime album. Anyway this mixtape in enuff for me to leave me fiending for the vol. 2 and the official “Regime Life” album. If you dont own this mixtape please do yourself a favour and slap yourself!

Alot of people think all the rappers on this mixtape are a part of the regime so to give you a better view these are all the official regime members without extended fam :

Yukmouth Tech 9 Yung skrilla Gonzoe Dru down Doracel Poppa Lq Diesel don Governormatic don Ampachino Chino Nino The fleet D-Menace from the menace clan E-Blak Don Stryke Monstah Ganjah Grant Rice Marc Shyst Messy Marv Nyce

Yukmouth – United Ghetto Of America Vol. 2

Yukmouth - United Ghetto Of America Vol. 21. Intro(Feat J-Flo)

An intro on a compilation? Well it’s funny atleast.

2. Kill Em off(Feat Gonzoe, Tech N9ne, & Big Krizz Kaliko)

YES! Nice opera type beat, picture Regime Mobstaz here. Gonzoe starts it off with a good verse but nothing memorable. Tech N9ne with the VERSE OF THE YEAR!!! I’m calling it here, and also a great intro to Tech’s rapping. Tech just rips it here going through atleast 3 different types of flows. Chorus is good, Krizz’s singing is kept to a minimum which is good, I like Krizz but sometimes his singing is just all over the place. Yukmouth with a good verse but his starting is awful. Great track. Good

3. Kalifornia G’z(Feat E-40, Crooked I, & Nat’e)

I assume Nat’e is the girl singing the chorus. Nice bouncy beat here, this can be a crossover track, it doesn’t have that usual Bay sound, it has a So-Cal vibe to it. I dig the chorus, it’s catchy and isn’t overwhelming towards the listener. Crooked I with a pretty dope verse, why Tha Row wasted him is beyond me. Yukmouth with a good verse but he sounds awkward here, still dope stuff. Good

4. We Just Wanna Thug(Feat NORE & D-Don)

Well if anyone can kill a song it’s NORE and he does just that. This track is awful, with a beat so generic that it can be sold next to the Sam’s Choice Cola. D-Don with a horrible verse, this guy’s the drizzling shits. Skip this track. Train Wreck

5. I Love Dro(Feat Bun-B & Nat’e)

Stupid chorus but the track is great. It has that 1998 Rap A Lot sound to it, with the smooth Devin type vibe here. Yukmouth starts it off with the basics on a smoking track. Yukmouth with a second verse(?) on here which is a little odd. Bun B with the next verse and he outshines Yuk, Bun B is easily one of the best Southern lyricist of all time. Good

6. Don’t Be Scared(Silver Back Guerillaz)

No Yuk on here. This has a grimey Eastcoast vibe to it, dope stuff here. I can’t tell these guys apart so I’ll just say it’s a good track. Good

7. Spin & Chop(Feat Dru Down, Nate Da Nut, & Kieu)

Just so you know whenever I put “Feat” that means Yuk is on the song, he’s on every song except “Don’t Be Scared” & “Suga Daddy”, just clearing it up. This track is sloppy with a weird spastic annoying beat. Yuk with a decent verse. Dru Down with a decent verse. Nate Da Nut with a good verse. The chorus and beat drag this down alot, in fact this is pretty wack. Wack

8. What’s Beef(Feat Luni Coleone, I-Rocc, & Monstah Ganjah)

I like this track, well sort of, the problem is the squeeking robotic sounds in the beat, very annoying. This track hurts my ears, with Luni yelling over the track and this squeeking crap. Luni with a good verse, I-Rocc with a good verse, Ganjah with a dope verse, and Yuk finishes it with the best verse. I want to give this a good rating, they tried but the squeeking ruined everything. Average

9. American Me(Feat Chino Nino, C-Bo, & Young Noble)

This track is insane with a slow starting and then a rough beat kicks in with Chino Nino ripping the first verse. C-Bo with a good verse, wow he really shocked me on here in fact this is one of his best verses. Yukmouth then rips it with a great verse, this track is crazy. Noble finishes it with a good verse. Great stuff here. Good

10. Suga Daddy(Ms Toi, Nyce, & Numskull)

Odd line up. Ms Toi with a boring first verse. Numskull sounds drunk off his ass here which is either sad or hilarious, man this guy has fell off with him slurring and tripping over his words. Nyce with a boring verse. Blah! Crap be gone from my ears! Wack

11. The Side Show(Feat Richie Rich, C-Bo, & Nat’e)

I can see why this was left off “In Thugz We Trust”. This is a little too bouncy and the chorus is all over the place. C-Bo with a good verse. Yukmouth with the best verse. Richie Rich with an awkward verse, his flow sounds awful over this beat and he couldn’t adjust to the different style of it. Average

12. Top Shotta(Feat Gangsta Girl & Brando)

Arabian type beat, think Neptunes here. Yukmouth with a good verse, the thing I like about Yuk is that he can adjust to any kind of style no matter how odd the beat is. Horrible chorus here as some guy is yelling babbling nonsense. Gangsta Girl with a horrible verse, these people suck at Reggae. Yukmouth finishes it with a pretty good verse, he is carrying this track. Good

13. Skit(Feat D Of The Menace Clan)

A skit? On a compilation? Unreal, but it’s decent as D spits a pretty dope flow over the phone.

14. Regime Mob(Feat Chino Nino, Amp-Pachino, & Nate Da Nut)

This song lacks direction as none of these guys except Yuk are in the Regime. This song is pretty bad as the guy rapping the second verse is the drizzling shits talking about rocking “boobies” to sleep(Huh?). Horrible chorus, this is a cluster*****. Yukmouth has a good verse though. Wack

15. Stunt 211(Feat Domination & Bang Em Smurf)

This song is hilarious as they make fun of Stunt 101. This is a Lloyd Banks diss(For the most part) and they spit some hilarious lines here(“Ray Charles can see *****es only want you for your money” & “Young Buck he just happy he got white gold teeth”). Yukmouth with a good verse as well. Everyone from 50 Cent to Game get dissed here but Banks gets it the worst. Good

16. On The Block(Feat Jacka, LiL Cyco, & Benjilino)

Not a big fan of the beat, it’s pretty basic and boring. Benjilino sings a decent hook but man is this beat boring. Yukmouth starts it off with a pretty good verse. Jacka(!) with a really good verse. LiL Cyco with a pretty good verse, nice flow. Average

17. Wet Dreamz(Yukmouth)

The only Yukmouth solo and it’s about a wet dream, amazing…Anyway this track sucks, as Yuk talks about women he wants to have sex with, don’t care. Wack

18. Heat(Feat Planet Asia & Monstah Ganjah)

DOPE! This track is straight Hip Hop here. Planet Asia with a great verse. Ganjah with another great verse, this track is flawless. Yukmouth outshines both of them as he spits an insane verse. Great chorus on here as well. DOPE!

19. Get Stupid Go Dumb(Feat Mac Dre, & Sauce)

Weird beat but it’s dope as it has a goofy bouncy beat mixed with a Halloween sounding piano beat. Sauce with a good verse. Yukmouth with a great verse, this is probably his most thugged out verse on the whole cd. Mac Dre sounds so awkward on this track, like a kid lost in a mall. Good

20. United Ghetto’s Of America Part 2(Feat The Realest, C-Bo, Dru Down, 151, Spice 1, Eastwood, & Roscoe)

Insane line up here. This track has a dope piano beat. Realest starts it off with a decent verse, he doesn’t sound too much like Pac on here. C-Bo with a pretty good verse. Dru Down raps fast on here(!) well fast in Dru Down terms. 151 with a really good verse, this is insane there is no other word to describe it. There is no chorus here, just straight spitting. Spice 1 spits a verse that sounds like something he’d spit in 1994(!), really dope stuff here. Eastwood with a really good verse as well. Roscoe with an insane verse that shows how slept on he is. Yukmouth finishes it with an insane verse. Oh man this was just dopeness! Easily the best track on the album, everyone stepped up their game. DOPE!


All in all this gets a Good rating. Pretty dope compilation, this was totally different than Vol 1 which is good. Some awful tracks but some really good tracks, Most def cop it if you’re a Bay fan & a Regime fan, ah hell cop it if you’re just a fan of music because people like Yukmouth who are working their asses off making this dope music need to be supported.

Yukmouth & C-Bo – In Thugz We Trust

Yukmouth & C-Bo - In Thugz We Trust1. Go Hard In The Paint 

“Go Hard In The Paint” is a good way to open up the album. It features Killa Tay. The beat reminds me of a New York type beat for some reason. All the verses on this song are hot. 8/10

2. 44 Mag Glocc

This is another hot ass track. The beat on this song kicks real hard. This track also features Killa Tay. Dope ass Thug Lordz Killa Tay collabo. 8/10

3. She’s A Hoe 

This is different from the first 2 tracks of the album. The style of the beat and shit like that. The lyrics are basically about Yuk and Bo *****ing other niggas’ *****es. The beat is dope. Produced by Mo’Betta. 8/10

4. He Aint A Thug

50 Cent diss record. This track features Bang Em Smurf (former G Unit member) and Silverback Guerillaz. They accuse 50 Cent of bragging about a lot of shit, about how he got shot and shit like that. They also accuse him of being a snitch. Bang Em Smurf’s verse was weak on this song. Yukmouth’s delivery was nice and C Bo’s delivery was also nice. Domination’s verse was also dope. He has that hard New York type lyrics. At the end of the song someone is impersonating 50 Cent and how he talks and shit like that, the outro is pretty funny. 9/10

5. American Dream (Yukmouth Solo) 

This is another hard beat. Yukmouth solo track, I do not think this is better then C Bo’s solo track but this song is still hot. Yukmouth comes in nice like usual. 8/10

6. Get Away 

West coast bounce type track. Makes you bop ya head. Dope song, C Bo delivers the first verse, C Bo verse is hot. This is one of the best songs on the album. 9/10

7. Killa Cali 

This is the official best song of the album. Features Spice 1, the beat has a grand piano on it, its real dope. Spice 1 has the best verse on there. This song bangs. Spice 1, C Bo and Yukmouth talk about the thug life they live out in California. 9/10

8. Bulletproof Love 

Produced by Rhythm D. This sounds like a Kanye West beat. Sounds like a love song, but they really talking bout they guns. Kinda like how Pac was talking bout his gun on “Me And My Girlfriend”. This is a dope song. Eastwood from Deathrow Records is also on there. 9/10

9. Get Ya Money (Be A Thug Lord)

This is another dope ass west coast bounce song. Yukmouth outshines C Bo on this in my opinion. This is one of those tracks you need to check out from this album. 8/10

10. Made Men

The beat has nice strings on it. Features Killa Tay. The beat is pretty hard. Killa Tay has a dope verse on there. He probably has the best verse on this song. Yukmouth’s verse was alright on this song; not wack but Yuk had better verse. C Bo comes off better then Yuk on this track. 8/10

11. My Life (C Bo Solo) 

C Bo’s solo is way better then Yuk’s solo. The beats, the lyrics everything. C Bo raps a little fast on this, faster then he usually does. It kinda reminds me of a song Twista would be on. 9/10

12. Let’s Flip Her 

This song has the same feel as “She’s a Hoe”, they don’t talk about the exact same thing but there are some similarities. Yuk and Bo are talking bout they hoes and shit like that.. Dope song. 8/10

13. 21 Gun Salute 

As this beats starts, you don’t really think it is going to be that hot. But as Yuk’s verse starts, the beats gets harder and tighter. Instruments get added and the beat goes well. E A Ski produced the beat. This is another hot ass song from this album. Yuk and Bo both deliver hot ass verses. 9/10


Overall this album is one of the best to come out in 2004. Pick this up if you a fan of west coast gangsta rap. The production on this album is hot, the lyrics are hot, good guest appearances. Definitely a hot album.

Final Rating: 4/5

Yukmouth – Godzilla

Yukmouth - GodzillaThis is Yukmouth’s third solo album. For you who don’t know, Yuk’s a member of the group Luniz.


1. Godzilla

The album starts off with a laid-back mystic type of beat. This does not sound like a “regular” Yukmouth track at all, but he drops three tight verses and there is nothing more to say, Yuk is back. Perfect Intro track.

2. Money & Power

The 2nd track has a slow-tempo beat, and this track does not suit Yukmouths flow. The hook is just boring, skip this track.

3. Nothin 2 a Boss (ft. Benjilino) 

It took about 2 seconds for me to realize that this song is not “ok”, not good and not even dope, this is a real masterpiece! Yukmouth flows so hard and represents the West and Rap-a-lot records to the fullest. Benjilino sings the hook; this is a real tight track.

4. Regime Mobstaz (Ft. The Regime) 

The Regime consists of 12 rappers (C-bo, Yukmouth, Tech N9ne, D-Don & Dorasel, to name a few). This song sounds like a declaration of war, everyone comes real hard on this one, but Tech N9ne steals the show with his and the tracks first verse. Good track.

5. Stuntastic

When I first heard this track I really hated it, but after a while I started to like it. The beat sounds like a Neptunes production and I really can’t figure out what Yuk thought when he wrote this song, cause the only thing he raps about is the clothes he wear. An average track.

6. Pimp Da ***** (Ft. Dru Down/B-Legit) 

The title says it all, this is one of those “laid-back pimp tracks”. It features the Pimp Of The year, Dru Down and The King of Sticky; B-Legit. I really like this track, Dru Down comes hard and B-legit´s flow fits this track perfect. Good one

7. Do my thang featuring (Ft. Val Young/Kurupt/Roscoe) 

The production on this reminds me of one of those latino-flava hiphop songs (that I really hate). The lyrics from Yuk, Kurupt and Roscoe is ok, but doesn’t fit in on this type of beat . If you like Ricky Martin maybe, skip this one.

8. Kidnap U (Ft. Nyce/Who’z Who) 

This one is definitely dedicated to the girls, a real slick song .The hook is catchy and Yuk shows that he can turn into Don Juan whenever he feels like it. Features female Regime member Nice. Tight track.

9. Somebody Gone Die Tonight (Ft. Tech-N9ne/Hussein Fatal/The Realest/Benjillino) 

Next time Yukmouth decides which guest-rappers he want to put on his album, he better not invite Tech N9ne to the studio. Tech N9ne rips the track to tiny little pieces. Everyone is coming real tight but Tech N9ne is playing in another league. Yukmouth´s verse is a raw Master P diss. Good one.

10. Ya boy (Ft. Devin/Ampichino) 

Tight beat, Devin comes tight as usual. I never heard of Ampichino before, and it seems like I didn’t miss anything special. He´s ok, but not all that. Devin and Yuk bring this track up one level. Average track.

11. I want ya body (Ft. Aaron Hall) 

A typical party track, Aaron Hall sings the hook. Boring song.

12. Thug Lordz (ft. The Thug Lordz) 

This is actually a 50 Cent diss, and it’s a good one. This is a real tight track, they fire slugs at the whole Aftermath camp;”You niggas think the westcoast are only Dre & Xzibit, they aight but The Thug Lordz handlin buisness”. Yuk is dropping tight lyrics on this one.

13. Be Easy (Ft. Ray J/Gangsta Girl) 

The track features Brandy´s little brother Ray J on the hook and a really wack female rapper called “Gangsta Girl”. Awful track. Skip it.

14. What it do (Ft. E-Roc/Bun B) 

I don’t know if it’s possible to record a wack song that features Bun B, probably not. The beat sounds like a Lil Jon production, real crunk track for the clubs.

15. Go hard (Ft. The Fleet/Ampichino) 

The beat sounds like typical Slip-N-Slide (Trick Daddys Label) beat, but it doesn’t fit Yukmouth, and the guests aint all that. Average track.

16. Do it B.I. 

Finally, a track with only Yukmouth on it. Tight beat, Yuk´s flow is real good, but the hook is boring.

17. Model Chicks

This song is about Models and why Yuk loves ´em. This is a real funny track, but the beat is weird, Yuk got a kind of flute sample on it.

18. Hard Tymez (Ft. Z-Ro/Trae/Tanya Herron) 

This is the last and defiantly the best track on the album. It features Houston Rappers Trae & Z-ro (from the group Guerilla Maab) and the singer Tanya Herron. Heavy beat and deep lyrics.

If you liked “Thug Lord: The New Testament” and “Thugged Out: The Albulation” you definitely should get this album. I give it 4/5.

Yukmouth – United Ghettos Of America

Yukmouth - United ghettos of America1. La Costra Nostra(Feat Yukmouth & Daisey) 

The beat really kills the song, Yuk spits flames but the beat is so wussy that it makes an “Enya” beat sound like a “DJ Premier” beat. Good(For the lyrics)

2. Dem Can’t Win(Feat Yukmouth, Tah Tah, Gangsta Girl) 

Not feelin this track that much, the beat is just boring, and the chorus is terrible. Wack

3. Welcome 2 Da Bay(Feat Luniz, Mac Dre, & Messy Marv) 

DOPE DOPE DOPE! This is a Bay Area anthem right here. Everyone comes tight and it’s always nice to see the Luniz reunite. DOPE!

4. I’m So Cool(Feat Yukmouth, Dru Down, LiL Ron, Richie Rich) 

Saucy? I’d say so. Man the beat and the girl singin is just so relaxing. Dru Down’s verse is a little off but is still good. Good

5. Top Thugg(Feat Yukmouth)

Wow this is a train wreck for 2 reasons. 1. The beat sucks horribly and 2. Yukmouth doesn’t come tight. Train Wreck

6. Da Lot(Feat Monstah Ganjah, Nyce, & Yukmouth)

Well both Monstah Ganjah and Nyce are signed to Smoke Alot Records and Monstah sounds like a wacker version of Phatz Boss(I mean seriously why sign this guy when you got a doper Phatz already?), and Nyce sounds like Eve but a little better from what I’m hearing. Average

7. Desperado(Feat Yukmouth & Young Noble)

Man the chorus is corny. I’m not feeling Young Noble that much, but Yuk rips it. Average

8. No Way(Feat Numskull, Deidre Selene, & Yukmouth)

Well if you get rid of the girl singin the hook then this would be a classic Luniz track. Good(Had to minus points for the girl singin)

9. N Thugz We Trust(Feat Keak Da Sneak, Brotha Lynch Hung, & Yukmouth)

Wow I thought I’d never hear a wack Lynch beat, but I have and this beat is terrible and cheap sounding. Lynch has the first verse and rips it, Keak does the chorus and the second verse proclaiming himself the “Black Slim Shady” in which I just busted up laughing, and Yuk rips the last verse. Good(For the verses)

10. Fu*k Friends(Feat Yukmouth & Mac Minister)

DOPE DOPE DOPE! My favorite song on the album. EA Ski hooked up a very dope beat and on the first verse Yuk disses “Too Short”, then on the second verse he disses “Scarface”, and the final verse he disses “Master P”. He rips “Too Short” and “Master P” to shreds but doesn’t diss “Scarface” that well in my opinion. DOPE!

11. Gunz N Rosez(Feat Mac Dre, Yukmouth, Rida, & Bart)

Song is pretty good. Good

12. Neva(Feat Yukmouth, Dru Down, & Big Bear)

Pretty dope track, but seriously why is Big Bear on this track? Sure he does the chorus but ever since his album cover with all those bears on it I can’t take him seriously. Oh well Dru and Yuk rip it. Good

13. Datz Gangsta(Feat yukmouth, Monstah Ganjah, & Nyce)

DOPE DOPE DOPE! I love the beat and Yukmouth tears this track to shreds. Who cares about the other people on this track, it’s all about yukmouth. DOPE!

14. Money, Murder, & Sex(Feat Phatz Boss & Jazzie Pha)

Well you’d think this track is dope but actually it’s a train wreck. You wanna know why? Because they had Phatz and Jazzie on the same track and manage to screw it up. Train Wreck.

15. Dragon Style(Feat Daisey, Yukmouth, & Louie Loc)

Not bad, it’s all about lyrics on this one. Good

16. So Quick So Easy(Feat Numskull, Deidre Selene, & Yukmouth)

Ahhhh de ja vu and the girl still sucks at singing. This is one terrible track, Num sounds like he drank a six pack before he rapped on this track. Train Wreck.

17. We Getting It(Feat D-Don & Yukmouth)

WACK! WACK! WACK! Man what is with the first guy rapping? He makes Project Pat sound like Rakim. Train Wreck

18. United Ghetto’s Of America(Feat Outlawz, MC Eiht, C-Bo, Cold 187, Mad Lion, & Yukmouth)

Pretty good track, nice way to end the album. Good

All in all this is an Average album. If you’re a huge Luniz fan then cop this but if you’re not then stay away from this album.

Regime Presents: Thugg Lordz

Regime Presents: Thugg Lordz1. Regime Thugg Lordz(Feat C-Bo)

Nice piano beat. LiL Ki comes with a nice verse followed by Mad Max with a very dope verse(Of course!), and C-Bo with a very fast rapid good verse. Good

2. Hate Me Again(Feat Yukmouth) 

Sadly this is the only Yuk appearance on the album. Beat is a little boring to me but they all step up and rip the track. Chorus is crap though. Good.

3. Whatcha Gonna Do(Feat Killa Tay)

Beat is pretty dope nothing special but it gets the job done. Killa Tay comes with the best verse I have ever heard from him(Man he just ripped it). Ki and Max rip it as well. Good

4. Time Of Day(Feat Steady Mobbin)

My favorite track on the album. Man this beat is nice and dark. Former No Limit Souljas Steady Mobbin join Ki and Max for this great track. LiL Ki starts it off with a good verse, then Max just rips it(I mean tears it to shreds). Steady Mobbin come dope as well. DOPE!

5. My Life’s Hard 

More dark beats and I love it! But this is a dark bouncy beat(If there is such a thing). Everyone comes tight. DOPE!

6. The Best(Feat Phats Bossi)

Phats has the most consistent flow ever. I have never heard a weak verse from this guy and I can’t wait to hear a solo album from him. Beat is pretty average though and the chorus is laughable. But the rappers save this. Good(For the raps!)

7. Thuglord Religion 

Decent piano beat but this song just bores me. I dunno it’s just too plain for me. Average

8. Fake *****es

Good track, I like the girl singing. Mad Max shines! Good

9. Thug Nigga

DOPE DOPE DOPE! That’s all I gotta say! DOPE!

10. My Life

ZZZZZZZZZZZ….Oh I’m sorry *Wipes eyes* *Hears track* *Gives it a Wack rating*. Wack

11. Try’n To Come Up 

Very dope track, it’s got a nice laid back beat. DOPE!

12. Unstoppable

Nice mob style beat(With a guitar thrown in!), I actually like the chorus. Phats joins Mad Max and LiL Ki on this one. Good

13. Big Sh@#(Feat Killa Tay)

Pretty good track albeit a little boring. Good

14. Live In The Shoes

Good way to end the album. Good

I’m gonna give this album a Good rating. Mad Max really stepped up here, LiL Ki came tight but Mad Max showed heart. I say buy this album!