50 Cent – The Massacre

50 Cent - The Massacre50 cent had it all last year, respect from the listeners, respect from the rappers, million of dollars he even went 10x platinum with his debut album ‘Get rich or die tryin’ He is now back with ‘The Massacre. This being his make or break record 50 Cent would have to make sure this was flawless. So did he do what he went out to do and massacre the rest of the charts or massacre his career?

To begin with the intro we hear 50 mimicking the Valentines days massacre original done by real life gangsta Al Capone. Can you already taste the corniness? Can ya? Can ya? Then the first song drops and it’s really quite nice to listen to begin with. Over a really dark and sinister beat 50 cent raps about his typical thing him and most of his G-unit does and that is brag and tells stories about him being “In My Hood”. In all 50 cent just tells you the do’s and don’ts in ‘the hood. After that you notice it’s the same with most of the g-unit albums and that is boring rhymes and dope production. Maybe the second song will be a shining light of hope. And the answer is……NO. “This is 50” while is has a nice beat just like “In my hood” you can only sit back and listen to it and notice it is the same as “What up gangsta” from GRODT without the really addictive hook attached. Then I saw “I’m supposed to die tonight” on the track listing and thought maybe a paranoid 50 looking over his shoulder and stuff like that and from the hook which is nice I thought yes! But after the hook you hear nothing that new from “Many Men” where he brings up his grandma house maybe a flash back on the time he was shot 9 times. Over a good production from Eminem with violins giving it a atmosphere like the one I thought he would be rapping over instead he raps about how someone going to die either him or the enemy. Shame as this won’t be notice for Eminem superb production but will be disrespected due to 50 cent.

Then hits the anticipating diss, which is aimed towards a lot of NY MC’s “Piggy Bank”. First you hear the hook which is terrible. The rest is pretty average disses towards the NY MC’s which he says at the end is warning shots. The production is really good as well on this. Produced by Needlez which originally helped Young buck with the hit “Let me in” he creates a dramatic feel with opera requiem and the nice electronic bass. This maybe one of the 4 reasons why people would even think of buying this record. The other 3 being his 3 singles. “Disco inferno” which he trys to recreate the magic of the club hit “In Da Club” but it doesn’t even with the production he has it just isn’t that good. The other two, both being the man at the moment with mainstream hit’s Scott Storch “Candy shop” which also includes Olivia 50’s new member of g-unit and“Jus a lil’ bit”. Both of these are Sex raps where they misplaced words with dirty and awful puns like “I’ll melt in your mouth and not in your hands” which will get any teeny boppers dancing to it and all the girls idolizing the fact this may be them. This seems to be 50’s new market as he has many songs love and sexual topics something he dissed Nas earlier for. Also on his last album GRODT he had “21 questions”

The album is split on either Sex or violence which isn’t a very clever formula to be truthful. 50 kind of warned us by saying it was going to be his most sexual record. With songs like “So amazing”, “God gave me style” and other stomach turning topics, unless you have a ***** and a pair of tits I don’t think your male hormones will be able to take it. Even the production is piss poor on these records. “Get in my Car” where he brags about his status and how many women he can get and disrespects them with the hook this is the same rapper which earlier or later talks about loving them and treating them right. I hate contradicting people!

Where was the magic which was on the last record? Well it obvious being tried but isn’t working. One pro comment I give it is that the featuring in down to it lowest and production from Eminem and Dre is down maybe trying to go at it alone. Dre does only two songs and both of them really good but again 50 brings them down. Eminem only produces only 3 songs and appears on one. “Gatman and Robbin” oh what a clever name but song wise I kind of like. The production sounding like Batman theme from Eminem, this song where 50 and Em talk about how they relationship is like and how they would do all kind of stuff for each other. Eminem flows right to the beat on this one and gets even more credit from me for it and outshines 50 easily. “Hate it or love it G-unit remix” has all of the g-unit on this song trying to recreate the magic from Game’s better album. They all rap kind of good but Young buck impresses me the most. 50 cent could of at least had done a new verse like Game about his love for his group or how and why they could hate him (please no lists needed). “My toy soldiers” which features Tony Yayo a look it’s Yayo out of prison and he rapping to get more credibility and production from Eminem and like most of his production is it is 100% recognizable. The worse thing is the title. Like toy soldiers was a big hit for Eminem and he trying to get the fame of him by changing the title but it’s disgusting. He does this throughout the record with lines like “drop it like its hot” which is referring to Snoops big hit. A lot of mainstream rappers like Cam’ron, G-unit ETC are doing this a lot in rhymes. This isn’t the hip-hop I feel in love with firstly as a kid on Skater thrash and destroy soundtrack with people like Run DMC and Public Enemy and later on with people like DMX, Ice cube ETC!!!

There are some positive songs to name which I haven’t said already if I did. “A Baltimore love thing” where he puts him in the shoes of a drug and his lover is an addict and how their relationship goes on with a kind of nice thing. The beat is good as well. “Ski mask way” even tho I don’t feel the beat matches the thuggery inserted. “ I don’t need Em” is also a good song even tho the beat is probably the most used ever in hip-hop since the Wu-tang arrived. The lyrics are about how he always get blamed and how disloyalty comes up with the hood.

In all this gets a 1.5/5 maybe a 2/5 at its best. don’t recommend anyone to buy this record I would download it and sort out your favourite songs. Buy “Get rich or die trying” as that is more worth your hard earned cash. I would even recommend Lloyd banks album before this one and that was boring as *****!

In all he doesn’t even out the production with different types and doesn’t cover all topics possible. You think yeah this may be bad but what about the mainstream what about them aren’t they going to be claiming it is the Shizz! My answer to you is NO! I know two kids which are big into mainstream hip-hop and when I handed them my Cd or the link to them they were like” WTF Bullitt isn’t there any good songs except the ones out!” So not only the women and the kids will be wetting their pants.

This is clearly a Massacre of 50’s career.