Artifakt – Public Service Announcement

Artifakt - Public Service Announcement1. Public Service Announcement(Intro)

2. Long Time Coming
Pretty good old school beat, but the voice effects don’t really sound good when Artifakt is rapping. Artifakt is pretty good, I could see him becoming a huge star someday, he has the tools to become a star. Good intro, but man the voice effects. Good enough. Good

3. The Life
Nice soulful beat here. Artifakt raps about cementing his status as a rap legend. Pretty good track here with a simple yet good chorus. Good

4. Represent(Feat Stryke)
Really good piano beat here, with some lady singing(Which is pretty good and fits the beat). Stryke is pretty dope, he sounds like Prospect from the Terror Squad(That’s a good thing). Stryke flows really well over this beat. Artifakt is up next with a really dope verse, yea he also flows well over this beat. We’re 4 tracks in and we’ve already hit a DOPE! rating. DOPE!

5. Showin Love
Relaxing beat, nice choice to rhyme over. Artifakt does a really good job here as he raps about fake people in rap and how the music deserves much better. I dig this. Good

6. Lets Rise
Nice Premo type beat here. One thing I can say about the All Business crew is that they always pick good beats to rap over. I’m glad they don’t pick corny beats to rap over like LiL Kim’s “How Many Licks” or Master P’s “Oooohweee”. They pick straight up Hip Hop beats and it’s a breath of fresh air to here. Artifakt rules it here of course, rapping about temptation ruining the youth and how we must fight back. Artifakt should do a track with Non Phixion. Good

7. Close Your Eyes
Nice soulful beat here. Artifakt makes this beat his own here as he flows over it like a pro. The chorus is really good as it’s just the beat changing up a little bit. I dig this. Good

8. Prolifical Endeavor(Feat Sense Wondah)
Sense & Artifakt have really good chemistry. They should put out a duo album, I would most definitely like to hear that. Artifakt starts things out with a dope verse about speaking the truth. DJ Spyncere does the chorus by introducing the rappers. Sense is next with a pretty good verse. Yea, this was the goods. Good

9. Special Recruit
Dark army type beat here. Pretty good choice here as it fits the song title and Artifakt’s flow. I dig that rappers are now trying to actually make good music instead of just collecting a paycheck. I mean, I can understand the motive for making money, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy listening to such watered down redundant garbage. Great track. Good

10. Moment Of Silence(Interlude)

11. We Got This(Feat Stryke, Markuz, & Sense Wondah)
They use the “Outta Control Remix” here. Nice choice because I’ve always dug this beat. Everyone comes tight but Stryke impresses me the most. Then again, I was a huge Prospect fan and thought he shined on Terror Squad’s first album. Great track that should be heard. Good

12. Who Am I(Feat Stryke)
Nice soulful beat mixed with a little funk. Artifakt starts it off with a really dope verse giving hints as to who he’s rapping about. Stryke does the same, he comes tight also. Artifakt closes the track with a pretty good verse. I dug the slow beat meets fast flowing aspect. Good track. Good

13. Back For More
Nice bouncy type beat here. Artifakt flows really well over it and the chorus is pretty good albeit simple(Hey, choruses don’t have to be complicated. If it was up to me then I’d make every chorus simple because it works every time while the complicated stuff goes over heads). Pretty good track. Good

14. For Da Fam
Artifakt raps over the “6th Sense(By Common)” beat here. Great choice as DJ Premier is greatness. He(Artifakt) does a pretty good job here as he raps about various subjects line for line. I dig this. Good

15. So Fine(Feat Sense Wondah)
Great choice for a beat here. Has a jazz element to it and has bounce so it evens out. Artifakt starts things off with a good verse. Sense Wondah up next with a pretty good verse, I don’t know, his voice sounds a little awkward over this beat but it’s still dope. Good track. Good

16. My Lullaby
Really dope piano beat here with some funky bass added to it. Artifakt raps about growing up and how times have changed. We’ve all had childhood memories so I think everyone can relate to this. Really good track that needs to be heard. Good

17. Fall In Line
Soulful beat at the beginning with singing then once the rapping starts the beat gets all choppy(Which isn’t a bad thing for this type of track). These type of beats are hard to vibe to(Nevermind rhyming to), Artifakt does a great job flowing over this. Pretty dope stuff and really interesting to hear. Good

18. Righteous Plan(Feat Sense Wondah)
DJ Spyncere starts things off with an introduction then Artifakt and Sense trade verses over a 70’s sounding soulful beat. I dig this because it’s different. Sense has this really weird deep voiced flow and he starts growling towards the 1:30 minute mark, it actually works. More trading verses. Good track. Good

19. Prophets Intuition
You know, soulful beats never get old, they always sound dope. Artifakt raps about a bunch of complicated scriptures and the like, he also relates it to modern life. I’m digging the subject matter here and wish more rappers would go down this road. Great track. DOPE!

20. Break It Down
Artifakt uses the “Brown Sugar” beat by Mos Def. Great choice. Really short track here, but it’s good for what it was. Artifakt was able to say a whole lot in about a minute. Good track. Good

21. Do For Self(Outro)

All in all I’m giving this a Good rating. All Business Records remain one of the most consistent record labels around as they release another great mixtape. Go to and cop this NOW! Artifakt is a rapper you need to pay attention to.