Sex, Money & Gunz – Repossession

Sex, Money & Gunz - Repossessionthe album cover: 8 Tarentinos out of 10

This is the first thing you notice when coming across an album so it’s important that the artist makes some sort of statement or at least gives you some damn near nekkid hoes. No hoes to be found here but the cover is dope regardless, looking like a bootleg version of Reservoir Dogs, you see an image that recalls the infamous ‘stuck in the middle with you’ torture scene. With a cover like this and a name like Sex, Money & Gunz this we’re certainly of to a very promising start. Seriousely who’s going to ***** with you when you have this sticking out of your backpack at bandcamp?

the album booklet: 6 Calvin Klein rejects out of 10

Nothing special about this one right here. A couple of pictures of the groupmembers. Seems like Smooth is so bummed out these days his drug of choice has become some sort of horse laxative, or maybe it’s supposed to be a metaphor for “yo, look at me ma, I’m shittin’ on the game!”. Whatever the case may be I didn’t feel the need to see a rapper sit on the toilet and I’m guessing neither did you. There’s some info on who produced what and so forth, plus an add for the next Body Count album.

the actual record: 7 jhericurl gangsters out of 10


1. Intro 

“one two..this is Ice T, you’re about to listen to the SMG record..” The Iceberg kicks a little game for street soldiers and suburbanites alike about “those two types of niggas and those two type of *****es”. Just a spoken intro but if you’re a longtime Ice fan it’s enough to bring a smile to your face just the same.

2. Repossession 

The first real track sets things of nicely. The whole idea behind the Repossession album is explained by Ice who talks over a solid beat with a nice piano loop behind it. Every emcee spits an alright verse, nothing that’ll guarantee you a cultfollowing on the internet but you get the general idea: gangsta rap is back, repossessed from all those faking the funk.

3. Radio Play 

Remember the Power LP? Of course you do! Ice already told you how he felt about those radio cats and guess what? Sixteen years down the line and Radio Programmers are STILL suckers. The track is driven by a pounding drumbreak and, once more, some piano sounds. There’s also a nice, albeit slightly generic synth line that should appeal to those who are still bumping The Chronic album on the daily. I like this track, the lyrics are funny enough to make a tired concept work.

4. Bang Bang 

Bang Bang is…a Banger. A simple but highly effective chorus and a pulsating beat. Smooth absolutely kills his verse, reminding you why he was one of the best rappers out there in the nineties.

5. Get it Going 

SMG knows a thing or two about momentum cause if Bang Bang had you hyped then this joint won’t bring you down. Another aggressive gangsta joint. Ice says that if you ever meet someone colder than him he’s moving over but as far as I’m concerned I don’t see anyone moving in on the premier pimp position just yet. Smooth comes even nicer than he did on the previous track. Trigger and Deuce Fever spit alright verses, actually Trigger has a couple of lines that bring a smile to my face…something about throwing pitts in the basement where he’s holding your kids…what can I say I’m a sick *****er.

6. Did That 

Not really impressed by the beat on this one, a chopped up drumbeat and and a little piano line. The verses are alright even if they’re a notch or two below what we’ve heard so far. The hook is horrid though, yeah they did that but maybe they shouldn’t have done this.

7. Compton Brooklyn

Ah, the lads redeem themselves with this one. Maybe not completely but we’re back on track all the same. Smooth and Ice spit verses in a way that brings to mind the chemistry Run and DMC had, talking about the differences between Compton and Brooklyn. If you’re from either city you’ll like this one even more I guess.

8. My Gun 

You’ve heard this one before…but odds are it had a different title, “I gave you power” or maybe “me and my girlfriend”. It sounded better when you heard it back in the day as well. There’s the requisite soulsample in the background and a crooned hook that goes nowhere.

9. Mama Say A Prayer 

Okay we’ve got a bunch of kids on the chorus and they sound so worried about life that they’re bursting into song! I guess this is Sex, Money & Gunz with a conscience. Not a bad track but…not stellar either, I guess tolerable is the best word for it but then again that doesn’t seem to do justice to Smooth the Hustler who spits that fire once more. ***** it, Smooth’s verse makes this a dope track.

10. Hustler/Player/Gambler 

I feel like throwing a barbeque and inviting all my friends from high school. That’s the vibe this one delivers. The typical “it wasn’t all bad back in the day though, was it?” fare but no matter how many times you’ve heard this before it won’t hurt hearing it just one more time.

11. Please Believe Me 

How to talk game to a chick 101. Tracks like these really give way to the fact Ice was once a pimp. The hook is brought to you by some undistinguished R&B cat but it actually adds to the overall effect of the track. The content is sleazy and cheap too after all.

12. Swazy 

Once I bust a nut I’m out, all the real niggaz know what I’m talking about, we might take you out to dinner buy you shit it’s crazy…but once I bust a nut I’m swazy. Unadulturaded funtime fire. Every verse is on point but the Hustler comes of the nicest all the same. Your girl might claim to hate this but she’ll have a hard time hiding her smile cause this one is just too contagious to ignore.

13. Hangout Hustle

Finally Smooth gets a well-deserved solo. The hook consist out of a Naughty By Nature sample and the Hustler kills it once again with some crazy alliterations and multis. Great stuff.

14. Stop The Talk 

This one wouldn’t have been out of place on Ice’s VI album, but to be honest it would’ve been filler on that one as well.

15. Rush the Coatroom

Imagine Grindin’ getting a Phantom of the Opera treatment by fleshing it out a little. Again, it doesn’t suck but it’s just too mediocre to make much of an impression.

16. The Game’s Real 

Ice still knows how to tell a story but the only problem is that we’ve heard him telling this particular one before and the Victory sounding beat doesn’t really help the cause.

17. Ya Got Me Open 

Okay, we’ve made this hardcore gangsta joint. We threatened a lot of nameless rappers, and we were very graphical about it. We praised our guns and told the hoes that ones we bust that nut we’re out. So where do we go from here? How about….a LOVE song! yeah that could work! This is actually the song that might have some radio rotation and piss off some kid to the point where he decides to record a song blasting the radio for playing some bullshit. The irony.

18. Would You Love Me

Rapper meets girl, girl isn’t true to rapper, rapper makes song about it, reviewer reviews it, you remain bored.

19. Outtro 

Smooth putting a lid on it…there you have it


the bottom line: Granted, a record like Repossession isn’t groundbreaking and on a worse day or when heared by someone who doesn’t get nostalgic when hearing Ice T or Smooth the Huslter it might even be called redundant or generic. And up to a point it is just that. But nobody went out trying to change the face of hip-hop with this release either. If the aim was to make a solid old fashioned gangsta rap record then SMG more than succeeded. All parties involved manage to make listening to this album feel like taking a trip down memory lane…even if that leads you to places you regretted visiting in the first place, kind of like the hardcore Duran Duran fan being confronted with his eighties hairdo twenty years down the line. Is this record worth buying? I’d say so: if you’re an Ice fan you’ll want this and if you’re a hip-hop fan you’ll want to hear some more of NY’s forgotten son Smooth the Hustler who rips virtually every track he spits on. Sometimes Sex, Money and Guns still manage to impress..even after all these years

Ice-T – The Iceberg/Freedom of speech…Just watch what you say

Ice-T - The Iceberg/Freedom of speech...Just watch what you sayRelease: October 10, 1989 Production: Ice-T & Afika Islam. Label: Sire/Warner Bros.



Shut up, Be happy 

In this intro America has been put under marshall law, it features Jello Biafra [of Dead Kennedy’s] speaking on the new rules of society, it basically says, Here we’re giving you the country you want, you dont have to do anything, but there is a price to this – Freedom.

The Iceberg 

It starts off with some mellow flute type sounds to make you think its a soft love song but then comes the old skool funky sounds of Afrika Islam, This a layed back mellow beat and Ice-T kicks some cool-as-Ice flows. He speaks on this crew and himself…He lets you know his crew is the illest. This is some funky shit.

Lethal Weapon 

Ice comes with a nice flow on this, Ice plays with the words and for squares listenin’ to this there gonna say “oh hes talkin bout guns”…but no, hes talking bout his mind, “My lethal weapon is my mind”…this is a real track, one of 1989’s best.

You played yourself 

This is a tight anti-drugs/anti fakes track, it has afew jazzy notes and a funky OG beat. Ice talks about the fake emcees in the game, he speaks about wannabe macks and fools taken drugs on the streets and the results of doing that…to quote a line: “Society’s fault? No…Nobody put the crack into the pipe, Nobody made ya smoke off your life. You thought that you could do dope and stay cool?!? fool you played yourself”. A classic track with a real message.

Peel their caps back 

This one has Ice talking about gang warfare and the reality of what gos down after the news cameras have gone, one of Ice’s cats gets killed so Ice and the gang roll to get some payback, its midnight and Ice and the crew go looking to find the cats that killed his buddy so they have a shoot out and Ice gets hit. He gets into the gangsta mentality in this one and answers the question “Why?”. Hopefully this track will make these kiddies think before they start wearing there rags behind there computers. It aint cool.

The girl tried to kill me 

I like this one, Its a rock n roll beat and Ice puts it down, it sounds perfect. Ice gets with a chick and the ***** is a freak…He basically talks about a sex freak and all the freaky thangs she does with Ice with whips, baby oil and tying him up [..shes trying to kill me] and at the end of the track the chicks husband comes in [..trying to kill me]. Peep

Black n decker 

This is the first skit on the cd, it starts with Ice reading an article that says the Syndicate is only about volience and blood. So Ice and the Syndicate get a drill and use effects to make it sound like they drill thru a mans head. [gives the suckers what they wanna hear]

Hit the deck 

We get fast paced on this one, it has a Rakim sample in there and is a party track. The flow matchs the beat and the cuts are timed well, he gives afew words to up-and-coming emcees and breaks down some of his own styles, this track has some great DeeJay cuts too.

This ones for me 

Another jazzy beat with a laid back flow, Ice speaks his mind on this one, he speaks on haters, fakers and sell outs, he talks about the Public Enemy situation and how cats didnt support them but on this Ice makes it known he’s supporting them. He also speaks on the drugs game in the streets and how cats are killing each other over that shit. this is a nice relaxed track.

The hunted child 

Ice plays the role of a 17 year old killer from South Central and raps about why this kid killed and he touchs on cats killing each other on the streets, this beat has got some nice bass to it.

What cha wanna do? 

What cha wanna do? Party!! man this a 1989 party track, if you ever have a party at your place and need an old skool throw back track then this is the one to peep, this is a Syndicate cut with the Syndicate putting down a rap and each member adds his own style to the track, the result is a dope old skool party track.

Freedom of speech 

man this is the beat track on the whole cd, he speaks about censorship and the PMRC, Ice talks about how they are trying to hold back the freedom of speech of recording artists and he uses some creative words to express his feelings which surely caused peoples panties to get wrinked up in 1989. I agree 100% with the message in this track, we need freedom of speech and we should be able to say anything, Ice-T fought alot of battles for what he believed in and what you may not know is that he played a major role in helping recording artists to be able to say anything without being banned or censored. This is without doubt one of the greatest Hiphop tracks ever. Listen, repeat and listen some more.

My word is bond 

T and the Syndicate raps about fake cats and the bullshit they do and some bragging is throwin’ in for good measure, its a ligth hearted track, if you dont understand it you’ll miss the whole point of it.


As you can guess im Ice-T’s #1 fan, this rates as his best work. Its old skool and has meaningful messages and many views on censorship, sex, rap and of course drugs. If you want to step into the world of reality rap this is a good starting point. This is a prime example of what Rap used to be about, its hardcore but not fake and it has powerful messages and strong view points. I havent said there is a wack tracks, which is rare but i feel all the content is worth listening to. The only thing that i can think of that would hold people back from buying this cd is the fact that some of the beats may sound alittle too old skool for them, but regardless its a classic album and reality rap at its best. Ice-T is one of the only rappers to start real and stay real, everything he said on this album he remained true too and thats something only the very best of emcees can do, sure Ice-T doesnt freestyle and he doesnt make rnb complex rhymes and all that bullshit but that aint the point. This music is real.